Owari no seraph mika and yuu meet the parents

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owari no seraph mika and yuu meet the parents

Disclaimer: I do not own Owari no Seraph (Seraph of the End). It will cover her birth, early childhood, life underground with Mika and the .. that Yuu would soon reach the age where her parents would no longer be able to. Ferid Bathory killed them. Yuu ran off leaving Mika behind and then he meet Guren. Yuichiro Hyakuya/Amane(Owari no Seraph). Mikaela HyakuyaSeraph. Anime Demon, Mikaela Hyakuya, Seraph Of The End, Mika And Yu,. More information Owari no seraph | Mika | Yuu | Finally meet | OMFG | episode 10 |.

This should be discussed int the LN sub-forum, but here we go: D 1 a Mikaela has blue eyes because he's nt fully a vampires. It probably has something to do with blood being red that their eyes turn that colour. Ofc, scientifically, it's pigments, but Mika hasn't drank human blood yet so eh. The same thing happens to the boy MC from Kodomo no Omocha.

owari no seraph mika and yuu meet the parents

Shindo means 'child prodigy'. If you look at the sword Mahiru holds in the next episode preview, you can see that it is Ashuramaru. Guren was happy to see the Seraph because his master plan is almost definitely to unleash the Seraph on the Hiiragis. If he went into Seraph mode, he'd most likely get white wings. The world has already come to an end, btw. Mahiru has already predicted that. The Hiiragis are the ones who unleashed the virus. The Hiiragis and the Hyakuya pact went on an all-out war before the world ended.

They were fighting to be the top magic sociey in the world. The Hiiragis created and unleashed the virus so they can resurrect the world and unite it under their name. As a year-old human livestock, Mika wears the standard livestock uniform that consists of the capri shorts, hooded shirt, and collar. He is barefoot like the other livestock.

Livestock wear shoes in the anime. As a vampire, his boots have less decoration and appear completely black. Vampire After becoming an incomplete vampire, he grows fangs and his ears become pointed, though they continue to be hidden by his hair, but his eyes remain blue. In chapter 36his eyes turn red after drinking Yu's blood which is when he becomes a complete vampire. When he is 16, his hair reaches down to his shoulders. He starts off wearing the standard uniform of the vampire soldiers.

It consists of a black collared shirt with cuffs and white trim. He keeps it buttoned over his neck and held in place with the vampire insignia. Over the black shirt, he wears the white military jacket with black trim and decorated buttons. It also has the black piece of the vampires on the left shoulder and black cuffs with white buttons that nearly reach up to his elbows. He wears white gloves. He has a thick black belt encircling his waist, and he wears two smaller belts below it forming an X over his posterior and front.

He also keeps his sword at his left hip. He wears white pants with black boots reaching up to his upper thighs. The boots have three large buttons at the upper lateral sides and three smaller buttons coming up from his ankles. The soles, toe, and heels of the boots are white. A decoration over the heels consists of a small ribbon coming from either side to make a V with a small white circular detail keeping them in place. Mika often wears the standard vampire white cloak with a hood as well.

The gold decoration on it has blue gems hanging from its chains. This uniform consists of a long white shirt with black details and straps, including an inscription over the left breast.

His shoulder and neck pieces have numerous straps tying them together, and a black collar holds them to his neck.

owari no seraph mika and yuu meet the parents

A modified version of the gold decoration that kept his collar together over his black shirt in his previous uniform is now inverted and without a line through its middle, and it is at the base of his neck rather than over his collar. A white cape hangs down from the back of his shoulders to his upper thighs. The shirt also has black cuffs reaching from the wrist to the elbow. He continues to wear white gloves. He wears two belts that meet at his right hip, and he continues to have his sword on his left hip.

His boots reach up his thighs like before, but they are solid black without any white or button details. This outfit is more form-fitting than the previous one and does not have as many trim or button details.

It also has fewer layers. In chapter 55Mika gets another uniform change, and its style looks very similar to Crowley Eusford's. He wears a black collared dress shirt with a thick white X and white trim on both sides of the collar, a metal hexagonal piece and four buttons in the center, and two pairs of two lines on each side. Worn over the black shirt is a white army jacket which looks similar to Crowley's, though its design is more like the vampire soldier's uniform.

The jacket also has belt loops that a black belt. Also like Crowley, his cape hangs from the left side of his shoulder and covers down to Mika's knee. His white pants, matching gloves, and black thigh high boots remain the same. Personality Human Mika's tears escape when he talks to Yu. As a human, Mika is kind and upbeat in spite of the harsh events in his childhood.

He is able to keep smiling and be happy because of his adopted family at the orphanage. He always thinks of his new family and is happy to buy ice cream for them. He is cheerful, feisty, and friendly and even managed to befriend the extremely stubborn Yu. He is a little violent and beats up Yu within seconds of meeting him. As the eldest child, he takes charge and acts responsible for the other children. He is very charismatic and acts as their leader.

As he grows up in Sanguinemhe becomes more cunning and willing to do whatever dirty work is necessary in order to help his family, but he refuses to let any of the other children take such hardships. He even approaches Ferid Bathory and lets him drink his blood on multiple occasions in order to help his family escape. Although he feels miserable and even breaks out crying in front of Yu once, he typically maintains a carefree and happy persona in front of the children.

He wants to make sure they all still have hope. In chapter 3Yu describes Mika as "smart" but "always stupidly nice to all of us. Even though Mika sacrifices himself to let them escape, he is only able to save Yu. When Yu refuses to leave his side, Mika pushes him away and is happy that Yu finally accepted them as his family. He states that he can die in peace as long as at least Yu survives.

When Third Progenitor Krul Tepes offers to turn him into a vampire and give him immortality, he refuses. Incomplete Vampire Krul turns him anyway, and he comes to hate both vampires and humans. He hates vampires because of his history with them, and he hates humans for using and experimenting on Yu; backed up by his travels across the world and seeing the horrible human experimentation on the Seraph of the End.

As a self-loathing and moody vampire, Mika is a pale shadow of his former self.

owari no seraph mika and yuu meet the parents

He undergoes the traditional vampire loss-of-emotion and cannot help but yearn to bite any human he sees, but he shows tremendous self-restraint. Unlike the older vampires, his darker emotions have yet to fade enough for him to forget hatred. When Lacus asks him what he is, Mika answers that he is just an "ugly bloodsucker. Mika blames himself for the death of his family, and his sole reason for living is to save Yu.

At the end of chapter 3Ferid finds Mika in a basilica with his head bowed and implies that Mika goes there often.

owari no seraph mika and yuu meet the parents

It is unclear if Mika is praying for Yu's safety, praying for control over his thirst, or seeking repentance for his perceived crimes. Mika in pain while resisting his thirst for blood. Except when he is with Yu or Krul, his expression is typically cold and disinterested.

He keeps to himself and only has real conversations with Krul and Ferid. Although Lacus repeatedly attempts to make conversations with him, Mika usually ignores him and refuses to interact with the other vampires as much as possible. Ferid describes the vampire Mika as "overwhelmingly powerful and arrogant.

His arrogance and lack of concern for his own life have caused him to be extremely reckless on the battlefield, particularly when Yu is involved. Examples being chapter 12when after meeting Yu, he does not defend himself and lets Yu stab him through the chest with Asuramarua Cursed Gear from the Black Demon Series ; chapter 14Mika uses his own body as a shield to protect Shinoa from a berserk Yu, knowing that Yu would be upset for hurting his friend, thus he is stabbed again with Asuramaru at full power that Mika required curse detoxification afterwards.

Unlike other vampires, Mika does not view the humans as livestock; however, he lusts after a girl's blood in chapter 5attacks a young girl in chapter 26and wants Aiko Aihara's blood in chapter 30 after he kills her. Ferid also tempts him with the blood of a young boy in chapter Although Krul is the only person he bites so far, he desires human blood so badly that he can hardly stand it. Similarly to when he is human, the vampire Mikaela cares about his family more than anything, and believes this is the last remaining trace of his humanity.

As Yu is the only family he has left, Mika lives to save and protect him from both the vampires and the humans. He cuts down his vampire "comrades" who may be a threat to Yu without any hesitation, and Ferid's taunts about Yu send him into a rage. Out of concern for Yu's hatred of vampires, he refuses to drink human blood and become a true vampire, preferring to remain dependent on Krul's blood.

Despite the tremendous pain, blood lust, palpitations, and sheer agony of resisting the urge to drink human blood, he keeps control for four years. After he attacks a young girl in chapter 26, he manages to stop himself before drinking her blood but remains horrified by his vampirism. He wants to avoid drinking human blood until he rescues Yu from the humans but does not reveal what he plans to do after rescuing Yu, whether he intends to become a true vampire or die.

Later on, it appears he planned to die, but Yu insists on Mika surviving and drinking his blood instead. Why was her mother being so mean?

Yūichirō's Parents

What had she done wrong? Not wanting to anger her mother further, the little girl, disguised as a boy, remained silent for the rest of the drive home. As much as Ayumi and Shunsuke refused to admit it, Misao was right about Yuichiro. Only two years had passed since that unpleasant conversation on Christmas day between the two women and she was already starting to ask questions.

To avoid sending Yuu to school, her parents, particularly Ayumi, had taken it upon herself to educate the child at home. Being a former elementary school teacher, it was no trouble for the young mother to give her "son" a basic general education like she did for her former students, even though Misao did warn her that it would not be enough if she wanted Yuichiro to be accepted into a good high school and college.

It was also unfortunate that the Amane family lived near an elementary school because they had to drive by it whenever they left home or drove into the city.

And whenever Yuu's parents took her out, they noticed she would stare longingly at the other kids, whether on the playground during recess or when they were coming to or from school in the early morning or afternoon. Whenever they ran into other people outside who saw Yuichiro during school hours and asked why she wasn't in school, the Amanes would always say she was being home-schooled.

This often raised many a brow as home-schooling was nowhere near as common in Japan as in the west. Ironically, it was Ayumi's home education that had Yuichiro yearning for the outside world more as time went by. Not only did she spent a lot of time reading books and browsing the internet whenever her parents left her at home with her grandmother, the child also watched quite a bit of TV, which was almost like her only window to the world outside her home.

Cartoons and Japanese shows got old for Yuu pretty quickly and oddly enough, she was more fascinated by western TV programs, made accessible by her parents' satellite cable, depicting life in other countries and cultures, which was unusual for a child her age.

One country, in particular, intrigued her like no other: Later that night, when Yuichiro was watching TV with Misao while her parents were out, she found yet another show about U. S pop culture and got excited again.

It was the diversity in America that fascinated Yuu most since everybody in Japan looked and thought virtually the same, which she found dreadfully boring. Everybody is so different there! And they have all kinds of good food and weird people! Can I go there someday? I'm sure you'll have a chance to go anywhere you want someday…" Although the grandmother tried to be reassuring, she knew she sounded more like she was trying to convince herself rather than her grandchild.

Misao knew the circumstances of Yuichiro's birth and disliked her daughter and son-in-law's involvement with the so-called Hyakuya Sect. She always thought their free offer of helping the couple conceive a child with state-of-the-art fertility treatments as well as a generous child allowance and free medical care sounded a bit too good to be true and knew that there must be a catch to it.

The sect's promises of Yuu being a beautiful, intelligent, and strong child were true, but the grandmother dreaded to think of what the cost may be in the long run. However, she didn't want to worry or frightened little Yuichiro, so Misao never spoke of it and tried to enjoy as much time as she was allowed with her only grandchild… SSSSSS June 7, "Hey, what's your name? Why don't you come out and play with me?

The Amanes lived in an upscale apartment complex where each unit had a small yard in the back where Yuichiro often went to help her grandmother water and take care of the flowers and other plants whenever she came over.

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But this time, the child was by herself because Misao had finally passed away a few months earlier, leaving her completely alone and deprived of any company aside from that of her parents. Yuichiro took her death pretty hard as she had adored her grandmother. Misao had often intervened whenever she thought her daughter or son-in-law were being too hard on their "son" with their harsh responses whenever Yuu asked questions about the world outside their home.

Now that her grandmother was gone, the lonely child longed for friends more than ever and was only too happy to have another child her age take an interest in her.

The boy standing on the other side of the fence was unlike any other she had ever seen as well as unbelievably cute.

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Although the shape of his eyes, nose, and face was notably Asian, his hair was the color of sunshine gold like the foreigners Yuichiro had only glimpsed in magazines and TV, and it hung around his head in unruly curls.

His eyes were also the most beautiful and vivid shade of blue she had ever seen. Yuichiro had often heard her grandmother speak of them, but this was the first time she had actually seen one.

Maybe one of his parents were like those white Americans she often saw on TV? But you can call me Mika! Do you wanna come out and play? I'm with my uncle and he takes me to all kinds of fun places.

The other child looked confused. They just don't want me going outside too much. So that's why I never saw you in school! Before she could say anything, Ayumi quickly went over and roughly grabbed her by the arm in a bruising grip. She dragged Yuu back inside the apartment and slid the door closed while giving the other child a glare to scare him off. When they were back inside, the young mother released her daughter. I want to have friends! Well, you can't because you're not a normal child!

Now, go to your room and don't come out until I tell you! Yuichiro had never seen her mother so angry. She trembled with fear as she went back to her room. Unfortunately, this incident was only the beginning of Yuichiro's problems.

Now that her grandmother, Misao, was gone, she was left completely at the mercy of her parents who virtually made her a prisoner in her own home. Not only was Yuichiro forbidden to even go out into the yard alone, her parents did not allow any visitors to their home either. As time went on, the Amanes also tried to prohibit Yuu from watching TV or using the internet when they weren't home and punished her by denying her food and water or locking her up in a closet when she disobeyed.

And Yuu often disobeyed because she would rather go without food and water than be denied her only access to the outside world. Locking her up wasn't effective either because Yuu, in a perverse irony, was still able to break the locked knobs with her unnatural strength, the very strength that the Hyakuya Sect promised her parents she would have.

Even beating her, which they had begun to do after Misao had passed away, became less effective because of her increasing stamina and endurance that resulted from her unnatural conception. Everything was starting to happen as her grandmother had predicted and the knowledge that Yuu would soon reach the age where her parents would no longer be able to control her frustrated them further, especially when she grew less and less fearful of punishment and continued to defy them by seeing the blond-haired boy who, incredibly, came back again and again, to play with her when her parents were out of the house.

Taking pity on Yuu, Mika did his best to bring her anything she asked for so long as it was within reason. He often brought her snacks, magazines, books, pictures, and even music CDs that he claimed his uncle had given him.

And although they never managed to catch him snooping outside their yard again as he had an uncanny way of knowing when they were out of the house, the Amanes knew that the mysterious blond boy still visited their daughter due to the items that they often found in her room that they knew were not hers.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the Amanes also argued constantly with each other about Yuichiro herself, often late into the night. Their yelling aroused the suspicions of their neighbors, who began to question how they were raising their "son. Even if we couldn't kill Yuu, we could have still given her back to the Hyakuya Sect!

As her father, you agreed to go along with my plan of raising her as a boy! And what if I cannot have any more children?! They were often so loud that Yuu swore the entire neighborhood could probably hear them; she certainly could no matter where in the house she was. All little Yuichiro Amane wanted was to be loved by her parents and live a normal life, going to school and making friends with kids her own age.

But because she was born a girl, her parents hated her and blamed her for all their problems. And because she was still so young, Yuichiro could not even get out of the house to avoid her parents when they were in a bad mood like older kids often did, so she was trapped at home with them. Because the Amanes were keeping their neighbors awake at night with their constant arguments, many of them became concerned for Yuichiro, especially regarding the comments her parents made about killing or abandoning her.

And unknown to the young parents, someone finally did call Child Protective Services, who sent an agent to the Amane household one Monday morning. Knowing that she was not allowed to answer the door for anyone but her parents, Yuichiro called for her mother. Someone's at the door! As soon as she did, Ayumi came face to face with a middle-aged woman she had never seen before.

I'm a little busy now so can you please make it quick?

owari no seraph mika and yuu meet the parents

It has come to our attention that your son has not been going to school, and that he has rarely ever been seen outside the house with you.