2pac and kadafi relationship trust

2 say they saw attackers of slain rapper - Los Angeles Times

2pac and kadafi relationship trust

But the death of his mother – who controlled the Tupac brand – may change Muammar Gaddafi, he was startled to see likenesses of Tupac and another . in T-shirts, posters and even marijuana brands with little connection to his causes. . Brought to you by: The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. This is a pic of Yaki Kadafi and Tupac (RIP to both). Even 20 years after Tupac Shakur's untimely passing, there's still from childhood, like E.D.I. Mean, Yaki Kadafi, and Tupac's cousin Kastro.

I did see all four faces for a few split seconds before the shooting though--and I told the police that. I can't promise you I could identify them, but nobody has ever even asked me to try.

Possibly so," Alexander said.

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Nor did they call me at any time for a lineup or to ask me anything concerning the shooting and death of Tupac. The two men said they decided to air their complaints publicly in The Times because they were tired of hearing the Las Vegas police blame their failure to solve the case on a lack of cooperation by Shakur's entourage.

2pac and kadafi relationship trust

Las Vegas detectives say Alexander, Greenridge and other members of Shakur's entourage--including Death Row Records owner Marion "Suge" Knight--have impeded the probe by not cooperating. Police have said that their investigation has narrowed to a handful of suspects, but that they doubt that anyone will ever be arrested--unless a witness comes forward to identify the shooter.

2pac and kadafi relationship trust

Kevin Manning said, "Malcolm Greenridge and Frank Alexander gave us taped statements on the night of the shooting that are totally inconsistent with what they told the L. We would welcome their additional information and are surprised that they haven't contacted us sooner. McDonald denied this week that anyone from the casino industry tried to interfere with the probe. After Fula's murder in November, police said Fula was the only witness who told them he might be able to identify the driver of the getaway car.

Las Vegas detectives said they had been eager to interview Fula and show him a folder with photos of possible suspects, but never heard from him despite leaving messages with an attorney for Death Row. But the rapper's mother, Yassmyn Fula, said investigators misled the media about her son's pivotal role in the case. But that was a lie and they knew it," said Fula, whose son was sitting in the same car occupied by Alexander and Greenridge.

The assault, as captured about 8: About three hours later, Shakur and Knight were sitting in Knight's BMW at a red light just off the Strip when four men in a white late-model Cadillac with California plates pulled up in the next lane. You know what I'm saying?

2pac and kadafi relationship trust

You're just staring out the window waiting for the light to change. It's not like you're really paying attention to what you're looking at.

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But I saw four faces and I told police that. Knight, who was driving, was grazed in the head and chest. Shakur was hit four times. Alexander jumped out of his car and attempted to run to the passenger side of the bullet-riddled BMW, but Knight made a sudden U-turn and began racing west down Flamingo Boulevard. As a result, police say, several witnesses at the scene initially mistook Alexander for the shooter.

Patrol officers quickly arrived, forcing those in the cars out at gunpoint while the Cadillac disappeared.

2pac and kadafi relationship trust

It turned out that the killer of Kadafi was Napoleon's own cousin. Critics of both Los Angeles and Las Vegas police have stated that if Tupac and Biggie would have been white both cases would have gotten more attention from the investigators. All the detectives can say is that the witnesses were uncooperative.

Cathy Scott who also is on the DVD wrote a book called "The Killing of Tupac Shakur" and in her book she reported that Kadafi was the only eye witness of the shooter and he told the police he could maybe identify the shooter. Why now are they changing this story.

2pac and kadafi relationship trust

We can't ask Kadafi because he is dead a victim of a "random" shooting which was done execution style by the way. Any way you want to look at this someone wanted Kadafi silenced and in less than 2 months after Pac was shot Kadafi was shot to death.

Two bloods were shot and killed by an assailant who fled on foot. Here he met Michael Stone, also a crip, who was with his nephew, Jerry Stone. Tempers rose and a gunfight erupted.

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Orlando and the Stones were all fatally injured. An informant told police it was connected with the killing of Tupac, others said it was over money. It seems odd that if Orlando Anderson were responsible for the killing of Tupac it would take two years before he was killed, by a fellow crip nonetheless.