8 of cups and ace wands relationship

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8 of cups and ace wands relationship

For couples whose relationship is more stable, the Ace of Swords speaks to When the Page of Wands appears in your relationship tarot reading, it usually The Eight of Cups shows a person leaving behind a stack of cups. Look for the Eight of Cups in your Tarot reading as it's the indicator that it's time for you to leave. When a relationship is getting abusive, when a friend is increasingly disrespectful, The suit of Wands signifies inspiration and creativity. Cups · The Knight of Cups · The Queen of Cups · The King of Cups · The Ace of Cups. The Ace of Wands is the first card in the suit of Wands. It's a positive card, about giving up. This can apply to all parts of life; careers, hobbies, relationships.

8 of cups and ace wands relationship

THEN, the family of commenters here would love for you to join in. Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you] Tarot Readings: Used to be paralyzed by fear: You are getting out of the big things that hold you back and worry you. Dropping out of a place where you could not accomplish anything, that got on your last nerve, is an accomplishment.

Leaving a stifling place that gets on your last nerve is an accomplishment. When you are stuck, you just have to not be overwhelmed. I am leaving a hopeless situation behind, a major achievement, and here I am crying over it. I gotta get out of this stifling nerve-wracking situation.

Conquered being helpless, quit all the regrets. Death and Near-death Eight of Cups and Eight of Swords A near-death experience puts you on a different course, necessarily. Grieving the death of the departed takes precedence. That Ace of Wands entity.

To the left is crying, worrying, being up nights, being nervous — Nine of Swords. To the right is quitting, walking off, leaving in the middle — Eight of Cups. If this is a pattern in your life right now, look back to what happened in your childhood that may have caused you to adopt avoidance as a coping mechanism. The Eight of Cups is at its most powerful in the present position.

The Eight of Cups Tarot Card

This card reveals the fundamental hopelessness of a current relationship, job or other stressful situation. If you have been considering moving on, this card and its message will come as no surprise when it appears in the present position of your Tarot reading.

The strength of this card is in the person actually having left the situation — this is a motivation for you to make a radical change with your current situation.

If life is fine and dandy and you cannot imagine things changing, the Eight of Cups is a card that insists you look around at those closest to you and confronts you with the notion that these people might not be at all happy with the way things are going.

The Eight of Cups may wake you up from a state of obliviousness. In that regard, this can be a card of empathy. When placed in the future position, the Eight of Cups is a signal that you may be on the path to becoming worn out, drained and otherwise left without any energy. Sometimes a Tarot reading will have many happy moments in the past and present situation and when this card shows up in the future, it is assumed to be an omen of bad news ahead.

9 of cups and Ace of wands

To the contrary, the power of receiving the Tarot reading is to let you know in advance that some of the things that seem great now might have a side to them that has yet to reveal itself to you. Suppose that you knew in advance that a current relationship might develop codependent patterns that saw his casual requests become regularly scheduled demands on you.

With this warning, you might be able to spot your part in this pattern while it is in its infancy and take steps to stop it while preserving the relationship. In that regard, the Eight of Cups in the future position might be better news than cards of joy and pleasantries that give you no pause to be disciplined. Card Combinations No Tarot card in a reading is an island.

8 of cups and ace wands relationship

The cards all influence each other. There is a harmony, especially with cards that are next to each other. When there are many other Tarot cards from the suit of Cups around, love and other emotions are being manipulated.

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This can get old fast. If the suit of Swords is prominent in a reading that features the Eight of Cups, a verbally dominant authority figure is taking the joy out of your life.

Avoidance makes so much sense. When the suit of Pentacles is prominent in a reading with the Eight of Cups, the loss or absence of money is bringing a relationship to a close.

8 of Cups: Symbols of Rider Waite Smith Tarot; by Abheda Greene

You may have a partner who is in debt or your own spending habits are causing problems in your life that are starting to affect your interpersonal relationships. The suit of Wands signifies inspiration and creativity.