Jyj and tvxq meet

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jyj and tvxq meet

And originally, before I enlist, I almost could not meet my members but . I should have rephrased this as "JYJ refret leaving TVXQ" and not SM. Last month, expectation rose for the potential reunion of TVXQ's Yunho with JYJ's Jaejoong and Park Yoochun. Yoochun did not appear to. [Rumor]SM Entertainment hints at 5-member TVXQ reunion? dont mess with SM Entertainment lists JYJ as members of TVXQ – possibility of a comeback?.

But they do stan bigbang despite bigbang being a veteran act.

Official documents reveal SM's 'slave contract' with JYJ did not exist to begin with | allkpop

Does that happens to SM group? Unfortunately no JYJ left because of money. It was the main reason why they left. So yes, it is about money. Except the cosmetics business failed so many choose to ignore it nowadays. How can you say stupid things while awake? TVXQ had the biggest fandom at the time.

Their music was changing and evolving, as it always does in the music business. They were very relevant and popular at the time even more than Big bang and had JYJ not left, very few would be able to compete with them.

jyj and tvxq meet

You don't know what you're talking about. They had invested a lot of money in it.

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They had big plans for it. Stop using the term slave so easily my darling.

TVXQ/DB5K/JYJ - Kim Jaejoong x Jung Yunho (Yunjae story)

If you look up what the word means, you will see no one is a slave in SM but JYJ's PR worked hard to make it that way that some SM artists including Jaejoong's friend Heechul made it very clear they are not slaves. Those in SM who get solos if they choose tooare seniors who have been in the company long. JYJ wrote songs for their albums didn't they? They would have gotten what they wanted after establishing TVXQ and most of their investments paid off.

Like I said they were impatient and wanted everything there and then. SM had already planned solo activities such as acting and different music projects for the boys.

Former Bandmates TVXQ's Yunho And JYJ's Jaejoong Reunite After 6 Years : News : KpopStarz

Jaejoong had a drama, Junsu was supposed to take part in SM the ballad. Their careers would have grown. Jonghyun from Shinee recorded an album wit only his songs because he could.

Then what about TVXQ if that is what they wanted?

jyj and tvxq meet

Stop trying to make up reasons why JYJ left. They told us why. The documents from the case were requested, and the site TVXQtime. JYJ needs to pay 2. The profit division in SM's contract is unfair, so SM must pay JYJ the difference as calculated by the ratio JYJ wants according to the February 15th, contract 2nd revision for all profits before and after. Pay JYJ the profits from that they did not receive due to the lawsuit.

Former Bandmates TVXQ's Yunho And JYJ's Jaejoong Reunite After 6 Years

Pay about 5 billion KRW approximately 4. Conciliation protocol from the court 1. Out of JYJ's claims, only the pay not given in is recognized. SM and JYJ must not get in each other's way. The lawsuit fees must be paid by themselves, and all demand for damages is dismissed.

jyj and tvxq meet

In other words, the 'slave contract' that JYJ had insisted upon was not true, as if it were, the court would have ordered SM Entertainment to pay the full amount JYJ had demanded, not to mention dismiss that the contract had ever been valid.

Instead, the court only ordered SM Entertainment pay them the amount for that JYJ members had not received because of the lawsuit. As for unfair contract terms, the court had agreed that SM Entertainment's contract terms were not unfair. All of the costs are taken in by SM Entertainment themselves, and the members get a percentage of not the pure profit, but the total sales meaning before costs and such are subtracted.

jyj and tvxq meet