Selena gomez stars dance meet and gre ets

Lovely Selena Gomez at the Stars Gala - Video Dailymotion

selena gomez stars dance meet and gre ets

After the concert, she does meet and greets with all of them.” Selena's new trek is her first since 's Stars Dance Tour, which was marred by. Selena Gomez has a surprise in store for some lucky fans at every date on her Revival concert tour – she does a second meet and greet. Kids, Winner, Thomas Rhett, Russell Dickerson, Ariana Grande, Jeff Lynne's ELO, Maroon 5, 98°, Childish Gambino, Chris Isaak, Dancing with the Stars: Live! .

The message was similar to one she emailed the night before. It was written with a declarative, pay-attention-dummy urgency, the kind often favoured by despots in fear of an uprising. Gomez is in town to talk about her new album. The rules of engagement are as follows: I have 10 minutes to ask my questions.

These questions must dodge the superficial ephemera that often propel the year-old into the gossip cycle: It is being guarded with feverish precaution, as if the track recording is actually the Mona Lisa on a touring exhibition in a city prone to solar flares and exploding water pipes. The publicist greets me in the lobby with a weary smile.

I drop my bag on the desk and chuckle. Reluctantly, I hand over my phone and digital recorder. The first man drops them in a padded envelope and scrawls my name on the front. Music spews from the Panasonic flat screen speakers. Limited to mental notes, all I can really tell you about the new album is that the second song sounded like the fourth one.

selena gomez stars dance meet and gre ets

Or maybe the fifth one sounded like the seventh one. After the song ends, she greets the crowd and performs 'Sober'.

Lovely Selena Gomez at the Stars Gala

She then exits the stage for a costume change. Once she leaves, Gomez appears on the screen wearing different outfits while an instrumental version of 'The Heart Wants What It Wants' plays. The screen rises and Gomez walks through a cloud of smoke, wearing a black catsuit and dress, performing 'Good For You'.

After talking to the crowd for a moment, she performs 'Hands To Myself' before exiting for another change. Another interlude plays, and Gomez comes on, with her hair in a French-braid, wearing a tan leotard with a transparent dress over top.

She performs 'Who Says'. After, she thanks the crowd and talks to them. She then sits at the piano that has been rolled onstage and performs 'Transfiguration', transitioning into 'Nobody'.

Selena Gomez - Stars Dance (Full Album) - Reaction

She then explains that she has been writing songs for fun and performs a new, unreleased song titled, 'Feel Me'. She exits the stage afterwards.

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Another interlude plays while inflatable roses rise from the sides of the stage up to the ceiling. She then performs 'Body Heat' with her dancers, before getting on the carriage and leaving for a final costume change.

selena gomez stars dance meet and gre ets

The last interlude plays and Gomez enters in a multi-colored leotard with a jacket over top. She performs a cover of 'Sweet Dreams'. She then talks to the crowd for a final time, asking for them to dance and to have fun for the last songs.

She then sits down to perform the beginning part of a remix of 'Revival'. She gets up, dances, and bids farewell to the audience before leaving the stage, thus ending the show.