A streetcar named desire blanche and stella relationship

Blanche, Stella, Tennessee and Rose: the sibling relationship in a Streetcar Named Desire.

a streetcar named desire blanche and stella relationship

A Streetcar Named Desire: Contrasting Stella and Blanche essays How different Their relationship is a prime example of just how different two people can be. Answer: Stella is figuratively trying to make the comment that Blanche has been in a relationship that has focused on desire and not love. A Streetcar Named. A Streetcar Named Desire: A Level, Characters & Themes Stella's response to or is Stella ironically commenting on how their relationship has always been? Blanche treats Stella like a child, a 'blessed baby', ordering her to 'stand up'.

She claimed "A Streetcar Named Desire" by Tennessee Williams words - 9 pages focus of this play is on a thirty-something southern belle named Blanche DuBois and how her tragic downfall came about. Prior to the depression the lifestyle of most Americans was one of prosperity with promise of success, The American Dream as the propagandists A Streetcar Named Desire, by Tennessee Williams words - 9 pages A Streetcar Named Desire From the beginning, the three main characters of Streetcar are in a state of tension.

Williams establishes that the apartment is small and confining, the weather is hot and oppressive, and the characters have good reason to come into conflict. The South, old and new, is an important theme of the play. Blanche and her sister come from a dying world. The life and pretensions of their world are becoming a thing of A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams words - 3 pages Adversity can cause an individual to overcome their challenges and strengthen their identity, however, it can also have the opposite negative effect.

Relationships in 'A Streetcar Named Desire'

Adversity can trigger an individual to lose their identity in their attempt to escape from their problems. Lies, lies, inside and out, all lies.

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Referring to the two critical opinions, explore the extent to which the relationship between Mitch and Blanche is based on deception and self deception. Throughout Williams' play an unexpected relationship is developing before us.

a streetcar named desire blanche and stella relationship

This is the one formed between Mitch and Blanche. She could not expect other attitude to herself, especially in that social layer with it principles and relations between men and women.

Blanche, Stella, Tennessee and Rose: the sibling relationship in a Streetcar Named Desire.

Stanley appears as a person with animal nature. Stanley is a representative of a dark reality. According to Susan Koprince, he has all signs of such person. Those traits make him hate Blanche. First of all, he hates her aristocratic past and he is outraged by her attempts to fool him showing that she is better than he and his friends. This is contradictory to his image of a woman. Stanley does everything to ruin life of this woman.

It seems to be cruel and basely. Stanley is a dark version of the salesman, selling the idealistic Blanche a harsh reality on the specious grounds that it is somehow good for her and willing to use force, if necessary, to make the sale.

a streetcar named desire blanche and stella relationship

The result of the confrontation of Stanley and Blanch was the rape. However, it cannot be considered as a cruel violation.

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Neither the context, nor the scene manifests it. This is the way other men treated her, this is what she expected, this is how a logical flow of things should be like. Her leniency towards him is also revealed when she totally forgives Stanley in her conversation with Blanche on the following day. She even "embraces him with both arms, fiercely, and full in the view of Blanche" handout pp In fact, she regards her life filled with violence as a norm. When Eunice chooses alcohol over the police after being hit by Steve, Stella betrays her obedience to her husband in the comment "that's much more practical" handout pp And we can easily come to the conclusion that she has barely fought for her abuse by Stanley.

Blanche, Stella, Tennessee and Rose: the sibling relationship in a Streetcar Named Desire.

Blanche is quite right when saying: Stella's Dependence upon Stanley Apart from her physical dependence, Stella relies greatly on Stanley psychologically.

She does not have a job and is expecting a baby. She has hardly any friends of her own: So it is hard to imagine where she could go or who she could turn to if she left home, which is the end of the film version. And that explains why she says: Eventually, Stella chooses to depend on Stanley.

a streetcar named desire blanche and stella relationship

She would rather rely on her husband and send Blanche away than to believe her sister and leave him. Obviously, Stanley represents a much more secure future than Blanche or herself — a woman. People blame Blanche for her dependence on men to whom she is not married, but tend to forget Stella's dependence within marriage.

In fact, Stella has more in common with her sister than she thinks.

a streetcar named desire blanche and stella relationship

It is also the case with Eunice, who represents a woman without much of her identity in such a low-class marriage. Stella's dependence upon Stanley, or rather, women upon men in general, is highlighted in this play as a theme. According to SparkNotes editorsTennessee Williams exposes women's "total dependence upon men for happiness", but also points out that under such social circumstances a woman have hardly any other choices but to "puts her fate in the hands of others".