Where fear and weapons meet ep

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where fear and weapons meet ep

Everything Between This song is by Where Fear And Weapons Meet and appears on the EP Control (). Where Fear & Weapons Meet Comi - Split Ep By Comi, Where Fear & Weapons Meet () - catchsomeair.us Music. In Sunday night's episode of 'Fear The Walking Dead' one character and John show up at the meeting place, they're greeted with guns.

where fear and weapons meet ep

People who are cautious about offending obviously are not too angry about whatever subject matter it maybe, you know? Hell or High Water?? They seem to be written about specific bands. Hell or High Water?

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Know the Score has yet to write a song that is over two minutes in length. Hell, some of the songs don? Is there a logical explanation for this or does Know the Score just enjoy writing short, fast tunes? We are a hardcore band. Know the Score seems to play shows rather sporadically due to job commitments.

How important is it to you guys to play shows on the road? Are there are places yet that you haven?

Where Fear And Weapons Meet:Everything Between Lyrics

What bands would you like to tour with, given the possibility? I am willing to play anywhere for a wild bunch of angry kids who want a reason to smash something up. I would mainly like to tour with any of the bands on the Double or Nothing Records line up.

where fear and weapons meet ep

It would be cool to tour with S. Have you noticed any significant differences or similarities between the hardcore scene that you grew up in and the one you are currently apart of - South Florida? Cleveland and South Florida have nothing in common yet they both share there heydays. Things were violent, ugly, and the scene was somewhat stable amongst all the craziness. Although I was just in Cleveland for Summer of Hate, and the scene seemed very much alive. Outside of Know the Score, you?

Where Fear and Weapons Meet

How do you juggle both projects and still have time to yourself? It is not easy by any means.

where fear and weapons meet ep

We are not nineteen-year-old nerds running a bedroom label on our parent? Balancing work, Army, band, relationships, and then throwing down a couple hundred dollars in a band that you think plays quality hardcore is not easy to explain to the average person. It is hard enough to breakeven because it is such a gamble, let alone make a profit.

We have done a lot as well as learned a lot in our short existence as a label. Double or Nothing is a two-man operation, but what inspired you to want to start your own record label? Our main focus with the label is to put out quality hardcore releases from bands we like and bands we are friends with.

I am not interested in the next No Warnings, or American Nightmares, or whatever hyped piece of shit. I want to put out bands that Pete and I listen to personally. So far Double or Nothing has released eight CD? What is the most fulfilling part of running your own label? See people react the same way I do when I first hear the release, see the artwork, see the shirt design, etc.

Generally putting out something I am proud of. In this day in age, the Internet is a huge tool available to labels of all sizes. How has the Internet helped you with the day-to-day operations of Double or Nothing? E-Teaming, pre-orders, news, and advertising. What is on tap as far as upcoming releases for Double or Nothing?

where fear and weapons meet ep

Are there any artists that you would like to work with in the future? We have a new website coming up, with that we are announcing our new distribution deal with RED Sony.

Monster theme to it; its pretty rad. Best band out of Florida right now. If you dig Indecision, Despair, and mid? Two New England hardcore bands playing legit fast hardcore, cut-n-dry. Unreal City full-length CD: Guys from PA playing Cleveland hardcore done right. Their music speaks for itself. And we are announcing about three other signings and releases in the upcoming weeks. Favorite Clevo hardcore band? I know there will be shit to follow with this but oh well. Aside from some stupid lyrics, dumb gimmicks, and idiotic antics, One Life Crew wrote some of the meanest hardcore I have ever heard.

They stuck with a simple solid formula, fast easy hardcore that hits hard when it needs to. Thrash metal stomp parts with Judge style filler, so good.

where fear and weapons meet ep

Favorite Clevo hardcore record? I would have to say it is a toss up between three for me?

Where Fear and Weapons Meet - FULL SET - live at Bringing it Back Fest 2 (2012) (FLHC)

Plenty of groove, thrash, and the basic Clevo hardcore sound. Dora, 3Gun, and Human Furnace? When we pick up with Al and the gang, the story of how Alicia, Luciana, and Victor got to where they are continues.

Her weapons are not for hire. So they continue toward the Vulture meeting point as the others continue weaving their tale. She had been wounded attempting to scavenge locations the Vultures may not have picked clean. Madison walks in, noting food rations are dwindling down to their last canned hams, but they must keep going out until they find a longterm solution. Outside, Cole overhears Victor talking with Nick and Luciana about where to go next and lying about where he found that car full of supplies.

Cole is still distant when Victor pulls him aside to talk, but, thankfully, Madison found a bottle of whiskey and the two go up to the roof to drink. As they numb their stress with booze, Victor reveals more about what happened after the dam exploded. After asking Madison why she decided to save him after all he did to betray them, he mentions in a string of forced dialogue that she and Alicia pulled him out of the water and nursed him back to health in a cave.

Nick, meanwhile, went out to find Luciana. Madison saved him because deep down she knows the kind of person he truly is. Their bonding moment is interrupted by shouts from below.