Clark kent and lois lane relationship memes

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clark kent and lois lane relationship memes

a scene where Christopher Reeves' Clark Kent and Lois Lane are held up by After Lois kicks the gunman, he loses his cool and blasts a bullet that's Not everybody's a fan of the Superman-Wonder Woman relationship. See more ideas about Comics, Superman and lois lane and Superman *~ LANE & KENT~* Clark/Superman & Lois relationship. .. Superman wants brownies Making Brownies, Joker Batman, Superman Meme, Batman And Superman. The Superman origin story, which was on air for 10 beautiful seasons, introduced Which is why there are so many Lois Lane quotes that perfectly describe While Lois's romantic relationship with Clark took a long time to.

Love, Superman, and Tumblr: Lois has had weird boyfriends.

Batman, Memes, and Superman: The question brought a smile. Which DC storyline would you want to see in a live action movie? Batman, Clark Kent, and Halloween: Who would you want to dress up as? Memes, Superman, and Movie: And, I do anything necessary for her. I believe the league will try to defeat Steppenwolf and possibly an evil Superman and fall extremely short. Some of them being fatally wounded.

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Flash goes back in time to reset these events and the league comes back with a better game plan and strategy on how to defeat Steppenwolf. And if Superman is indeed evil, it could possibly tie in the scene in BvS where Flash tells bruce "Lois is the key".

Lois Lane would help Superman regain "consciousness" and snap him out of Steppenwolf's control. The top photo is from the first JL trailer and the bottom pic is from one of the early JL promos.

Both seem eerily similar, but are also clearly different. Almost like there is some type of "redo", which is why I think this theory might be true. What are your thoughts? Some of them being What character have you dressed up the most as?

clark kent and lois lane relationship memes

Facts, Memes, and Scarlett Johansson: Joker, Memes, and Savage: For most of their history, the two were together strictly in it for the serious job of saving the world and nothing else. However, in the recent decade, in both canon and non-canon DC storylines, their persistently platonic relationship has given way to spurts of an inevitable super-romance. To say that the relationship divided fans is an understatement.

Some thought it was ridiculous, others thought it was beautiful -- and both parties expressed their feelings through the creation of many, many memes. But their super-romance is just one fertile source for Superman and Wonder Woman memes. There's also the fact that they're two-thirds of DC's Trinity. Seeing how the two react to their brooding and powerless third wheel is another opportunity for great memes. The movie may have failed expectations and broke hearts--but it didn't do so without providing abundant opportunity for memes.

Well, thank goodness for attentive meme-makers! Blink, and you'll probably miss the big moment.

clark kent and lois lane relationship memes

After Lois kicks the gunman, he loses his cool and blasts a bullet that's caught by Clark. Jenkins decided to pay homage to the iconic moment. Of course, this time around the genders were swapped. Gadot's Diana Prince saves Steve Trevor's life by blocking a bullet with her bracelet.

Among other things like good movies besides Wonder Womanit's moments like these that we'd appreciate more of in the DCEU. Dawn of Justice was announced, all eyes were on one half of the Brave and the Bold: Despite the studio having regarded the movie as a direct sequel to Man of Steel in the early stages, the flick gradually evolved into much more than that. The first significant departure from a Superman-centric film came with the announcement of Batman's involvement -- and who'd be playing him.

Ben Affleck's casting as Batman was -- and perhaps still is -- the most talked about superhero casting in recent memory.

clark kent and lois lane relationship memes

Part of this is due to how monstrously popular Batman is, as well as how much of big -- and controversial -- name Affleck is. It's no surprise that Batman overshadowed Superman in the lead up to the flick, which makes this meme so hilarious.

When it had been announced that Gal Gadot would be playing Wonder Woman, fans were skeptical. The thought was that Gadot was too slender to pull off the role and that she wouldn't resonate the strength of spirit expected from the Amazon. And then Batman V. Who would've guessed that the only character that movie wouldn't butcher would be Wonder Woman?

When Gadot appears in costume during the third act, adorned in Amazonian garb, she stole the show. This meme does a great job of making explicit how Wonder Woman and audiences felt at that moment.