Apollo and kamineni relationship quizzes

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apollo and kamineni relationship quizzes

The Reddy offspring at Apollo have Indian health care covered four ways. Shobana Kamineni, 53, handles pharmacies and insurance, while. Ms. Shobana Kamineni was named Executive Vice-Chairperson, AHEL in July and delivery of much-needed diagnostic tests for poverty-related diseases. Currently Managing Director of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise, Preetha recalls her first brush with people management, Shobana Kamineni,

Only the rich and powerful could afford it then. Amit Verma Thereafter, he was a man with a mission. For the next four years, he was single-minded about building a multi-specialty for-profit, private hospital in Chennai.

There were, of course, the inevitable hurdles in terms of government regulations.

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Medical equipment carried a customs duty of percent and funding for building hospitals was not readily available from banks, while foreign capital was not allowed. He took the opportunity to apprise her of the dismal health care situation.

Upasana Kamineni Profile and Biography

Over the next 24 months, he made over 50 trips to New Delhi to get various approvals and sanctions to start his first hospital in Chennai. In the process, he developed a good rapport with Indira Gandhi and later with her son Rajiv. He had even invited her to inaugurate the first hospital in Chennai inbut she declined, asking him to request then President Giani Zail Singh instead.

In fact, points out Preetha, their baptism began much earlier, when Reddy was practising at HM Hospital. Every Sunday, between 11 am and 1 pm, the girls were tasked with talking to patients and finding out what needed to be improved at HM Hospital. The first negative feedback they got was about the toilets—they were terrible!

On learning this, Reddy spent from his own pocket to fix them. Over the weekends too, the girls were put to work. They had to escort patients, who would come for check-ups, from test to test. Patient care, to that extent, became a way of life. She had even secured a seat at the prestigious Madras Medical College, but Reddy dissuaded her from taking it up. Preetha then got married at the age of 19, and was the last of the four siblings to formally join AHEL in as joint managing director.

Inshe was elevated to the post of managing director which she held till The story goes that Reddy had commissioned the architect of his home in Chennai to build his first hospital in the city. Obviously, the architect had no clue about how to build a multi-specialty hospital, let alone a general hospital.

apollo and kamineni relationship quizzes

Shobana, who had aspirations of becoming an architect, decided to help out. She would ask surgeons what they wanted in their operating theatres and the feedback would be given to the architect. The agency had come up with a few Sanskrit names such as Dhanavantri. But Suneeta was not convinced. She started researching for a name herself and stumbled upon Apollo, the Greek God of healing and medicine.

Her father would not allow it, she says. July 12, The chemistry was just right: And no, year-old Preetha is not a doctor: Currently Managing Director of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise, Preetha recalls her first brush with people management, at Apollo Chennai, nearly two decades ago.

Her sister Shobana had to move to Hyderabad after she got married, so Preetha was asked to help out. Preetha Reddy Was a housewife in college, got drawn into management by chance Is excellent at implementing and executing projects Has spearheaded negotiations that won Apollo some good deals at home and abroad Soft-spoken, nonconfrontational, can carry people with her Younger sister Suneeta was already handling the finance function, but Preetha, as a raw hand, ran straight into a staff strike, complete with slogan shouting—and put out the fire by feeding it, sort of.

There was never a protest after that, as Apollo grew to be a hospital group, including a pharmacy chain and its own third-party administrator for medical insurance, among others.

Apollo Hospitals' Prathap Reddy grooms daughters for leadership positions | Forbes India

Will it change every time there is a new chairman? That is the way it should be. Otherwise it gets boring and monotonous. And the goals that Apollo has set for itself are rooted in the initial vision of the hospital, when it was set up by Prathap Reddy. We will give you the same care. And it has delivered because it has been a doctor-driven hospital with a focus on hiring the right people and staff training.

He recalls the intensity of research Reddy put in before hiring his staff. The attrition rate for doctors, who operate on a fee-for-service basis they are consultants who are exclusive to Apollo but not on its rolls is less than 1 percent in Apollo; the average attrition rate in hospitals is percent. Thirty-one years after starting Apollo, Reddy continues to be involved in hiring doctors.

In addition to growing the pharmacy, clinics and boutique hospital businesses, Apollo will add 2, beds over the next two years.

How Dr Prathap Reddy avoids ambiguity on succession and structure at Apollo Hospitals

Sangita Reddy A Rs 2,crore capex plan has been allocated for the next three years of which Apollo has already spent Rs crore. Growth will also come through acquisitions. We have incubated new companies. We will be building more infrastructure and capacity.

An important part of the expansion plan is investment in technology. The hospital recently invested Rs crore in a proton therapy centre in Chennai. Such investments in technology will continue. And there is room to do more. The Reddy sisters, between them, have 10 children, all of whom are under 30 years of age.

While some of the grandchildren have joined Apollo, others are still very young. They want things quicker; they are more discerning than us and probably less tolerant than we are as a generation.

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But that is good because they are smarter and more agile. It will specify processes for entry into the business, terms and conditions to grow it and the methods for dispute resolution, among other things. Shobana accepts that inducting the next generation into the business will not be easy. The bond that exists between the sisters has so far kept the family together but with the next generation, things could be different.

apollo and kamineni relationship quizzes

However, there is a rider. Whenever Reddy meets his grandchildren, he asks them to talk about one good and one bad thing they did during the day. They love each other and they love us.