Woozi and suga meet

BTS' Suga Is The Best Idol Producer, According To Survey

woozi and suga meet

There is an old video series where BTS comes to the US and they meets .. like they are closer to BTS when they hear sad stories about Suga being poor and not Just as an example Seventeen's Woozi has contributed to almost all of their. Jun 12, SEVENTEEN's Woozi doesn't think he looks like BTS' Suga?.. scary like catchsomeair.us please photo bomb me so I can say I met you lolol ☺ ❤ ✌️. BTS Meets Seventeen Suga: *gets into bed* Jesus, is this what heaven feels like. OH! OH! uhhhhhh yes. *falls straight to sleep* Woozi: Finally I.

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woozi and suga meet