Where do 0 degrees latitude and longitude meet

Latitude and Longitude

where do 0 degrees latitude and longitude meet

Globes with latitude and longitude lines They are not parallel as lines of latitude are - they meet at a point at the north The Prime Meridian is 0° longitude. Actually, these are two angles, measured in degrees, "minutes of arc" latitude will be represented by λ (lambda, Greek L), and longitude by φ (phi, Greek F). The longest is the equator, whose latitude is zero, while at the. Both are measured in terms of the degrees (symbolized by °) of a circle. Imaginary lines of latitude and longitude intersect each other, forming a grid that covers the The Equator is the line of 0° latitude, the starting point for measuring latitude. Lines of longitude, which meet at the Poles, are known as meridians.

It's warm there because roughly the same amount of sunlight is received year-round. High latitude locations, at or near the poleshave a cold, polar climate.


The closer you are to one of Earth's poles, the less sunlight there is during winter days. Mid-latitude climates in the areas between the tropics and polar regions are often characterized by having several distinct seasons throughout the year because the amount of sunlight changes from summer to winter.

We use longitude to determine time zones on Earth. The Earth is a sphere that has degrees, and it makes a complete rotation every day. Every 15 degrees of longitude on Earth represents a different time zone.

where do 0 degrees latitude and longitude meet

Last modified July 23, by Becca Hatheway. Shop Windows to the Universe Science Store! I seem to remember that the circumference of the earth along the equator is roughly 24, Well, there's degrees in a circle, so if we divide 24, And furthermore, the distance between two lines of latitude, from 0 degrees to 1 degree north, is also But what happens to the distance between lines of longitude as you go north or south away from the equator?!

I can see that the lines of longitude get closer and closer together towards the poles!

Latitude and longitude

At the equator, the distance between 15 and 30 degrees W longitude is quite a lot! But as you follow those two longitude lines towards the poles, the distance between them shrinks down to zero!

where do 0 degrees latitude and longitude meet

All the lines of longitude actually meet at the poles! So really, 'longitude' has no meaning when you're at the poles! I don't think I'm gonna go to the poles!

At least latitude still has meaning, even at the poles!

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Notice that the distance between lines of latitude remains the same! Then you'd know where it was exactly.

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Equator, Hemispheres, Axis, and Directions The earth rotates daily about its axis. The north and south poles are the two imaginary points where the axis would enter and exit from the earth if the axis were a pole or a line see Fig. The equatoris the imaginary primary reference line drawn around the earth halfway between the north and south poles.

where do 0 degrees latitude and longitude meet

The half of the earth to the north of the equator is the northern hemisphere; the half to the south is the southern hemisphere Fig. The prefix hemi- means "half"; thus, hemisphere means "half-sphere.

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Movement toward the North Pole is northerly in direction. Movement toward the South Pole is southerly in direction.

where do 0 degrees latitude and longitude meet

Degrees of latitude are measured from an imaginary point at the center of the earth.