Amazing race 17 winners nat and kat relationship

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The Amazing Race 17 is the seventeenth installment of the American reality television show Anesthesiologists Natalie "Nat" Strand and Katherine "Kat" Chang were the . Their relationship title was changed from "Newly Dating" to " Engaged". . to win the race, since they had wanted to be the first all-female winners. It took 17 seasons but an all-female team finally finished first on The Amazing Race. Amazing Race Winners Discuss Making History Los Angeles doctors Nat Strand, 31, and Kat Chang, 35, spoke with PEOPLE about the highs and lows of That's a very different dynamic than being related or dating. Image Credit: Bill Inoshita/CBSNat Strand and Kat Chang are two of the most adorably non-dramatic reality show contestants ever. The 17th.

"The Amazing Race" 17

By the time you check-in, and you do your post-interviews, you may be in the hotel room for only about seven hours. Well, what are you gonna do in your seven hours? You probably want to rinse out your clothes and dry them… Kat: Or take a shower for the first time in three days. Kat, which was harder: Nat and I both feel pretty confident about tasks that are in our control. With the eating task, it was just a matter of getting it down and finishing it.

With the sunglasses, I not only had to rely on my lack of sunglasses-selling ability, but also depend on who was walking by.

WINNERS: Nat and Kat - "The Amazing Race" 17 - Pictures - CBS News

Or if they even had the money to buy sunglasses. Well, I was hoping it was going to be a roadblock that Nat could perform.

I think I was already mentally prepared going into the race that, if it was going to happen, I was going to do it.

Or at least I was going to try my best. No, that was really something special! Nat, on your bio at CBS. Do you ever get angry, at all? You guys have watched Kat. I have a pet peeve now: Her hair always looks better than mine. We had no idea how bad the watermelon shot was, until we saw it just like every body else did.

Nat, was it hard watching the heights challenges again?

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It was kind of fun [watching the bungee drop] last night! My heart started beating faster when they did those overhead shots.

It kind of reminds me of all the challenges that we faced together, and how it just strengthened our friendship even more. You knew each other from UCLA, right?

We spent many hours, many holidays — Nat: Any plans for spending the money? We were running in a pack, laughing and smiling — Kat: As we were carrying a giant lobster coffin. We are on the verge of being eliminated but it was so ridiculous and cool that we had to take a moment to laugh. What was the hardest moment?

For Nat, it was heights challenges. The hardest leg was Oman in large part because we used the map that was misleading and we went the wrong direction for about six hours. Fortunately, Gary and Mallory had the same map and were seven hours behind. If I ever have to drive a stick around the deserts of Oman again, it will be too soon.

The Amazing Race 17 - A Sheep's Head Recap

That also speaks to how even a good team needs luck to win. The Race is like life. Some people get good luck and some bad and in the end, it is usually a fair shake. Despite being nothing but civil to him, Nick rained constant verbal abuse down on Vicki, and cost her the race by forcing her to quit the Detour in leg Of the Mercy Kill variety.

They were shown performing the Speed Bump and said they performed the Detour, but were unable to do many of the other tasks due to the darkness and their last place finish.

amazing race 17 winners nat and kat relationship

It wasn't very surprising when Nick said he didn't have many friends. She blew through the vertical ascender task while Chad was still working his way up. The Quincy Punk Rage Quit: Nick provided one of the Race's uglier moments when he snapped in Hong Kong and quit in the middle of the Detour, literally lying down and refusing to help Vicki find a boat in Hong Kong harbor. The non-elimination leg dragged it out for two episodes, enraging the fanbase that they would allow a quitter like Nick to stay in the game and possibly steal a spot in the Final 3 from a more deserving team.

In the third leg, they brought too many bags of cement to the primary school, and had to go back. Vicki didn't know how the Fast Forward worked. She wanted to go for it because she was "pretty sure everybody did the Fast Forward," and then, once she and Nick got there and saw the "Fast Forward Taken" sign, Vicki did not know whether that meant someone was currently in the process of taking the Fast Forward, and wondered if they should wait around.

Nick took the Roadblock clue, "Who wants to complete in a Russian drag race? Nick's hair was in an Mohawk at the start of the race. Their final leg played out in one of these.

amazing race 17 winners nat and kat relationship

As the other teams had all checked into the Pit Stop by the time they reached their first clue, shots of them doing the Speed Bump were shown with their Elimination Statement playing over it. They made at least one brainless comment every episode and Failed a Spot Check regularly, but if a task was physical they breezed right through it. Of special note is that Vicki easily scaled the ascender, a device with a reputation for putting female contestants at a huge disadvantage, faster than many of her male opponents.

Nick's grandma had a clown room that he had to sleep in growing up, which made him and his brother afraid of clowns. Naturally, he did not take well to the circus themed Detour in Russia. Their one shining moment came in leg 8 when Chad proposed, and they went on to win the leg. Their first leg ended with Chad saying it had been a humbling experience, and they needed to stop the arguments and change the way they were acting. That attitude did not last long.

Despite playing second fiddle to the female teams for most of the season, leg 8 in Oman was their shining moment, starting with them oversleeping their Pit Start time by two hoursthen having Chad propose during the "operating hours" equalizer, and finally getting their first and only leg win of the season.

It was also the only episode where Chad was not portrayed as an incompetent buffoon, and he went right back to this characterization in the next leg when they were eliminated.

The Amazing Race 17 / Characters - TV Tropes

The Day the Music Lied: Only they were immediately sent away to go pay their cab driver. Subverted in that they did eventually survive once all the penalties were tallied up. They'd only known each other for eight months, already owned a home together, Chad was ready to propose during the pre-Race interviews which happen several weeks before filming starts, engaged in Oman during the race, and were married before their elimination episode aired.

Just like Nick, Chad didn't like the thought of losing to either female team. I did get clowned by the girls, but she didn't look as good as I did getting clowned. During the Ascender Roadblock, Chad was astonished when Vicki blew by him despite starting after him. Chad, especially during the earlier legs. Also in his final leg to a certain extent. Big smart doctor can't even put a bicycle together?! Chad acted like this from the very beginning, and continued to no matter how many humbling experiences he went through.

'Amazing Race' winners talk sheep heads, diabetes, and never getting angry at each other, EVER

Despite starting leg 9 in 1st, they were on the last flight because, while all the other teams were working the ticket counters, looking for better flights, Chad decided he wanted Dairy Queen. In leg 7, they took a cab when the clue told them not to. After being told to find the Pit Stop in the first leg, instead of searching the immediate area or following the visual clues like the other teams, Chad decides the Pit Stop is back the way they came, on the other side of the castle.

amazing race 17 winners nat and kat relationship

They dropped two places while making a circuit of the grounds. Also their Mid-Battle Tea Break in leg 9. During leg 8, Chad proposed to Stephanie in Oman while they were waiting for their departure time to continue their leg. Their title was subsequently upgraded from "Newly Dating" to "Engaged". This trope goes both ways, as Chad deliberately targeted women during the sunglasses selling Roadblock. Small Name, Big Ego: They insisted that they were one of the strongest teams despite rarely finishing near the top.

They said that the other teams were not beating them, they were beating themselves. Chad taunted Nat at the rickshaw Roadblock after being U-Turned, trying to throw her off her game. Despite constantly being at the back of the pack, none of the front runners wanted anything to do with him in brute strength challenges. In Oman, they got lost for eight hours due to a horrible map that did not include many of the roads they needed, and ended up 6th.