Ash ketchum and misty relationship advice

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ash ketchum and misty relationship advice

Author's note: For the story behind the Pikachu-Electra-AJ relationship, check out "The Mating Game"! "Caw-caw-caw-w-w-w-w!" Ash Ketchum. Misty knew Ash's last pokemon and she was ready for it. He was going to refuse to fight, because it was best for her and Ash's relationship. Staryu rarely gave advice and almost never gave demands, but she knew he was. Ash and Misty have had a certain type of relationship for years, both "I had a fight with Misty" Ash answered, understanding the Pokemon perfectly . Ash took his chance to get his advice when there was a brief silence.

Also, Ash is finally, actually noticing her in that certain way. The Pikachu is also a nice touch. Unfortunately for Misty, Ash isn't the only one to enjoy her in a swimsuit. One episode had Misty competing in a beach beauty contest, where she caught the attention of a very creepy old man. This new fan happily expressed that he wanted to have fun with her in eight year's time. There, he says that he wishes Misty was his granddaughter.

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Which is by no means less creepy. No wonder Misty tends to hide her more appealing side It's nice to see a less fiery, more soft expression on her face from time to time. But whatever expression she has, Misty seems to be quite confident in her looks.

I'm actually not sure what that says about how she sees herself. They must work, though, because she's made multiple incarnations.

She even gave one to Ash as a keepsake. Because, you know, nothing says "I love you and will never forget you" like custom fishing equipment. It's always nice to see her dress up for special occasions. One might imagine her wearing something like this to the annual Christmas party. When she does, he conveniently runs away to the snack table.

What's Ash & Misty's Relationship?

She had to take a hit for Gyarados to get it to trust her, and she was almost ended by Ash's Squirtle. Oh yeah, remember that? Back when it was part of the Squirtle Squad, it held Misty and Brock hostage as Ash was let go to get medicine for Pikachu. They gave him the ultimatum to come back in time or see Misty's hair died purple.

Or as Japanese viewers might remember, see her life be taken. Of course, they all became friends in the end. But do you think Misty ever sees Ash's Squirtle and gets traumatic flashbacks to it almost taking her out? When it comes to classic Misty, fans know it all. But did you know that she actually got her bike back?

Which is some kind of magic, because that bike was a burnt husk when they left it. Yet this Nurse Joy was somehow able to restore it to working condition. That Joy needs to open up a bike repair shop. Meanwhile, Pikachu takes advantage of the moment to steal Ash's watermelon. Pikachu is actually a little prankster when the mood suits him. Rudy wanted Misty back then and going by the look in his eyes, those feelings had not abated and it wasn't long until Rudy addressed the elephant in the room.

Misty stiffened up at his words. She took a moment to compose herself before replying "Look, Rudy, you're just as lovely and nice as I remember but coming all this way, telling me you've spent all these years pining after me, I don't know how else to put this but it's creepy. I'm sorry that you've had a wasted trip but I can't return your feelings and I don't think I ever will Anyway, you know my heart belongs to Someone else" Misty admitted "It's Ash still isn't it?

Misty just nodded in confirmation. Ash needed advice and he knew it. He quickly drew up a list of people he would normally talk to in times like these This time though, he couldn't call his mother as she was on holiday, he couldn't call Misty cause she was the one he needed advice on, he couldn't speak to Gary cause he's Misty's ex, Brock and Suzie were setting off for their honeymoon as were Dawn and May.

He hadn't spoken to Iris and Cilan in years, so they were out. Serena was currently in Hoeen so was unreachable and Clemont was busy helping to rebuild the Kalos region. That only left one person Ash could call.

He picked his phone up, scrolled down his contacts and hit the call button "Hello? The pair spent so much time on the phone catching up on everything that had happened with each other since they last saw the other that Ash had almost forgotten the reason that he had called in the first place.

Ash took his chance to get his advice when there was a brief silence between the pair. That she doesn't want to be my 'fuck toy' anymore" Ash finished.

ash ketchum and misty relationship advice

Ritchie just burst out laughing at Ash's story "What's so funny? I'm sorry, you're one of my best friends, but you're a fucking moron. Misty, for whatever reason, is still in love with you and I think she's just tired of waiting for you. She thinks you just see her as a fuck buddy when she wants more and so do you.

Now stop being a dickhead and go and tell her the truth" Ritchie told him. Ash thanked him for the advice and hung up. Throwing his phone onto his bed he turned to stare at his reflection in his mirror. I love you and I'm going to prove it to you. This is gonna be the best Christmas of your life" Ash stated confidently sitting down and pulling a pen and pad of paper towards him, he took a deep breath and started scribbling furiously.

Pika" Pikachu cheered proudly. The next morning Ash sprinted over to Professor Oak's laboratory.

Sliding to a stop in front of a bemused trio of Professor Oak, his grandson, Gary Oak and their assistant Tracy Sketchit. Noivern, Bayleef and Sceptile, Torterra and Leavanny please?

ash ketchum and misty relationship advice

After receiving his Pokemon from Professor Oak and spending some time catching up with Gary and Tracy Ash left the laboratory and called Noivern out of it's Pokeball.

Tasking the large dragon type with getting them to the Cerulean City gym. Noivern happily obliged but due to the harsh snowstorm that had kicked up they only made it as far as Pewter City by air.

He zipped up his coat and after making sure Pikachu was in his usual spot up on Ash's shoulder, he set off running towards Cerulean City. Ash had made it about halfway when he was suddenly brought to a halt by a familiar voice calling his name. Hi" Ash smiled "How are things?

Go and sort your woman troubles out" he added. Ash arrived in Cerulean City, tired and cold from the sweat he'd worked up freezing to his forehead. He blew into his cupped hands to try and warm them up momentarily before he marched off towards the gym.

He opened the doors and stormed through to where Daisy, Lily and Violet were stood. Do you accept my challenge?

The three sister looked Ash over for a moment before bluntly declining his challenge. I was an asshole and you can tell her I admit that, but could you also give her this from me? The three sisters looked at each other for a split-second before Violet took the letter from him "We'll give it to her" She assured him "Thank you" Ash sighed gratefully as he turned to walk away "Wait!

Ash turned back around to face the girls again as Daisy reached into her pocket and pulled out a Cascade Badge. He thanked them once again and left the gym.

Violet knocked on Misty's bedroom door. Violet opened her door and walked in, sitting down on the end of Misty's bed. Outside of the anime hints: One could say the two girls on the card likely represent the more important females in Ash's life. The show was originaly going to end after pokemon the first Movie, and here is a clip of the first trailer that was only showen in Japan: Misty is seen with her daughter and considering how few people could be the father of that So its pretty safe to say it would have to be Ash.

Unused footage of Misty and her Daughter! So What do you guys think? Could Ash and Misty have loved each other?