Step up 2 moose and andie meet me halfway

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step up 2 moose and andie meet me halfway

Disclaimer-Don't own Step Up 2, if I did Rob Hoffman would be mine. Andie had Sarah asked stopping halfway up the steps. . Sophie was on the phone with Moose, so Andie stood in front of her before pointing to herself and the bathroom. .. Andie and Sophie met eyes and they grinned at each other. Read the Step Up All In full movie script online. Like There you are, man. What is this? Look, we been talkin' about it, man, and it's time to go home . making me look fat? Moose! What are you doing here? We're gonna dance on live television And, Sean, Andie knows us to meet Violet. .. halfway to LA by now. Step Up (film) Step Up is a American romantic dance film directed by Anne While working, he peers in on a dance class and meets Nora Clark, .. around rebellious street dancer Andie West (Briana Evigan) who lands at the elite who portrayed Moose from Step Up 2: The Streets and Camille Gage from Step Up.

Later during a party night at Omar's house, Skinny comes by despite being told to stay at home, but ends up getting kicked out by Mac and Tyler because they promised Mac's mother he'd stay home. Frustrated, Skinny sulkily walks back home in a huff, but spots PJ arriving at a store with his friend. Skinny steals PJ's unattended car and rebelliously drives back to Omar's place wanting to hang out with the girls. Mac and Tyler try to get Skinny to abandon the car when PJ and his friends arrive and fatally shoot Skinny.

After the funeral, both Mac and Tyler realize that they need to make better decisions in their lives. Tyler surprises Nora by showing up, last minute, at the evening of the showcase.

He tries to persuade Nora to let him perform with her, and to forgive him for his behavior. She initially declines, but suddenly changes her mind as Tyler wishes her good luck and walks away.

When the curtain opens, Tyler, Nora, and the ensemble of students perform their original choreography against Miles' latest musical score. After the performance, Director Gordon is beaming and the crowd is blown away. Backstage, a proud Director Gordon introduce Nora to a fellow director from a professional dance company, hoping to sign Nora.

Meanwhile, Mac congratulates Tyler for his best performance. Therefore, Director Gordon introduces Tyler also, as a "transfer". Nora is and embraces Tyler. She repeats her advice to him from their first rehearsal together that he'll need to get some tights, and the two share a kiss, hoping to dance together again even more. Mac is often embarrassed by Skinny. Deep down Mac cares about his little brother.

He is killed by P. J after stealing P. Once, with Moose, another, with Natalie. The bell rang, and the DJ called for a ten-minute break. Moose collapsed next to him, gasping, and Luke forced his eyes away from the trio.

Hope you guys have an idea, 'cause I'm all out. They were all looking to him for leadership, and he knew he had to give them something. That was what his role was—not as a dancer, he knew he was far from the best onebut a leader. We can do it again. Moose patted her on the shoulders.

We danced in the rain then 'cause they wouldn't let us in the club! Hey, at least we're dry now, right? Kido leaped to her feet, racing forward like a madwoman. Luke watched, perplexed, as she threw herself halfway off the stage. The younger boy looked like he didn't know whether to explode or implode, or both. Luke hated feeling out of the loop. As they approached, the one in the front pulled back the fabric, revealing curled brown hair, smiling eyes, and delicate features.

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He heard the Santiago twins swooning behind him and rolled his eyes. Moose hurled forward, and the girl laughed as she caught him.

Moose began babbling about the battle and Luke glanced at Natalie, who looked amused. The other two men drew back the hoods as well, revealing a blond with a smile every bit as big as Moose's, and an older man who ruffled Andie's hair as he warned Moose to "back off, she's taken. He smirked at her, and she laughed. Luke swore he could hear the twins' hearts breaking. The DJ called five-minutes. Luke walked forward, "So," he said, extending a hand, "Moose has done nothing but squeal and refuse to answer questions since you guys got here, so I guess I'll have to do the honors.

I'm Luke, crew-leader of the Pirates. I was crew-leader for the MSA group. Nice to meet you. They haven't seen each other for months. So she decided to come over to them and ask Andie if she let Chase have sex with her just so she'd be able to cal herself his girl once again. It was then that Taylor shoulda shut her mouth, but she kept going.

Then she told Andie that her mother would be so disappointed in Andie, and took it even farther by asking Andie if her mother was still on the corner selling herself and crack to put food on the table. Andie had jumped on her then. And she had nearly beat the living daylights out of Taylor.

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But Andie hadn't been the only one fighting, Missy who had been aching to kick someone ass for a long time took out Candace and Sophie took on two girls by herself. Fly and Kido fought as well and Taylor along with her friends got beaten up.

They all got suspended but like Andie said before, it was freaking worth it. Sarah had been mad at her but not as mad as she usually would have been. She too knew that Taylor was reason for Andie having the eating disorder But she had grounded Andie for the rest of the week. Meaning she couldn't see Chase or her friends. So it had been a very long week for Andie.

She wrote everyday for nearly the entire day. Usually they were just little short paragraphs, she was practicing and trying to decide if she was going to join Mr. Everyone said she should but Andie wasn't entirely convinced her pieces were good enough to be entered in competition. As soon as the clock struck three o' clock the doorbell downstairs rang. Andie's face broke into a wide grin and she jumped from her bed. She took the stairs two at a time and threw open the door to see Chase standing there was a grin on his face.

Andie jumped into his arms and Chase picked her up off the ground. As he spun her around Andie laughed and tightened her grip around his neck. When he stopped spinning, Andie smiled down at him and kissed him.

step up 2 moose and andie meet me halfway

Without hesitation she let Chase's tongue explore her mouth before pushing it back into his mouth with her own and running her tongue through his mouth. Andie and Chase broke apart to see Moose standing a few feet behind them.

step up 2 moose and andie meet me halfway

He was smiling widely and Chase put Andie back on the ground. She hopped off the porch and ran over to him.

step up 2 moose and andie meet me halfway

The two of them hugged tightly before doing their handshake. Andie laughed before ruffling his hair, "Come on in guys. Moose followed and Andie closed the door behind him, "Sarah still at work?

Step Up (film)

Andie nodded, pulling on her shoes Andie stood up and searched for a jacket to wear. Moose was just getting off the phone with Sophie when she returned downstairs. It didn't take them long to get to Sophie's house and on the way there they decided that they were going to go see Prom Night. In the theater Sophie and Andie sat in the middle with Chase and Moose on the ends.

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Andie laughed and snuggled into Chase's side until she couldn't anymore. They had to forgo the popcorn because neither of the girls thought it was wise for them to have to hold it. If they jumped then popcorn would go flying. Chase smiled and kissed the top of Andie's head while wrapping his arms around her.

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From the corner of her eye Andie saw Moose do the same to Sophie. Andie smiled and settled back slightly to watch the movie in the safety of her boyfriends' arms. Not once but there were a few times when she whipped her head around to bury her face in Chase's chest and there were plenty of times when she jumped and tightened her grip on Chase just a little. Moose and Sophie followed him out to Chase's truck and they all climbed in.

It was packed like usual at the Dragon but they had no problem getting in. Andie kinda figured that since the MSA crew had won the streets they could come and rule the Dragon if they ever wanted to. Moose and Sophie disappeared onto the dance floor while Andie and Chase headed over to the bar.

He took hold of her hand and pulled her onto the dance floor.

step up 2 moose and andie meet me halfway

They had just gotten out there when the song changed, Andie tilted her head to the right and as soon as she heard the guy rapping at the beginning she smiled. Chase laughed, "You don't wanna dance with me? Closing her eyes, Andie let the music fill her up. She swayed so that she was on beat and glanced over her shoulder before laughing.

Chase's eyes were glued to her lower body, "Are you gonna dance with me Boy band or what? Chase moved forward and grabbed hold of Andie's waist pulling her close to him. He felt Andie place her hands on top of his and moved back so that she was pressed up against him even more. Neither of them were sure how long they swayed and grinded against each other but it couldn't have been long because all too soon the Dj noticed them in the crowd.

She heard the Dj sigh in disappointment but right now Andie didn't care. She was dancing with Chase and that's all that mattered.