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canada and syria relationship

The ongoing Syrian conflict has catalyzed different responses in Canada. The Liberal government of Justin Trudeau, which came into power in. Canada supports U.S. strike against Syria, Trudeau tells Trump Trump's air strike on Syria could deal a major blow to U.S.-Russia relations. If you require a plug-in or a third-party software to view this file, please visit the alternative formats section of our help page. Date Modified.

Iraq and Syria are united by historical, social, political, cultural and economic relations, but share a long foreign drawn border. The land known as Mesopotamia is Iraq and eastern Syria and is called such by its inhabitants.

canada and syria relationship

Political relations between Iraq and Syria have in the past seen difficulties, however, new diplomatic relations described by both sides as "Historic" were established in Novemberbeginning an era of close cooperation and political friendship between Iraq and Syria.

Most of this territory was returned to Israel after the signing of the July Armistice Agreement and declared Demilitarized Zones. However, the exact location of the border between the two states, ownership of portions of territory and the right of Israeli farmers to farm the land in the Demilitarized Zones on the Israeli side of the border remained in dispute and sparked intermittent fighting between Syria and Israel until the Arab—Israeli War.

Through the early s the Syrians gradually retook de facto control of some of the territory ostensibly belonging to Israel along the foot of part of the western escarpment of the Golan Heights north of the Sea of Galilee, along the north-eastern coast of the Sea of Galilee and the low ground below the southern escarpment of the Golan.

In addition to the territorial dispute, small-scale fighting was also sparked by a dispute over Israel's right to pump water from the Jordan River and the Sea of Galilee actually a fresh-water lake for use in agricultural irrigation and drinking.

From to the Syrians attempted to dig a canal that would divert the sources of the Jordan River before they entered Israeli territory—thus drying up that portion of the River and dramatically reducing the water-intake of the Sea of Galilee to prevent Israel from using that water.

canada and syria relationship

This led to a period of escalated fighting as the Israelis sought to prevent this diversion project which threatened to severely damage their ability to provide fresh-water to their population and agriculture attempts to negotiate a solution by UN mediators failed. In fact, escalation of incidents between Israel and Syria in late and spring was one of the prime causes leading to the crisis that precipitated the Six Day War. Syria was an active belligerent in the Arab—Israeli War, which resulted in Israel's occupation of the Golan Heights and the city of Quneitra.

On 19 June, a week after the war ended, Israel offered to return the Golan if Syrian would agree to a full Peace Treaty. From to there were sporadic bouts of fighting along the new border.

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Resolutionwhich became the basis for the peace process negotiations begun in Madridcalls for a just and lasting Middle East peace to include withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from territories note: As a result of the mediation efforts of then US Secretary of State Henry KissingerSyria and Israel concluded a disengagement agreement in Mayenabling Syria to recover territory lost in the October war and part of the Golan Heights occupied by Israel sinceincluding Quneitra.

The two sides have effectively implemented the agreement, which is monitored by UN forces.

Canada’s response to the conflict in Syria

Negotiations were conducted intermittently through the s, and came very close to succeeding. Previous Next Background to the Syrian Conflict The Syrian conflict has been called one of the worst humanitarian disasters in recent history.

The conflict began inin the Arab Spring, with peaceful protests against the long-ruling government of Bashar al-Assad. Numbers of fatalities are difficult to verify but are estimated to be betweenandSyrian civilians have been actively targeted in urban centers by the Bashar al-Assad regime and by armed militants, including members of the terrorist organization ISIS.

Canada supports U.S. strike against Syria, Trudeau tells Trump - The Globe and Mail

As a result of ongoing violence, large numbers of Syrians have fled to neighbouring countries such as Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon; these three countries are estimated to hold as much as 95 per cent of the total number of refugees. As the conflict continues, this has created a precarious situation for both the refugees as well as host country communities. This all changed in the fall of with the vivid photo of three-year old Alan Kurdi's body lying on a Turkish beach.

This photograph sent shockwaves through the Canadian public and around the world. Alan, his five-year-old brother Ghalib, and their mother Rehan died with a dozen others when their boat capsized off the Turkish coast in what should have been a minute boat ride to the Greek island of Kos.

The toddler's death came to symbolize the desperation faced by countless Syrian families as they flee the ongoing conflict and undertake the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean Sea to reach the shores of Europe. After the media and public outcry following the publication of Alan's image, the remaining members of the Kurdi family were offered resettlement to Canada. However, Alan Kurdi's father, Abdullah Kurdi, chose to remain behind in northern Iraq to work towards opening a hospital and a school to honour his family.

When al-Assad wins Syria’s civil war, Canada faces a dilemma

Nevertheless, the plight of the family became the catalyst for Canada's refugee response to the Syrian conflict. Refugee Law and Resettlement The Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and its Protocol are the main international legal instruments governing the protection of refugees. These international instruments set the minimum standards for the treatment of refugees. States such as Canada, that are signatories to the Convention, are obliged to protect refugees on their territory and treat them according to internationally recognized rules.

When large numbers of refugees arrive in neighbouring countries, there is an obligation for states that have signed the Refugee Convention to provide international protection to refugees, including arrangements for their physical relocation.

canada and syria relationship

When protection of refugees cannot be guaranteed in the country where they first seek asylum, resettlement to a third country becomes an option.

Resettlement is a small, but vital, piece of the international refugee response. Canada has a robust, complex, and long-standing resettlement system that includes a number of categories through which a refugee can be brought to Canada and granted permanent resident status on arrival see Citizenship ; Immigration Policy.

The three main ways that a Syrian refugee can be resettled to Canada are: GARs are persons who have been assessed by the UNHCR to meet the definition of a refugee as set out in the Refugee Convention, and whose initial resettlement in Canada is entirely supported by the Government of Canada for up to one year. This support includes accommodation, food, clothing and assistance with employment.

canada and syria relationship

The Canadian private sponsorship regime is unique in the world. Private sponsorships can occur through two streams: These can include non-governmental organizations, religious institutions such as churchesand universities. SAHs are entirely responsible for the refugee for one year. They must demonstrate that they have the necessary financial means and ability to fulfill the terms of the sponsorship and to fully support the refugee for a year.

Canada supports U.S. strike against Syria, Trudeau tells Trump

The government and the private sponsor split financial responsibility for the refugee. Canada's resettlement programs have been hailed as some of the most progressive and welcoming in the world and have been used as pilots for similar programs in other countries.

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Different Political Responses to Syrian Resettlement Until almost the fall ofit was unclear exactly how many Syrian refugees were successfully resettled in Canada.