Martha and mary meet jesus face

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martha and mary meet jesus face

Martha, “distracted by her many tasks,” asks Jesus to tell Mary to help her. so many women named Mary—and it's hard to know which one is which—later. We know little about the background of Martha, Mary and Lazarus. They may Mary hardly hears her sister, so focused is she on the face and words of Jesus.'. What can we learn from the Bible account of Martha and Mary? His home in Bethany was about to receive the most important of visitors, Jesus Christ. During his ministry in Judea, where he met so much opposition and hostility, Jesus.

By telling the stories about Martha and Mary, John showed that Jesus treated women as the equal of men, and implied that Christian practice should do the same. Mary ran to Jesus, weeping with terrible grief, and Jesus was deeply upset by the sight of her pain. Jesus went to the tomb, had the stone taken away from its entrance, prayed, and then called loudly to Lazarus. Lazarus appeared, alive, still wrapped in the linen strips of cloth used to cover his corpse. Many Jews believed in Jesus after witnessing this event.

Remember that Jesus and the people he knew were Jewish. People like this can be found anywhere. John was writing for a community of Jews who had moved away from traditional Judaism, so his portrayal of traditional Jews often reflected the dislike this breakaway community felt for those who did not share their faith in Jesus.

Mary of Bethany anoints Jesus John A topographic map of Jerusalem and the surrounding countryside, showing the valley and hillside that Jesus would have traversed on his way south-eastwards from Jerusalem to Bethany. This was the week before his death.

Jesus at the home of Martha and Mary

All his friends knew that Jesus was in grave danger. They did not want him to go anywhere near Jerusalem see John The house at Bethany was a safe place, a refuge.

Martha, Mary and Lazarus gave a dinner for Jesus and the people with him. In was the custom when guests arrived for dinner to give them a refreshing foot bath. Then they either sat at a table, or lay propped up on couches surrounding a central food table.

There might be small side dishes. It was essential to wash themselves before eating, because they ate with their fingers from the one plate — knives and forks were not used, and food was scooped up with a piece of bread see John Depending on the circumstances, women and men might share a meal, sitting together. Because they prepared the food, women also brought the food to the table, as Martha did in this story.

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Martha served at the meal. There they gave a dinner for him. Martha served, and Lazarus was one of those at the table with him. The house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume. The story of the dinner, as told by John, is set on a Sunday evening, when members of the early Christian communities met to share a eucharistic celebration. Roman perfume bottles This was no accident.

John, writing circa AD, used several levels of meaning in the story.

martha and mary meet jesus face

But on a second level of meaning Martha was acting as a deacon at a eucharistic celebration. Then she wiped his feet with her hair.

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Even today it is performed at the coronation of a monarch. In the Jewish world, it was a symbolic action which announced that the person anointed was especially favored by God. In the Old Testament, prophets anointed future kings, for example, Samuel anointed the future King David. Judas objects The apostle Judas, a close friend of Jesus, objected to the waste of money.

martha and mary meet jesus face

He reasoned that the money should be given to people in need — and of course he had a point. Judas was particularly aware of the value of money because he was the organizer of the group who traveled with Jesus, in charge of the money that they carried with them.

He paid for food and lodging from the contributions that wealthy supporters gave Jesus. He knew he was in great danger, and that the path he meant to take might end in a terrible death. Being fully human he could not see into the future — this is one of the great mysteries of Christian faith about which theologians ponder.

He was both fully human like us and so could not know the future, but he was also God and thus all-knowing. In any event, Jesus knew the probable consequences of the actions he planned. He had many enemies who would bring him down if they could. Mary also knew the danger that Jesus was in, and that he faced an ominous future. She offered her gift as a comfort and a reassurance to him, and perhaps as something more.

When most people read this story, they often imagine a harried housewife complaining about her lazy sister. Both women are engaged in different aspects of ministryor ways of following Jesus and his teachings. The story illustrates how householders should treat visiting teachers. We are told that Jesus loved all three siblings John Both women figure significantly in the story: Martha confesses that Jesus is the Messiah John Here, Judas criticizes her for wasting money, but Jesus commends her.

All four Gospels contain stories of a woman who anoints Jesus; only John names her as Mary of Bethany. Who are Mary and Martha in Christian Tradition? The sisters appear in many postbiblical traditions. Jesus replies, "Martha, you are worried and distracted by many things. I can hear myself asking friends, "Do you want this or that? However, we can also read it as Jesus' desire to have Martha put aside the formalities of hospitality and come and listen to what He has to say.

I hear an urgency in Jesus words and wonder what Jesus wanted to talk to them about. It leaves me wishing that I could have been part of the conversation with Jesus, Martha and Mary.

That is often the way when we visit friends; we want them to be with us immediately. We want to share news and look forward to their attentive presence.

Their friendship is a special gift in our lives. Have I shared my deepest life experiences with Him? At other times, when I am willing to sit at the feet of the Lord and listen, I become aware of changes I need to make in my own attitude and behavior.

Often I need to change my hopes and desires in order to welcome God's kingdom.

martha and mary meet jesus face

Our Poor Clare community life is at one of those periodic points of change. We are aging and find that we cannot do as many activities as we did when we were younger.

martha and mary meet jesus face

This year we decided to no longer make Christmas cards. In the past I have always chosen the designs and organized the printing, advertising, packaging and mailing of the cards.

martha and mary meet jesus face

I rebelled against these changes; it is taking some time for me to adjust and move forward with other plans.