About a boy ellie and marcus relationship help

Nick Hornby - About a boy - Referat, Hausaufgabe, Hausarbeit

about a boy ellie and marcus relationship help

In our group work, Nam, Christopher and me had the task to deal with the relationship of Ellie and Marcus. We tried to figure them out, especially Ellie because. The relationship that will has with Marcus and then forms with Ellie help him develop as a character and also help him function as a human being. Read Full. -invents a child, so he is well received by women -he doesn't want to start a family The first -he doesn't try to get to know Marcus -he helps Marcus out of a fix -Will cares for Marcus feelings after the suicide attempt of Fiona.

about a boy ellie and marcus relationship help

That is the reason why we decided to pick also the relationship between Ellie and Kurt Cobain in the front of our presentation although the relationship is only imaginary and only for Ellie important at the most. So Kurt Cobains diary introduction has also introduced our presentation about Ellie and Marcus.

about a boy ellie and marcus relationship help

Kurt Cobain told us that we should figure him out but our first part of our presentation was to figure out Ellie. Ellie McCrae is a 15 year old girl, what makes her 3 years older than Marcus. Nick Hornby characterized her as a girl that has a very alternative way of life and dressing style. She really wants to be different from the other commercial, especially older people. That shows also that she is very self confident.

about a boy ellie and marcus relationship help

Another proof for this is ,that Ellie has a relationship with a 3 years younger boy which is not liked by anybody because of his appearance. Ellie has no prejudices towards other peoplethat is why she gives Marcus a chance to speak with her after having refused this at the first time.

That she spends time with him means to get respect for him. She said that the world is sexistracist and full of injustice p.

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She is fighting for justice in the world ,that is why she defends Marcus against other kids who bully him. Ellies opinion about older people is very offending.

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The start for being old is in her point of you the age of The relationship between Ellie and Marcus is often compared with the principle of pet and owner. Marcus is the pet and Ellie is the owner who cares for his pet and defends it against enemies. He is thinking literallyas he always does, and realises that Kurt Cobain could not possibly have understood Ellie, as they never met. Ellie is behaving as a stereotypical teenager here, who thinks that nobody understands her and that her only salvation is in the music she listens to.

She thinks, as many music fans do, that she knows Kurt Cobain through his lyrics, but of course, this is not possible.

Marcus asks himself the question How did someone you had never met understand you?

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He thinks through what Ellie has told him about being understood by Kurt Cobain and he knows instinctively that this is not true. As this conversation goes on, he feels more and more distanced from Ellie.

The fact that, even after Ellie has been discussing how Kurt Cobain understood her, Marcus has to ask What about? He really has no idea why Ellie is feeling angry. She felt that Kurt Cobain was on her wavelengthso to speak, but Marcus is not on the normal teenage wavelength. For him, it is a simple matter. Ellie and Kurt Cobain did not know each other so there can be no connection.

Who is Ellie McCrae from About a Boy and what is their importance?

This quote is also quite important because it allows the reader to see that all the earlier discussions with Will and Ellie about the music Marcus likes have been nonsense, because he evidently does not feel any connection to the singers.

It is another example of how his mother has always made his choices for him. This final line in this extract, Nothing.

about a boy ellie and marcus relationship help