Netzero and zeno meet meruem komugi

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netzero and zeno meet meruem komugi

Why didn't Netzero's team bring a Phoenix Down with them and just revive him after . this was the power level arc we wont have another one, post nuke Meruem is the Zeno is past his prime, so he'd have to worry about Silva more. I really hope Komugi doesn't die. He had his chance with Gon meeting his dad. fortress 2 animation meet the medic minecraft ice creamery toa payoh central guitarras ramirez blog talk meruem and komugi doujinshi scanlations official kl gangster 2 free download 3gp maine net zero home builders batteur lenny sale o'sullivan higgins silverado sauce brunch next maha kumbh mela . Gon Killua ❤️Kurapika Leorio ⭐️Hisoka Bisky Pitou Komugi Meruem .. Netero , Zeno, and Meruem ~Hunter X Hunter Hunter Fans, Hunter X Hunter.

His aura, after his rebirth, is so strong that envelopes the entire castle, giving a massive Oh, Crap! Knuckle says that they would need the military might of an entire nation to handle him. Meruem has extraordinary intelligence being able to learn and master nearly anything he comes across of, he also uses his intelligence for Gungi in his battle against Netero and eventually succeeds by doing so. He really didn't take his first losses against Komugi well, but ended up accepting his defeats easily.

To him, all creatures are prey. He would have also eaten Welfin if he had lied to him. His meal of choice is the brain of a Nen user. He a chimera ant and Komugi a human. He told his mother to shut up moments before he was born. Not a minute after, he Tail slaps the heads off two of his subjects.

The first was Peggy, who ran past him when he demanded food and then the other because he offered to clean Peggy's blood off Meruem's tail Thank god he Took a Level in Kindness. After Netero explodes on him, he temporally loses his memories. He's virtually unstoppable on the attack, fast enough that Netero needs his highest-level technique just to stay a step ahead, and durable enough to simply tank Netero's attack over and over and over etc again until he finds its weakness.

A major part of his Character Development is him admitting his respect of other creatures, and the experience of having someone care for him as an equal, not a superior. He ripped off his own arm without batting an eye. Meruem means Light and he later masters a light themed teleportation technique.

Shorter than all three of his guards and with a personality to match. He starts out as a monster who only lives to eat, kill and conquer, and doesn't feels a silver of care for anyone except for himself. After bonding with Komugi he starts respecting his guards and accepting the value of other lifeforms. He literally has no name, though finds it out later. Played for drama in that this causes him incredible stress. After Netero's supposedly failed attempt to kill him via nuclear bomb, his power ascended to near omnipotent, being able to zoom in onto a location kilometers away in seconds.

After seeing Netero's smilling face right before he set off the Minatare Rose the King, as per the narrators words, experiences fear for the first time in his life. Especially after becoming a Physical God.

Has a large ego fitting of a Physical Godhe tries to later use that ego for well-intentioned purposes after some significant Character Development. With Pouf and Youpi, after his fight against Netero. Pouf continues to forget about it, and this brings about his downfall as Pouf attempts to plot against his wishes. Smiles like that from time to time, but he mellows out of it. His initial thought about them, but Komugi and Netero changed his view on them. Amethysts ain't got nothing on him.

His aura, fitting for the most powerful character in the series. Red Eyes, Take Warning: For a moment in episode as well as a few in several episodes prior. Royals Who Actually Do Something: Technically its an insect hierarchy term, but he fulfills the requirements especially with the Physical God traits. Upon being subjected to the explosion of the Miniature Rose Netero kept inside himself, he seems to recover relatively well thanks to the healing given to him by Youpi and Pouf.

Unfortunately for him, one of the reasons nuclear devices are so deadly is radiation- Meruem dies from radiation poisoning not long after he returns to the palace, as he was never decontaminated. This also causes the deaths of Youpi, Pouf, and Komugi by proxy, as they all touch him in some way and are thus contaminated as well.

Rips off his own arm as an apology to Komugi for trying to use a "petty tactic" to unnerve her. He killed his own mother. Smart People Play Chess: And Gungi, and Go. The master of this, one of his first expressions. Even with his Well-Intentioned Extremist goals, he still viewed his power highly.

He believes that the strong should rule the weak. When Shaiapouf tells him that in human society individuals without intelligence and talent can nonetheless be in positions of power due to bloodline and connections, he is truly perplexed and says that it defies logic.

Spanner in the Works: He is this for himself. His failed attempts to manipulate Komugi results in him ripping off his own arm, causing Neferpitou to drop their shield while they repair him, allowing Knov to infiltrate the palace and giving the Hunters easy access.

He only just started to notice dull amounts of pain after getting hit a bunch of times by Netero. He was also able to take on Netero's most powerful move, the Zero Hand, which launches Netero's entire aura upon his opponent aura so strong that simply being in the presence of it can feel like needles on the skin and he only received cuts and bruises. It took a fucking atomic bomb to bring him to near death. After all his losses against Komugi, he developed these.

He can move at extremely fast speed when fighting Netero, despite Netero landing multiple strikes upon him he could travel at speeds approaching mach 1. After absorbing Menthuthuyoupi and Shaiapouf, he gained the ability to fly, allowing him to move at super-sonic speed in mere seconds. Meruem's physical strength is inconceivable as he was able to use only one powerful strike with his tail to kill several other Chimera Ants. He also was able to rip off Netero's left arm and right leg easily.

He even injured all three of the Royal Guards with his tail strikes, however they weren't serious injuries However it should be noted that he didn't use anywhere near his full strength.

Stay with Me Until I Die: And they get to be. He transforms his own En into light, which allows him to not only sense others within his vicinity, but also teleport to their location instantly. And it just so happens that Meruem has a METRIC TON of En, meaning he can blanket an entire city and possibly even well beyond that with his aura, locate a target in an instant, and attack them without warning.

Had he survived, he could have easily conquered the entire world with this power alone. You could count off the number of things that could make him visible react with five fingers. Before you do, ripping off his own arm isn't one of them. Really fond of doing this when one of his subordinates make him angry. Take Over the World: Born to stand at the top of this world.

Took a Level in Kindness: Meruem started off as a callous, sociopathic jerk who was a Bad Boss to his minions and regarded everyone beneath him. When saved Komugi from a hawk, he slowly became more kinder and respectful. Too Powerful to Live: At the point before his death, he was the strongest character in existence, and since there wasn't any convincible way for him to be defeated, he died from radiation poisoning.

When Netero and Zeno accidentally hurt Komugi. He was not happy at all. The ultimate Chimera Ant. Taken Up to Eleven once he gets a power boost from Netero's failed or thought to have failed attempt to kill him, rising him to Physical God levels of power, and was at that moment, the strongest character in the series. Which is why he found playing with Komugi so refreshing. Once he's introduced, most of the Chimera Ant arc seems to focus on him and his Royal Guard.

Gon and the other Hunters become less and less prominent in the story's trajectory and seem more like supporting characters of his personal story.

As Komugi opened his heart, he noticeably became more human and gentler in appearance. After meeting Komugi Meruem's motivations change from, "turn humanity into mindless livestock for me to devour" into "protect the weak and insure the abolishment of inequality". He actually brings up several good points in his argument which are so effective Netero has to steel himself lest he be turned over to the King's side.

What Is This Feeling? He didn't understand the reason he felt the urge to protect something weak like Komugi at first. When he finds Komugi after getting his memories back. Would Hurt a Child: Kills a little girl and her family with no hesitation.

They are just food to him, after all. In the game of gungi he comes to admire, and eventually fall for, Komugi for constantly defeating him. During their battle he also comes to respect Netero as a truly worthy human. Your Days Are Numbered: Because of The Rose's poison. Ayumi Fujimura JapaneseSarah Williams English The first of the Royal Guards to be introduced, direct assistant to the king and an incredible fighter in their own right.

Neferpitou, called Pitou for short, is an extremely feminine cat person. Like a cat, they love to toy with their victims and is somewhat psychotic.

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Their Nen ability comes in two varieties: Said puppets can use their nen abilities, if they had them. After killing Kite, Neferpitou uses him as a training toy.

Seeing his dead mentor like this creates a deep grudge in Gon. After Komugi becomes injured in one of Zeno's attacks, the King assigns Neferpitou to heal her. When Gon arrives at the East Gorteau palace, Neferpitou had not yet finished healing Komugi, but Gon allows them to finish first on the condition that Pitou return Kite to normal.

The two then duel; Gon ultimately kills off Neferpitou. Of the three Royal Guards, they were the only one to retain their composure despite being the most psychotic under normal circumstances. Pitou's gender isn't confirmed. They use " boku ", a masculine pronoun, albeit also used fairly commonly by tomboys and some young girls contrasted with a curvy body that is especially feminine in the anime.

Given the presence of transgender and gender-nonconforming characters elsewhere in the series, speculation as to where Pitou falls between "male" and " Bokukko " is going to remain speculation. Additional Material and Games currently go for female. Gon considers Pitou to be his. Pitou starts off in the manga with an Ax-Crazy yet blank look in their eyes for a more realistic face, and a rather large sash across their standard clothes, somewhat resembling a violent and crazed feline in a Humanoid Abomination form.

As the Chimera Ant arc goes on, however, Pitou's design ditches the sash post-Kite, gradually becomes more cute, wide-eyed, leaner and shorter, and falls more in line with the series' feminine designs to fit their Character Development. The anime opted to use the later design from the start for more consistency, and with no sash in sight, but still has their facial and eye expressions shift for a broader emotional spectrum with time to match the same general idea.

In the anime, they learn how to operate a brain by reading books. Though they have a relatively small on-panel body count, they control a large number of corpses and describe killing with glee saying they wanted to kill Kite over and over. Even being horrible can be adorable, because cat. Teaching yourself advanced neurobiology to then incorporate it into a powerful attack-defense mechanism with Nen? Very much loves a good fight. Born with an Nen mastery and an aura stronger than Netero, they even kill Kite with no training or special ability.

netzero and zeno meet meruem komugi

It's valid for all the Royal Guards and even more for The King. Since their appearance, they've easily become one of the most popular characters in the series, appearing in fan arts and other media.

The dub runs with the pun. Basically Pitou looks like a human cat with cat ears, a tail, and bestial hands.

Their gender is officially unknown, but Pitou appear more feminine in their anime adaption with a consistent bust, differing from their slightly ambiguous manga appearance. They were very loyal to the king and were always ready to give their life for him, but against humans and lesser Chimeras, they cranked this trope Up to Eleven.

Goes from a murderous lunatic to a protective figure for Komugi. She even seems to sympathize with him, but by then it's too little, too late. It's even lampshaded by Pouf. Played with, since they can't fight while using their healing ability.

Cruel and Unusual Death: Punched incredibly high into the sky with a hit that breaks ''almost all of their bones and mulches their internal organs''is then hit with a second one that completely caves in their skull, and is finally put down when Gon smashes their head into nothingness.

They come back as a zombie, only to be blown into oblivion by Gon's Super Mode self-destructing. Continues fighting even after Gon destroys their head. Pitou is the first character to take Meruem's Tail Slap without getting their head splattered, earning Meruem's praise for their durability. Gon's Roaring Rampage of Revenge ages him up to his peak, where Pitou observes that he's on par with Meruem, and they end up dying from Pitou's speech to Kite's corpse about how much fun fighting was sounds quite a bit like Pitou is describing something else The thief to Pouf's mage and Youpi's fighter.

They didn't understand why they were crying after Meruem finally offered them his trust, but they were truthfully happy.

In a Single Bound: Their legs are incredibly powerful, they are able to cover very long distance in one leap. They made a huge leap to slice Kite's arm and to attack Netero.

In Love with Your Carnage: After killing Kite Pitou kept his body and mentions how much fun they had fighting him describing it as a "dream like moment.

Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: On top of every thing else they endure after having their head caved in Gon proceeds to impale Pitou's reanimated course with his severed arm before smashing them point blank with his most powerful Jajanken to finish them off. As the one that killed Kite, personally setting off Gon on being hellbent for vengeance as well as being considered potentially strong enough to beat even Netero, much of the planning to kill the King focuses on separating Pitou from Meruem with everyone absolutely paranoid of dealing with them on any level; indeed, Pitou could've killed Gon and Killua effortlessly in each of their encounters.

In the end, Pitou trying to save Komugi's life from a wound inflicted in the initial crossfire means they are completely removed from the rest of the main battle without a fight.

They're also the first of the Royal Guard to die, not because of the radiation that kills the other two and the King, but because their attempts to resolve an equivalent deal of reviving Kite for Gon sparing Komugi fell through and Pitou was going to kill Gon.

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Gon's response of sacrificing all of his potential just to murder Pitou as brutally and violently as possible succeeds, killing Pitou in a downright horrific fashion and as far away from the King they swore to protect as possible - and because Kite was reincarnated as a Chimera Ant, Pitou's death by Gon's rage was ultimately meaningless, a mere aside note that affects little else for the rest of the arc yet cripples Gon's Nen for life.

Killed Off for Real: They made a promise to go with Gon to Peijin to restore Kite, but once they reached the area, Pitou affirms that the task is impossible and subsequently prepares to kill Gon. In a rage, Gon forcibly ages his body through expending nearly all of his natural potential and kills Pitou with the temporary Nen-boost.

Postmortem, Pitou's corpse is manipulated by the remnants of their Nen ability until it is destroyed by Gon. The show always had a dark side, but none of it sent Gon off the edge before Pitou came along. Losing a Shoe in the Struggle: When Pitou was on the ends of a downright grisly No-Holds-Barred Beatdown from Gon, it knocked off one of his shoes at some point, then the other, leaving them with just a pair of socks covered in their own blood.

Their "Doctor Blythe" a giant dollthat can used to surgically treat damaged areas of the body. It is equipped with countless medical tools that can be used to provide first aid as well as perform major surgeries. Skinny as a twig, they can rip off human limbs and heads without strain and with just one hand. Neferpitou was able to smell Pokkle while the latter was hiding in a massive pile of bones. Off with His Head!

List of Hunter × Hunter characters

A particularly scary example in which Pitou's head is not cut off, per se, but beaten so badly that it is pulped away until it is outright GONE. After emitting their aura in the shape of a clownesque puppeteer, Neferpitou can attach it to a body alive or dead to exercise complete control over the body in question. Netero's final attack would takes its toll on Meruem at the time as he finds Komugi, spending his final moments playing with her before dying in her arms.

After Meruem is born, the Royal Guard switched loyalties and followed him to East Gorteau where they eventually met their end. Androgynous in appearance, Pitou is one of the first Chimera Ants to fully utilize Nen with enough skill to be recognized by even Netero as a superior combatant. Unlike the other Royal Guards, Pitou did not seem to mind Meruem's obsession with Komugi and treated the girl without hesitation when she got injured during the Hunter extermination team's assault on East Gorteau palace.

Confronted by Gon, who assumed Kite was still alive, Pitou played on the boy's hopes to get him away from Komugi so they can kill him without endangering the girl. But Pitou only enraged Gon by revealing Kite's fate and is brutally killed as a result of Gon forcibly aging himself at the cost of his natural potential to use Nen.

He is the most cunning of the three, though his temperament and love for Meruem causes him to covertly defy the king's orders in order to prevent his humanization. Having wholeheartedly devoted himself to protect Meruem while seeing humans as inferior, Pouf is grossly disturbed by the king's obsession with Komugi whom he views as a threat to Meruem's plans to the point of making frequent attempts on the girl's life.

As a Manipulator-type Nen user, Pouf can alter his physical appearance while his Hatsu allows him to break up his body into clones of various sizes from his usual size to microscopic size.

Following his eventual realization that Meruem would never be the king that he envisioned, Pouf dies from poison after entering the ground zero from Netero's nuclear bomb. Menthuthuyoupi is the largest of the guards and the only non-human hybrid among them, mixed with the genes of a magical beast instead.

Youpi's Nen ability allows for both bodily metamorphosis and the transformation of his own anger into pure destructive power. He loses this power, however, after feeding himself to the Chimera Ant King in order to revive him following Netero's suicide attack.

He dies from poison after entering the ground zero from Netero's nuclear bomb. Others Colt Voiced by: Kurt's traits influenced Colt's devotion to the queen, projecting a strict and formal attitude as he always gave all the humans he killed to the queen as food. When the queen is grievously injured as a result of Meruem's birth, Colt contacts the Hunters in order to secure medical attention for her and even offered his own organs to save her life.

Soon after the Queen's death, Colt finds his mother's last offspring on her corpse. Following this emotional scene, a tearful Morel promises to protect Colt and the infant from harm on the condition that they never eat humans. Soon after, to ensure he would not be targeted for being a Chimera Ant, Colt was labeled by the Hunter Association as a Mythical Beast. Shidore was originally a subordinate of Leol, later driven by her former self's memories to live with her original self's birth mother in the aftermath of Meruem's demise.

His nen ability, "God's Accomplice" allows him to use his "Perfect Plan" on anyone he is touching. He was subordinate of Leol until being saved by Killua during their battle, convincing Ikalgo to take to Killua after the youth got wounded and later allies with the Hunter Association in launching an assault of Meruem's faction in East Gorteau Palace. While a Squadron Leader, motivated by his past life's ambition of being a "shadow king", Welfin became a follower of Meruem with ulterior motives in improving of status.

netzero and zeno meet meruem komugi

Using it for neogation purposes, Welfin uses Missileman on the condition of establishes a target who would refuses to obey or tells lies after being selected, the attack canceled whenever Welfin is feeling defeated and sincere. When confronted by Meruem about his treacheries, Welfin's strike of fear makes him grow old in a few instants, and he is only saved when he manages to somehow utter Komugi's name, making the king remember about her and look for her instead.

Welfin eventually regains his memories as Zaiqahal and later joins Bizeff in seeking out Gyro.

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Leol then targeted Gon, Killua, and Kite when they were approaching the Chimera Ant nest, only to cease his hunt upon seeing their power first hand long after the majority of subordinates he sent after them were all wiped out by Kite.

Dispenser to create an iPod -like device to borrow another's Nen ability for the duration of an hour on the conditions of fully knowing the ability itself and getting his target to comply of being indebted to him after doing them a favor. He assumes to be victorious after submerging Morel in an underground church using a stolen ability, but dies from CO2 asphyxiation as part of Morel's cunning strategy to remove all oxygen in the church.

Motoki Takagi JapaneseCedric L. Compared to the other Chimera Ants, Cheetu is very simpleminded and egotistical with no agenda of his own while simply content with being the fastest. Following Meruem's birth, Cheetu leaves N. The ordeal convinces Cheetu that needs a power greater than pure speed and offered his services to Shaiapouf in return for his help in developing his Nen. With his new power, he confronts Morel again, but is defeated by being psychologically tricked.

Cheetu escapes, and later is seen boasting about yet another ability. Cheetu finally meets his end during the attack on Meruem's palace when he ends up being crushed to death by Silva Zoldyck from above during the Chimera Ant's attempt to pick a fight with Zenoall the while boasting of his magnificent new technique.

While gathering humans for the Queen, Zazan captured Pokkle and brought him to the colony to explain Nen to the Chimera Ants before he is killed. Following Meruem's birth, Zazan leaves N. This causes the Phantom Troupe to attack her hive. Her ultimate ability is to transform herself into a hideous monster with even greater strength and super-hard skin, which she uses as a last resort against Feitan who uses his Nen ability to incinerate her. She is an exorcist that can remove Nen, worrying if it effect as the Nen ultimately being stored in her belly.

Acting on his own, Rammot was eating horses when he confronts Gon's group when they arrive to the village he and the other Chimera Ants ransacked. He attacks Gon and Killua but is defeated by their Nen abilities, saved by Colt at the last second while vowing brutal revenge on the two youths.

Being inflicted with a physical blow by Gon revealed to have opened Rammot's aura nodes, making him the first Chimera Ant to utilize Nen which went to his head until seeing Neferpitou's Nen humbled him and renewed his loyalty to the colony.

Having knocked Colt out earlier at his request to awakening his Nen, Rammot acts on orders to inflict harm on the other humanoid chimera ants to awaken their ability to use Nen.

Rammot eventually seeks revenge on Gon and Killua, which resulted in his death when Killua removed Illumi 's implanted needle upon discovering it and decapitated the Chimera Ant. Having regained most of his memories, Koala served as a subordinate of Meleoron and used his skills to kill his victims in an act of mercy rather than bring them to the Queen alive with the chance that they would be reincarnated like himself.

Among his victims was a girl whose physical appearance Kite assumed following her transition into a Chimera Ant Queen. Following his discussion with her over the complexities of the human soul while expressing his regret in his role in the Queen's feeding, Koala becomes Kite's subordinate. Raised afterward by the father of his best friend Zaiqahal, Gyro became antisocial with a desire to drown the world in evil.

Though fed to the Chimera Ant Queen, his evil being an influence in her later offspring as consequence, Gyro's will and pride endured as he is reborn a Chimera Ant that refused to follow the Queen's command, with his memories completely intect. Concealing his appearance to avoid arousing panic, fully renouncing his humanity, Gyro is forced to abandon the compromised NGL and start anew elsewhere. With the passing of the examination, a Hunter is awarded a license which bestows a number of benefits on the licensee.

This results in massive registration numbers for the annual licensing exam with an extremely high failure rate. Isaac Netero Voiced by: Netero is said to have been the strongest Nen user in the world years prior to the start of the series. Decades prior to the beginning of the series, Netero spent four years rigorously training every day in order to express gratitude to the martial arts.

He eventually attained enlightenmentgiving him the ability to punch faster than the speed of sound and the power of the bodhisattva Guanyin. He has a son, Beyond Neterothat no one knew about until his death. Out of loyalty to the chairman, most alter their behavior, physical traits, and even their legal names based on the animal each represents.

Ging Freecss Voiced by: A member of the Zodiacs, his code name is " Boar " and he is one of the only two members who do not mimic their corresponding animal. He tells Gon to apologize to Kite and about the meaning of adventure before they once again separate.