Potomac and shenandoah rivers meet jazz

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potomac and shenandoah rivers meet jazz

Draining one of the best-known valleys in America, the Shenandoah River meets the Potomac at Harpers Ferry, catchsomeair.us after a hundred-mile trip northward. Harpers Ferry National Historical Park is located at the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers in and around Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. The park. Things to Do in Harpers Ferry. From Review: Bring your walking shoes! of Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. Shoreline Drive, Harpers Ferry, WV

The Tuscarora people were the last of the native peoples known to inhabit the area in large numbers, essentially vanishing in the early 18th century. One of these European immigrants, Robert Harper, obtained a patent for the land from the Virginia legislature in Note that prior toWest Virginia was still a part of Virginia.

The town was originally known as Shenandoah Falls at Mr. Harper's Ferry due to the ferry business Robert Harper managed and operated. Today, the original house built by Robert Harper is the oldest remaining structure in the lower part of the park. George Washington visited the area during his trip to the rivers' confluence insearching for a waterway to ship goods westward. Later, Washington began the construction of the federal Harpers Ferry Armory on the site, utilizing waterpower from the rivers for manufacturing purposes.

Meriwether Lewisunder government contract, procured most of the weaponry and associated hardware that would be needed for the Lewis and Clark Expedition at the armory in Harpers Ferry.

West Virginia, USA: John Denver's country roads

Blacksmiths also built a collapsible iron boat frame for the expedition. Between the years toJohn H. Hall worked to perfect the manufacturing of interchangeable parts at the armory. Subsequently, the development of the modern bullet to replace the round lead slug was achieved by James H. Burton and this improvement was adopted by the U. Employing at times up to workers, the armory produced over half a million muskets and rifles between and Marines attacking John Brown's "Fort" Main article: Brown had hoped he would be able to arm the slaves and lead them against U.

After his capture in the armory by a group of Marines led by U. The return passes through the historic Loudoun villages of Hillsboro and Waterford, with stops at three vineyards. Back on Route 15 North, you will pass through the crossroads village of Lucketts, where antiques and collectable shops draw you to stop a while.

Four miles further, cross the bridge into Point of Rocks, Maryland, named for the striking outcrop that captures your view as you cross the river. Point of Rocks Railroad Station. Built inthe station demonstrates the primacy of railroads in the decades following the Civil War. It ranks among the best examples of Victorian Gothic Revival public architecture. Although the interior of the building is not open to the public, the exterior calls out for a photograph. Lander Lock House, Lander, Md.

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During the canal era, from tolockkeepers were on duty twenty-four hours each day, seven days a week. They received a small salary and small house. This house was restored through the efforts of volunteers, who also have raised money to maintain the structure.

potomac and shenandoah rivers meet jazz

The lock house is open and staffed by volunteers on weekends in summer only. You can see it from the outside daily. Turn right at the traffic light by the high school, then left at the next light onto Route 17, Petersville Road, which leads to downtown. The Brunswick Railroad Museum alone demands a detour into town. There are a handful of antique and second-hand shops that are, like the rest of the town, unpretentious and priced just right.

It is somewhat limiting to refer to this as a railroad museum because it is as much a glimpse into early twentieth- century America as it is a recollection of the role of rail. The museum is welcoming to kids, too.

potomac and shenandoah rivers meet jazz

Open Fridays, 10 to 2; Saturdays, 10 to 4; Sundays, 1 to 4. Distinctive Shops and Stops Antiques, etc. Although you can find fine antiques on the floor, there is nothing highbrow going on here, just quality old furniture, books, record albums, lamps, and other things.

Cripple Creek Antiques, 24 W.

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Potomac, and Past and Present, 20 W. Potomac, offer similar, albeit fewer bargains.

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Beans in the Belfry. The kind of place everyone wants in their neighborhood. Set in a historic church building, there are comfy chairs, conversation areas set apart by old doors and windows, a choir loft, and historical relics lying about for your examination. The coffee is organic, and there is a fine menu of soups, sandwiches, and pastries.

Perhaps best of all, there is live music on weekends and a Sunday jazz brunch. This charming shop is in the old downtown pharmacy. Just as they did in generations past, Brunswick youngsters still wander in for candy after school, now stored in the old wooden drawers. Pass through the crossroads village of Knoxville, and take the ramp onto Route South—watch for high-speed traffic on the right as you enter.

To visit Harpers Ferry, continue on Routecross the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers, and proceed to the traffic light at the top of the hill.