Ichigo and rukia meet fanfiction

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ichigo and rukia meet fanfiction

"Ichigo I can't understand you at all." pouted Rukia. "Come on, out with it. Who was your first kiss and I'm being serious here?" "I just said that. IchiRuki When Ichigo and Rukia are found in a seemingly compromising . She's embarrassed and she doesn't want to meet my eyes. Well. Thanks to Rukia. "Ichigo! Get up! You're going to be late for school!" .. And in the moment it took her to realize this, his kiss re-awoke that.

A third time, their lips met one another. This one held for five full seconds this time before the small retreat. Rukia's arms were now bent at the elbows as they wrapped around his neck, this time not allowing him to pull back more than an inch away from her.

His lips found hers once more and his tongue then made contact with her lips, demanding entrance. Rukia granted it to him with a low purr in the back of her throat. Their tongues danced with each other a moment before Rukia spoke to him once again, making him retreat for the time being.

ichigo and rukia meet fanfiction

Suddenly Ichigo was then aware of just how hot her body was getting against his. It was now past the afternoon and it was going into the evening. Both were only clad in their regular clothing. For Ichigo, it was a pair of jeans and a regular shirt. For Rukia, she was just wearing her usual dress the one she wore in the earlier episodes. Now in his opinion it seemed as if she was wearing too much clothing. Her legs and arms burnt like fire against his skin.

Her lips were as hungry as his and her tongue was soft yet demanding as she moved it into his mouth and forced him to learn quickly what she desired in the movement.

ichigo and rukia meet fanfiction

He was about to ask just what kind of sign was to be given, but found Rukia moaning from under him and she was squirming under his touch. He was surprised to find himself liking this so much.

He would have to ask her to teach him more of this more often.

He was about to voice this question but found Rukia gasping when his lips had left hers. The pair continued to kiss each other for a few minutes before Rukia slowly pulled back from him, looking up at him with dilated eyes and blushing cheeks.

ichigo and rukia meet fanfiction

Somewhere in the mix, her dress had fallen slightly, allowing him to touch her silky soft skin. Short fanfic I know but nonetheless it was good.

I hope you guys liked it. Review if this 'has touched your heart in any way at all.

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Rukia's frown transformed into a scowl. She hopped out of her closet. Rukia knelt down by Ichigo's bed and began to lightly prod him. Ichigo made an annoyed sound from the back of his throat.

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Rukia climbed onto the side of his bed. She sat by his feet. Go to bed, you stubborn mule! Ichigo scowled, although his eyes were still closed. There was a small silence before Rukia chose to answer. I mean, I am your partner, aren't I? Ichigo opened one eye and tried to look at her. What's it to you? Ichigo scowled; both of his eyes were open. That's why I saved you," he said, simply.

Rukia smiled a little. Rukia crawled a bit further up on his bed. She was now at his waistline. Rukia poked him in the side. What's the big secret, anyways?

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Ichigo clamped a hand down on her mouth. Ichigo automatically let go. In fact, I'll start by asking the girls. Ichigo groaned, and Rukia thought of a new tactic. Rukia put a finger on her cheek, in a thoughtful pose.

After a long pause he said, "Fine, whatever, as long as you'll shut up about this! She knew exactly who it was. If you were, there's a good chance that you're still good friends! Do you still like her? She's even more of an idiot than she was back then.