Moses and elijah meet jesus in the air

Moses and Elias in the Lord's transfiguration

moses and elijah meet jesus in the air

And behold Moses and Elijah appeared to them, conversing with him. Or it may have been Jonah, the only prophet to whom Jesus directly compares himself. soul would have made use of condensed air and dust for a bodily form. for we know that St. Michael the Archangel guards the body of Moses. Because Jesus Himself said: "No man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even Notice that Moses did not record that Enoch is still walking with God. . Thus Enoch met the conditions so that he should not see death. .. Neither does the Bible account leave Elijah in the air!. Luke tells us that Peter did not know what he was saying, something which is quite evident. . If the departure of Moses and Elijah prompted Peter to speak, the .. We simply fill the air with our thoughts, rather than being.

In Clarke's Commentary we note that it was "worn by prophets and priests as the simple insignia of their office" Vol.

Mount of Transfiguration

The purpose of God in removing Elijah was to replace him with another man who would occupy Elijah's office in Israel for another fifty years. This work had to start under a new king, for Ahaziah had just died, and Elijah was already aging.

So, as not to disqualify Elijah in the sight of the people, God took him away allowing the mantle which signified the office of Elijah to drop into the hands of Elisha. Thus, God preserves the name and office of His prophet. Where did Elijah go?

Transfiguration of Jesus - Wikipedia

This has been the perplexing problem to so many. He did not ascend to the throne of God, because Jesus said so! Also, notice in 2 Kings 3 and 5 that the sons of the prophets knew Elijah would be taken away by God in advance. They believed that Elijah was going to be taken to another location, which is why they were fearful that the Spirit of God might have dropped him "upon some mountain, or into some valley" 2 Kings 2: Elisha knew that God would preserve Elijah from falling, but at their insistence he permitted men to go in search for him, to no avail.

And God did not say that Elijah was to die at that time. If he were, Elisha could have assumed his new office without the removal of Elijah, for we know that Elisha died in office after fulfilling his duty 2 Kings The new king of Israel was another son of Ahab, Jehoram, or Joram as he is sometimes called.

Moses and Elias in the Lord's transfiguration

The beginning of his reign marked the year of his removal of Elijah 2 Kings 1: During this king's reign, Elisha was the recognized prophet of God 2 Kings 3: In the fifth year of Joram king of Israel, the son of the king of Judah began to reign along with his father in Judah 2 Kings 8: His name also was Jehoram. The first thing he did to establish his kingdom rule was to put his relatives to the sword lest they should claim the throne from him 2 Chronicles For nearly six years he followed the ways of the nations about him and did evil in the sight of God.

Almost ten years had now expired since Elijah was taken from the people. After this wicked rule by the Jewish king, God chose Elijah to write a letter and have it sent to the king!

The contents of the letter are found in 2 Chronicles From the wording of this letter, it is clear that Elijah wrote it after these events had occurred, for he speaks of them as past events, and of the diseases as future, Two years after the king became diseased the king died, having reigned only eight short years 2 Chronicles This proves that the letter was written about ten years after Elijah had been taken to another location by the whirlwind.

God used Elijah to convey the message because he was the prophet of God in the days of the present king's father, and the son was not going in the ways of his obedient father, Jehosophat. This letter proves that he was alive someplace else.

The Bible does not reveal how much longer Elijah lived after writing the letter, but it does say that it is appointed for all men to die once Romans 5: A similar incident to Elijah's took place in Acts 8: Phillip was caught up into the first heaven, as Elijah was, and was transported to another location approximately 30 miles away. Another similar incident happened to Ezekiel, in which the spirit took him away Ezekiel 3: The spirit lifted him up "between the earth and the heaven" and brought him "to Jerusalem, to the door of the inner gate" Ezekiel 8: Afterwards, the spirit took him up to Chaldea Ezekiel Elijah may not have been found because he was transported further away than the fifty men searched 2 Kings 2: And, as far as being taken into heaven where God's throne is, we can know that neither Elijah nor Enoch nor Moses were taken into God's heavenly abode, because Jesus said, while he was on this earth, that "no man hath ascendeth to heaven" John 3: Enoch Some people believe that Enoch did not die but was taken directly to heaven where God is.

But, Enoch eventually died, as all humans die. How can we know? The apostle Paul mentioned the circumstances associated with Enoch in Hebrews Yes, Enoch died, and he did not receive the promise of heaven verse 16 at the time the book of Hebrews was written.

Based on Hebrews The question is, did he die, was he taken to heaven alive, or was he transported to another location on Earth? Let us examine the bold phrase in Genesis 5: As in the Psalms, the phrase means the person "passed away" or would eventually die. When they first said, "and one is not," they meant Joseph "is dead.

One of the promises was a heavenly country verse If Enoch were in heaven, wouldn't he have received that promise? The fact is, the Psalmist believed Enoch was in the grave and therefore asked this question.

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So what does the phrase "should not see death" mean? None of the accounts identify the "high mountain" of the scene by name. Since the 3rd century, some Christians have identified Mount Tabor as the site of the Transfiguration, including Origen. See [38] citing Origen 's reference to Ps France notes that Mount Hermon is closest to Caesarea Philippimentioned in the previous chapter of Matthew. Likewise, Meyboom identified "Djebel-Ejeik. Whittaker proposes that it was Mount Nebo primarily on the basis that it was the location where Moses viewed the promised land and a parallelism in Jesus' words on descent from the mountain of transfiguration; "You will say to this mountain i.

Feast and commemorations[ edit ] First Fruits brought to be blessed on the Feast of the Transfiguration Japanese Orthodox Church The Feast of the Transfiguration is celebrated by various Christian denominations.

The origins of the feast are less than certain and may have derived from the dedication of three basilicas on Mount Tabor. And he said to him, "Put on your garment and follow me.

moses and elijah meet jesus in the air

When they were past the first and the second guard posts, they came to the iron gate that leads to the city, which opened to them of its own accord; and they went out and went down one street, and immediately the angel departed from him. An angel came and literally woke up Peter and delivered him from the prison. This did require physical presence of the angel and it was a physical presence.

moses and elijah meet jesus in the air

Look now what Peter thought initially: This makes a contrast between a vision and reality: Had this incidence been a vision it would not be physically real. When Paul saw Ananias healing him in a vision, it was not physically real i. Ananias was not there nor he actually healed Paul at the time of the vision. The case of Paul and the man of Macedonia Acts A man of Macedonia stood and pleaded with him, saying, "Come over to Macedonia and help us. Nobody of us thinks so. We all understand that since the text says that he appeared in a vision it was not there literally, physically.

God can present whatever and whoever He desires in a vision in order to convey His message. What is presented in a vision does not have in any way to be physically there. The case of the Lord speaking to Paul Acts He is the only dead that is alive now and he appeared to Paul in a vision telling him to continue preaching the gospel in Corinth. I have no reason whatsoever to argue whether Jesus was physically there or not, for Jesus is ALIVE and has a spiritual body with supernatural abilities.

This is a case much different than any other one. The case of Moses and the burning bush Acts 7: