Bilbo and gandalf relationship counseling

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bilbo and gandalf relationship counseling

Bilbo knew Gandalf already before the story started. He did not know him like a friend, but he had heard about him. So they officially met and. In the forests I also offer philosophical counseling and cafés. Seizing the gold has been his clear mission; as he tells Bilbo and Gandalf, “we have never forgotten our stolen .. You must begin with exposing your relationship with the things. Thirteen dwarves, a wizard and a hobbit. A handy reference guide for The Hobbit. matching the names with their faces. I am going memorize their names, the.

Later, Frodo tried to take Bilbo's book while he is writing and a portrait of Bilbo when he was young. Also, Bilbo did not have the heart to ask Frodo to come with him to Rivendell, showing that he wanted to bring his nephew along. However, he did not have the heart to, since Frodo loved the Shire.

Even though Frodo was suspicious of Bilbo, he showed a very small contempt and was sadden that Bilbo left for Rivendell. Bilbo later gave Frodo Sting and his Mithril shirt for him to use during his quest.

Bilbo nearly killed Frodo due to seeing the Ring again, but he immediately broke down into tears, guilty for putting that burden on Frodo, who instead of being upset, comforted his uncle as he cried. When Bilbo asked of the Ring, Frodo, to spare his uncle's feelings, said he lost it. Sackville-Baggins Bilbo detests his cousins as much as they dislike him. He especially strongly disliked Lobelia because she tried to steal his own spoons that once belonged to his family.

He especially is mad when they are auctioning off his things before he steals his house back. After Bilbo adopted Frodo, his cousin Otho had not been Bilbo's heir anymore and Frodo became his own.

Characterization: Relationship between Bilbo and Gandalf | Helena's journal

They had a big family feud that would last for the last years until Frodo and Lobelia made peace with each other, ending their feud. First meetings were no taken lightly. Thorin had judged and doubted Bilbo way too much.

They first met in Bag End, where Thorin was not impressed with the hobbit. While Bilbo was stalling the trolls, Thorin showed one trust that he was stalling the trolls to be frozen in the Sun's light.

Bilbo killed the Orc that would kill Thorin. Bilbo then proceeds in protecting Thorin's body. This anger was proved wrong. It was just a fury out of worry Thorin caught the hobbit by surprise and embraced Bilbo in a long-term hug and both look at each other and out to the sunrise in the sight of the Lonely Mountain. Their relationship is stronger in The Desolation of Smaug. Thorin eventually cared and to be protective of Bilbo.

It is when Bilbo mysteriously is nowhere to be found. Bofur informs him of Bilbo's disappearance, which makes Thorin look worried about the hobbit's whereabouts.

After his disagreement with Thranduil, Thorin had to rely on Bilbo to rescue them.

Characterization: Relationship between Bilbo and Gandalf

Bilbo does eventually get them out by stealing a set of keys and frees them all. Most of the dwarves are reluctant to go with Bilbo's plans to go escape via barrels. It was only Thorin who understood Bilbo's plans even after Bilbo pleaded with Thorin through his eyes and orders them to as he says.

After they leave, Thorin gave a thankful recognition. He realized Bilbo did something incredibly stupid to make Smaug awoken. After it got worse, Balin, tired about Thorin's arrogance and stubbornness, begged him to go in there and save Bilbo, but Thorin was reluctant.

Balin knows that Thorin had become fond of Bilbo and started to care about him. He decides to do the right thing and save Bilbo.

bilbo and gandalf relationship counseling

Thorin came for Bilbo in the end. Thorin also protected Bilbo from Smaug until the other dwarves came in. Risked his life rather than wanting harm to befall upon Bilbo, He also starts to call Bilbo by his first name, as a friend like he'd s done with the other company members. In the time, when Bilbo falls and is on the floor, Thorin shouts for Bilbo to run before Smaug could hurt him.

Their relationship is strained when Thorin allows the gold sickness to overcome him. He was later hurt and felt betrayed that Bilbo gave away the Arkenstone. However, they eventually make up by the end of the movie, but Thorin passes on while Bilbo survives. Gandalf Gandalf became friends with Bilbo and chose the hobbit to be the luck fourteenth member. The Istar is very fond and protective of Bilbo, even becoming his protector, mentor and a father figure.

bilbo and gandalf relationship counseling

He also worries when Gandalf is not with them when Gandalf told them to wait at the overlook. They reunite the night before the Battle takes place where both are in a short, yet happy reunion.

After the Arkenstone trade, Gandalf worries what will happen to Bilbo when Thorin finds out what he's done. Eventually, Gandalf tells Thorin to let Bilbo go. Gandalf refuses for Bilbo to go and worries that he'll hurt himself. Bilbo still defies him. After Thorin's death, Gandalf comforts the mourning hobbit and travels with him in the return journey. The wizard already figured out Bilbo had the ring ever since they escaped the Goblin Tunnels.

Bilbo Baggins Relationships

Gandalf comes right out and says he is very fond of him, but a "[small] fellow in a wide world. He visited Bilbo from time to time and supported him when he turned years old. He seems to care about and becomes fond of Bilbo more than the other dwarves do.

Almost seeing Bilbo faint, he asked if he was alright, which was not. When Bilbo came after changing his mind to fallow the dwarves until the end, Balin smiled at the hobbit's signature. Balin was glad to see him alive and coming to their rescue. Near the journey's end, Bilbo is accompanied by Balin half-way. The latter tells Bilbo that he doesn't know what awaits him but advises Bilbo not to wake the dragon. Additionally, the courage of hobbits never ceases to amaze Balin.

As Thorin starts to fall, the dwarf terrifyingly confides to Bilbo that the Arkenstone is to remain lost. Balin says goodbye to Bilbo before he leaves and watches his friend leave.

He was at first are not that respectable to Bilbo's possessions. He treats Bilbo as if he was their third piece of their siblings. There is a lot more in him than you guess, and a deal more than he has any idea about himself. You may possibly all live to thank me yet.

bilbo and gandalf relationship counseling

Now Bilbo, my boy, fetch a lamp, and let's have a little light at this. Augustus Bartran You have a great site, the best I have seen, regarding The Late Great Tolkien, and wish to make a commentary, if you'll have it, on your essay concerning Gandalf's choice of Bilbo to accompany Thorin. The current contribution is good in it's own right, but I feel it doesn't address the issue as fully as it might.

Thorin's quest for the Lonely Mountain plays but a smaller part in Gandalf's much broader reckoning. Sauron named in The Hobbit only as The Necromancer had taken residence in Mirkwood, and Gandalf feared that he good put Smaug to evil purposes abroad.

The Dragon Sauron might use with terrible effect. Often I [Gandalf] said to myself: But he knew the dwarves alone would fall in this feat. Gandalf had taken interest in a place known as "The Shire", in it's "pipe-weed", but also the folk that dwelled there.

In the same chapter, he discusses his interest in Bilbo. Somehow, I had been attracted to Bilbo before, as a child, and a young hobbit He had stayed in my mind ever since with his eagerness and his bright eyes, and his love of tales, and his question about the wide world outside of the Shire. Suddenly in my mind these three things came together: Even Yavanna, wife of the Dwarve's creator Aule, foretold that they would have no care in such things I wish I could bring forth a quote, but my copy of the Silm is MIA.

Indeed, we see the hobbit's abilities shine again and again in The Hobbit: The Troll encounter, escape from Gollum's lair, his lurking in the wood elve's hall, and finally, the first confrontations with Smaug. Aside from all this, perhaps Gandalf had a subconcious premonition of the role he would play in the discovery of the One Ring.

Either way, old Bilbo filled the role as well as anyone could. Me again, and upon reading further, I uncovered more reasons I didn't mention in my comment. I would be most appreciative if you would take the following as part of my other comment on Bilbo and the Dwarves Gandalf, it seems, was looking for a hobbit before he thought of Bilbo. He soon found what he was looking for: He hears of Bilbo, and his strange doings, and is intrigued. As soon as I entered the Shire, I heard news of him [Bilbo].