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Heroes Reborn is a episode Mini Series and continuation of Heroes, airing on NBC in Fall Abusive Parents: Brad's stepfather is a drunkard who does nothing Tommy and Emily are in a happy relationship, Malina is doing well The password for the secret Evo meeting at the beginning of the. Parents, Claire Bennet (deceased), Heroes Reborn As Malina's twin brother, Tommy possesses the ability to boost Malina's power by. Parents, Unnamed father, Malina Bennet Grandchildren, Tommy Clark, Season Two; Season Three; Season Four; Heroes Reborn . During the meeting, Bob releases Claire and Noah releases Elle, who walk.

Because of it, he spent time as a child held captive at Primatech, and after he got out he and his mom have had to move often, whenever someone finds out about his power. He just wants to be normal. It's later revealed that Tommy knew everything from the start and actually embraced his powers, being guided by his adopted father Hiro in Odessa. However, Caspar altered his memories of his entire life to make him harder to find.

The last time we see him, he's fighting off Harris and his clones. However, considering he isn't mentioned again and was Brought Down to Normalit's highly probable he died. During his and Joanne's escape from Primatech, Luke shoots out eight light fittings with a handgun and still has enough bullets left to shoot several people.

This is actually possible, as the average semi-automatic handgun carries between thirteen to seventeen rounds in 9MM, the most common semi-auto caliber available. Claire Bennet died from giving birth before the start of the series. Hiro is very concerned about this in "June 13th, Part One", which is why he tries to limit his interference in the past. He apparently tries different ways of changing the events of June 13th, but he declares that there are "too many butterflies" and every alternate future is actually worse.

However, Noah is not so disciplined and changes the future by trying to kill Erica Kravid, which leads to him being captured and the bad guys finding out Claire died and had kids.

However, Erica is going to kill the Evos and let the event happen with only those she chooses saved. Angela also tells Suresh that his team have been killed and Erica is setting him up. Because of Angela's past of manipulation, Suresh doesn't believe her At first, Caspar always says "Penny for your thoughts?

Hiro still says, "Yatta! Ren's skill and experience playing Evernow is repeatedly useful for navigating real-world locations which levels are based on and untlimately for entering the Eternal Fortress and freeing Tommy. Taylor was conceived when Erica was extorted by an evo to have sex with him. Tommy and Malina are the only ones who can save the world from a global extinction event.

The miniseries ends with new plot threads opened leading into the games Gemini and Enigma. In the first episode, Miko easily incapacitates several Renautas security guards, but Harris Prime floors her with a single punch.

He's convinced that something else was behind the Odessa attack, especially since Phoebe is framed as one of the suspects, and he manages to track down Noah Bennet and convince him to come out of hiding to look deeper.

He meets Micah Sanders, who tells him that he needs to find Bennet after finding evidence that Phoebe was kidnapped and framed by Renautas Corporation. Dark Matters makes several references to the parent series, such as the Primatech burning down incident, which was in "Dual".

Renautas Corporation got their hands on Primatech's files and has been tracking down specials ever since. The password for the secret Evo meeting at the beginning of the premiere is "Cockroach", referencing Suresh's speech about cockroaches in the pilot of Heroes. Tommy collects 9th Wonder comics, which are featured in the parent series and written by a character from there. When Noah, Taylor, and Quentin discover the room of Evos, including Taylor's boyfriend Francis, plugged into the EPIC system, Noah quickly deduces that Erica has discovered another way to harvest powers, referring to Sylar's more fatal methods.

I once knew a man who could harvest people's powers through their brains. He collected them and used them for his own ends. Quentin cursing gets cut off by a commercial break. Holy sh— Cynicism Catalyst: Luke and Joanne were Happily Married but lost their child in the Odessa attack, which spurred them to murder specials in revenge for their loss. Dark and Troubled Past: Tommy is wanted in three states because he can't control his powers, and when he was a child, he was held at Primatech.

The show's storyline is much darker, with all the evolved humans having gone into hiding or been killed by anti-Evo actions, especially after a tragic terrorist attack in Odessa was blamed on them.

Malina Bennet

Noah Bennet has been in hiding, too, and had his memories wiped. In the time skip since Heroes, Claire became pregnant and went into labor the day of the Odessa bombing. Unfortunately, one of her babies stole her healing factor and she died while giving birth to them. The prequel miniseries Dark Matters sets up Phoebe Frady as its protagonist but by Episode Four, the focus has shifted to her brother Quentin thanks to Phoebe being used as a scapegoat for the Odessa bombing and presumed dead until Episode Six - where she appears to be a future antagonist.

He's not a full on decoy protagonist, as he does eventually help Tommy and Malina save the world. However, the further along the show goes, the less focus his character is given, and it becomes more apparent that Tommy and Malina are the real heroes whereas Noah's role is to aid them as much as possible. Captain Dearing and several of his acolytes are working off the books as mercenaries to capture evolved humans for money.

Dearing, himself, has Super Strength and easily kicks Carlos's ass. He also kidnaps Jose and Father Mauricio in hopes of capturing the underground railroad. Taylor's father is not mentioned before "Company Woman", when we discover he was an Evo who coerced her mother into having sex with him. Then he tried to take Taylor from her after he found out, and Erica killed him.

Additionally, Tommy and Malina's birth father hasn't been revealed, as Claire died without telling anyone. Phoebe, who's shot out of a high-up window. Do Not Adjust Your Set: Harris Prime is Erica's main henchman. Dying Moment of Awesome: In "Send in the Clones", Miko, before disintegrating for good, kills Harris Prime in a duel, simultaneously destroying his clone army.

Malina's power interacts with nature. She can make plants grow, can control water, seems able to control or at least communicate with bees, and apparently can even hold back the Earth's magnetic poles from switching. Tommy learns how to be in two places at once in the finale, which comes in very handy for solving his Sadistic Choice problem. Tommy and Malina are revealed to be the long-lost children of Claire Bennet.

Just like its parent series, there will also be comics, novels, and webisodes that will expand the storyline as well as a mobile app and two videogames, Gemini and Enigma. According to Tim Kring, they are all canon as well. Matt Parkman joins up with Renautas to help his family, though he's reluctant to act against Noah Bennet. He's also the director of Sunstone Manor, presumably brainwashing them into staying there.

Tommy Clark

Noah shot Erica, Quentin is on her side in the present day. Ever since Claire's reveal, people with evolved powers are forced to register with the government and businesses refuse to hire them, placing "We Hire Humans" signs where they can be seen.

In fact, when Phoebe heads to a job fair on campus, the only place that will accept her internship application is Renautas. Erica Kravid's words to Noah in private make it clear she considers specials non-human, and her actions make it clear she hates them. Fling a Light into the Future: A rare villainous example.

Renautas's ultimate plan is to allow the apocalypse to happen, capture or recruit as many specials as possible, use their powers to send select people and resources in the future, and recolonize the planet under their iron grip while they let the present world burn.

In-universe, evolved humans have copied Claire's reveal, by filming themselves saying their name and "This is attempt number [x]. Out-of-universe, Heroes Reborn aired during the time of renewed interest in superhero TV shows. Just from the trailer for Dark Matter alone, things will go bad for Phoebe and lead to her disappearance, which kicks off Quentin's search for her, eventually bringing him into contact with Noah Bennet. For one, she's framed as one of the suspects in the Odessa bombing, with Mohinder accused of being the mastermind.

In episode four, she's seen to be a Renautas weapon, "the Shadow". Unfortunately, that doesn't happen as the children are Tommy and Malina and Tommy was raised separately by Anne, with Angela's fate currently unknown. On the way, Noah learns of Mohinder's betrayal and plots to stop the Company. He and West go to meet with Mohinder, where they knock out and kidnap Elle. Noah learns that Claire has been kidnapped and calls Bob to arrange a trade.

During the meeting, Bob releases Claire and Noah releases Elle, who walk by each other. West tries to fly Claire away, but Elle shoots them down with a lightning bolt.

Noah then shoots Elle and threatens to kill Bob, but Mohinder shoots Noah in the eye. Noah dies, but heals and awakens on a hospital bed in an empty room with an IV of Claire's blood in his arm. While being held, Bennet tells Mohinder that he made a mistake by aiding the Company. Mohinder responds that he helped the Company save lives and stopped Noah's paranoia and violence.

When Bennet is told that he was healed with Claire's blood, he panics and demands to know where his daughter is.

Heroes Reborn -- Say Goodbye (Version 2)

Mohinder dryly answers that Claire is safe at home. He is locked in a cell and sits idly bouncing a ball against a wall. Elle asks him to tell her about her past. He tells her about the testing her father arranged to see the extent of her ability. Later, Bob tells Noah that Claire is becoming a problem. Noah smiles, but when Bob says that it's unfortunate and that they may have to take drastic measures, the grin on his face disappears.

Noah arrives at his home, shocking Claire and his family. He says that he didn't plan any of this but has found a way to protect all of them. He has to go back with the Company, much to everyone's dismay. Sylar and Noah are assigned as partners. Noah is released from Level 5 following the death of Bob Bishop. He shoots Sylar and is knocked out after learning that he can regenerate. Noah briefly returns home to Costa Verdewhere he places Meredith as his family's protector.

Noah returns to Primatech to hunt down the villains but is less than pleased with his new partner, Sylar. Claire is outraged that Noah is working with Sylar and even more outraged when Noah tries to get Stephen to make Sylar disappear.

Noah and Sylar's partnership ends shortly after that. Noah recruits Meredith to be his partner and together, they rescue the victims of Mohinder Suresh. During the eclipseClaire is shot and is unable to heal.

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Noah uses this eclipse as a chance to hunt down Sylar. He finds him and Elle hiding in a supermarket storage area and manages to kill Sylar by slitting his throat. Noah returns home and is attacked by Elle and the revived Sylar. Claire manages to stab him but Sylar pins her to the wall and slices her skull.

He copies her power and then allows her to regenerate before he leaves. Claire discovers that her ability has changed and that she can no longer feel pain. Once again, she tests her limits by trying to be hit by a train. When the prisoners from Level 5 escape, Claire begs Noah to make her his partner, but Noah instead reveals that Meredith will be protecting the family. Meredith teaches Claire how to fight and ends up torturing her inside of a shipping container.

Claire lies and says that she will not hunt villains, but soon leaves to bring in Stephen Canfield. Upon learning that Stephen is not a monster, Claire helps him find his family. Later, Claire is shocked when Noah treats Stephen like a tool, and she is briefly tricked by Sylar into believing that Noah hates all evolved humans. Claire returns home and teams up with Sandra to find Meredith. She defeats Eric Doyle and, after returning home, runs into Elle. She and Elle travel to Pinehearst to fix their malfunctioning abilities but upon arrival, they find Peterwho is now powerless.

Claire helps Peter and then tells Nathan and Tracy where Arthur is. Pinehearst soon begins looking for Claire, who is believed to be the Catalyst.

Claire becomes protected by The Company and Noah takes her to the Canfield home to properly train her. Elle and Sylar come looking for her and Claire ends up being shot.

With the eclipse in place, Claire does not heal and actually dies. She regenerates as soon as the eclipse is over and is then rescued from a home invasion by Hiro Nakamurawho takes her 16 years into the past.

Claire convinces past Noah not to take Claire back to the Company and successfully saves herself from becoming the Catalyst. Arthur tracks them down and sends Claire back to the present where she, AngelaNoah and Meredith prepare to bring down Pinehearst.

Sylar intervenes and holds all four of them prisoner with Primatech. He attacks all of them until Claire manages to kill him. Claire is called to helpdue to her "free pass. She overhears a conversation between Angela and Nathan and learns that the government is rounding people up. She warns Matt Parkmanbut both are quickly captured. Claire is given a free pass by Nathan, but she still gets onto Flight and frees the prisoners.

After the plane goes down, Nathan sends Claire back home, where she is contacted by Rebel. She is given the mission to protect Alex Woolsly from Noah and she hides him in her house. They return home and find Eric Doyle, who has received a message from Rebel instructing Claire to help him. Claire gets a cover job at the comic book store before saving Eric from Rachel.

She gives him a new identity and is soon saved by Nathan after her free pass is taken away. The two of them fly to Mexicowhere they bond as father and daughter. They are contacted by Angela, who asks to meet with them at Coyote Sands.

Nathan and Claire arrive there and help Angela, Peter and Noah dig up the bones of the prisoners that were once kept at the sands. Angela explains what happened in and privately tells Claire how much she admires her. After the incident with AliceClaire and the others decide to form a new Company together. When the family learns that Sylar has taken Nathan's formNathan rushes to Washington to stop him. Claire, Angela and Noah attempt to drive there but they are stopped by Noah, who suspects the government is close.