Do goku and bardock ever meet island

do goku and bardock ever meet island

"A battle power of just 2? What scum!" I forgot to add his farewell with baby goku - It can be seen at the end of the video here. Created By blazejecar Dragon Ball AF Hakai Saga Goku explain to his father about 5 transformation. but it is later stated in both the manga and anime that it is held on Papaya Island. . Furthermore, in the TV special Bardock: The Father of Goku, Bardock implies that Even when Frieza finally meets Goku in "The End of Vegeta", he does not . that surpassing Goku had been his goal ever since becoming a martial artist.

However, in this saga, Master Shen is seen in the gymnasium with his two pupils during the preliminaries. This isn't just a contradiction between the manga and anime, either, since this scene is also a filler scene. King Piccolo Saga Bacterian and Giran appear smaller than their previous appearances when later seen fighting Tambourine.

do goku and bardock ever meet island

It is uncertain how Yajirobe is able to create a necklace where a string is depicted going through a Dragon Ball, as they are considered virtually impervious to damage. This is likely due to aesthetic reasons. Saga At the beginning of the Piccolo Jr. Sagawhen Oolong is asked to use his shapeshifting ability to sign in as Tien ShinhanChiaotzuYamchaand KrillinOolong explains that he can only sign in as one of them because his transformations require a 1-minute cooldown period.

However, in his debut episode, Oolong the Terriblehe is clearly shown being able to switch immediately between multiple forms on a single, collective five-minute timer, first going from a demon to a handsome man to a bull, and then going from a robot samurai to a bat to a rocket.

While the surviving Saiyans were under the impression that their home planet really was destroyed by a comet except Vegetawhose belief otherwise is shown in a flashback later in the series, although only in anime fillerit was later established that Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta just after Goku was sent to Earth as a baby; 24 years prior to Raditz's arrival on Earth the planet's destruction would soon be illustrated several times, and was often used to depict backstories for characters in Dragon Ball filmsthus retconning the statement time-wise.

Frieza also once stated in the manga that he destroyed Planet Vegeta 30 years prior to the Battle on Planet Namek which occurred just a little over a year after Raditz's arrival on Earththough it is possible that Frieza used an approximation or that the Saiyans and Frieza use different years than Earth. It should be noted that Raditz's claim about Planet Vegeta's destruction was not actually an inconsistency as it is later revealed that he was simply misinformed as Frieza had lied to Raditz, Nappa, and Vegeta about the nature of their planet's destruction in order to maintain their loyalty though in the anime Vegeta is shown to have suspected Frieza's story was untrue, which was later confirmed to him by Dodoria during their battle on Namek.

Krillin's inconsistent height during his encounter with Raditz In both the manga and anime Krillin's height often varies depending on the scene, sometimes changing multiple times in one scene. In " Terror on Arlia ", Vegeta and Nappa are shown breathing and speaking outside their pods in outer space without space suits, which should be impossible since it's stated by Frieza that Saiyans are unable to survive in outer space, and Goku had to use a space suit to repair his spacecraft from outside during his travel to Namek.

However it is implied that Saiyans can survive in a vacuum for brief periods as shown by Bardock fighting in orbit around Planet Vegeta during the Genocide of the Saiyans and Super Saiyan God Goku during his battle with Beerus orbit above the Earth.

This would be quite impossible, as the Saiyan-Tuffle war began only 40 years prior, and the planet would not have been called Vegeta yet, and the planet would not have been barren and without Tuffles.

However this inconsistency is only present in the dub who's writers may not have been aware of the inconsistency. Contrary to what is stated in the original manga and Dragon Ball Z Kai where the Snake Way is stated to be 1, kilometers aboutmiles long, the original Ocean and Funimation dubbed version of the anime states that the Snake Way is 10, miles long.

However, at this point in the series, the only Saiyan he is familiar with besides himself is his brother, Raditz, and so he should not have any idea what Nappa and Vegeta look like.

List of inconsistencies

However, after Goku drank the Ultra Divine Water, he had visions of the future and a clear understanding of things, implying that he had developed some level of psychic ability.

Furthermore, in the TV special Bardock: The Father of Goku, Bardock implies that he feels psychic ability within Goku with lines like "You see it too, don't you? Another fact to back this up, is when Gohan has a vision of Cell while training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, despite never having seen Cell before suggesting this trait might be hereditary or the result of having his hidden potential unlocked by Guru similar to how his father's ability may be the result of having his potential unlocked by the Ultra Divine Water.

In " Reunions ", it is revealed that Grandpa Gohan found Goku and his space pod somewhere in the woods presumably somewhere within Mount Paozu. However it should be noted that its appearance in "The End of Snake Way" was anime filler thus this inconstancy is only present in the anime. When Goku uses the Kaio-ken in battle against Vegeta, the manga narration states that it doubles Goku's power. However, when Vegeta proves too strong, Goku uses a move he believes is more powerful, the Kaio-ken x2.

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According to the Daizenshuuhigher numbers multiply Goku's power by the number stated, meaning that Kaio-ken and Kaio-ken x2 should have the same result. The reason that Kaio-ken x2 was stronger is never resolved, and creates an inconsistency between the manga and the Daizenshuu. While spying on Dende's village with Gohan, Krillin overhears Frieza stating that he wants to use the dragon balls to wish for immortality. Krillin remembers that this was the wish Vegeta wanted.

do goku and bardock ever meet island

However, there is no way Krillin should have known about that wish, since Vegeta and Nappa never discussed that wish when any of the Z-Fighters were around. While fighting, Recoome gets most of his teeth knocked out, but a few scenes later he has most of his teeth back. In " Guru's Gift ", it is acknowledged that Frieza as well as Zarbon is aware that Goku is one of the few surviving Saiyans in the universe. However, later in " Another Transformation? Even when Frieza finally meets Goku in " The End of Vegeta ", he does not realize that Goku is a Saiyan until Vegeta addresses him as Kakarot, which Frieza recognizes as a Saiyan name he then also notices Goku's resemblance to Bardock.

This inconsistency is also present in the manga as well, though Zarbon is unable to remember Goku's name and only mentions him having a son. One explanation is that while Frieza was aware of the two Saiyans Goku and Gohan living on Earth, he knew neither of their names as he likely considered them to be unimportant which is likely give his character nor what they looked liked as all the information he and his army knew about them was from Scouter transmissions and only realized who they were after encountering and fighting them on Namek he presumably put two-and-two together after Goku revealed himself to be a Saiyan from Earth.

The survivor of the village Vegeta destroyed who is later killed by Orlen claims the damage came from a Saiyan warrior. How would anyone on Planet Namek know who or what Saiyans are? In a scene during his face off with Frieza, Vegeta is shown wearing his old armor which he wore at the beginning of the saga, despite the fact that he had switched to a new armor just before his face off with Frieza. The length of Frieza's tail after being partially severed by Krillin's Destructo Disc is never consistent.

In select sequences that follow, Frieza's tail is sometimes shown completely intact. Krillin is shown wearing his training gi right in what is literally the following frame from where he is shown wearing his then-common Saiyan battle fatigue left In the episode " The Ultimate Battle ", there is an inconsistency between Krillin's uniform in two adjacent scenes.

Krillin, who had been wearing a suit of Saiyan Battle Armor since the Frieza Saga began, is seen wearing his training gi briefly during a scene where he, Piccolo and Gohan flee the area to allow Goku to face Frieza. Making matters more curious, this sequence occurs in literally the following frames after Krillin is shown, wearing the battle fatigue.

The Ginyu Force then proceed to test their special abilities in the planet's atmosphere by destroying King Kai's property. However, the early sequences of the following episode, " Keep the Chance Alive ", seem to partially ignore this discovery, as while it seems to pick up where the destruction left off in the previous episode, King Kai is shown stepping outside of his home which is where the Ginyu Force were initially discovered in "Trump Card", and which by the end of the episode had been partly caved in by a tree.

King Kai is then shown to be surprised at the sight of the soldiers, despite being among his understudies when the Ginyu Force had first arrived in the previous episode.

At the beginning of the episode " Power of the Spirit ", Frieza remarks his astonishment that not all the Nameks have been killed, upon recovering from a counterattack by Piccolo. However, at this point, Frieza had been aware of Piccolo's presence for no less than ten episodes, as Piccolo was the first Z Fighter capable of showing Frieza any sort of challenge, while he was in his second transformation.

In fact, the reason Frieza killed Dende was because he saw him heal Piccolo. However, in the manga Frieza simply comments in frustration on how he completely overlooked Piccolo's presence after the Namekian had kicked him to save Goku, thus the inconsistency is only present in the anime. In " Transformed at Last ", during the aftermath of the Spirit Bombin one screen, Krillin is shown missing the armor on his legs and they suddenly return in the next screen.

Later in the same episode, Krillin is shown missing the hole in the stomach-area of his armor in one scene. As established in " Goku's Unusual Journey ", when it is requested that a character receive some treatment in the afterlife besides passing onto Heaven or Hellthat character's physical body vanishes, allowing them to retain it in the afterlife rather than becoming a generic wisp.

In the Funimation dub of episode 85, " Gohan Returns ", the dialogues of Gohan and Frieza, as well as the result of the fight directly prior, lead viewers to believe that Goku has been killed, and then revived by the wish to the Earth's Dragon Balls that revived all of Frieza's victims on Namek which contradicts the fact that Goku had already been brought back to life once by Shenron by that time and thus could not had been revived twice.

In most other versions, including the original manga, Goku is merely knocked out for an extended time. Popo revives the Namekians with the Dragon Balls of Earth after Kami and Piccolo are revived, but that shouldn't be possible since the Dragon Balls had been used to revive Goku just one month prior in the Saiyan Saga.

When Shenron agrees to revive all those killed by Frieza and his minions, that should have also revived Yamcha and Tien, as Yamcha was killed by a Saibaman, who worked for Frieza, and Tien sacrificed himself to try and defeat Nappa, who also worked for Frieza.

There are several inconsistencies with landmarks on the surface of Namek during its destruction. For instance, the pillar where Guru 's home is perched atop is demolished, causing the eldest Namek's home to plummet. However, when the Nameks are revived by a wish Mr. Popo makes to Shenron, the home is later shown resting on a plateau, with Guru's body still resting soundly upon his throne.

Another inconsistency involves Goku's spaceship which Bulma, Gohan and Piccolo would be using to escape the collapsing planet Namek. While a fault line forms underneath the spaceship causing it to sink into a resulting chasm, it is later shown spontaneously resting on solid ground in subsequent episodes. While on Earth, Vegeta is recalling the past where Zarbon speaks with an Australian accent in the flashback in episodeFrieza Defeated!!

In the episode " Namek's Explosion However, in the following episode, " Goku's Alive!! In the episode "Goku's Alive!! However, when Guru pronounces his name, he calls him 'Moly'. It was not until "Goku's Alive" that 'Moori' was established to be the Namek's concrete name.

Androids-Cell Sagas There are a number of inconsistencies with the area surrounding Goku's house. Early in Dragon Ball Z as well as the first Z film, Dead ZoneGoku's house lies at the foot of a forest and at the base of a mountain. This is also the surrounding area as seen at the conclusion of the episode "Goku's Alive!! In other episodes, among them " Goku's Ordeal ", the house is located on a grassy plateau, with the mountain and surrounding forest absent.

In this view there also appears to be some minor modifications done to the shape of the structure as well. It is possible Goku's family house is a capsule house and has been moved around Mount Paozu in the past.

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In the manga chapter " The Terrifying Message ", the Androids that Future Trunks knows of are Android 19 and Android 20 and he states that they are the ones who killed Dr. Later, Future Trunks is unaware of 19 and 20 and it is 17 who killed Gero. This inconsistency is likely due to Akira Toriyama changing plans for the Android Saga due to his editor's suggestions.

In " Goku's Special Technique ", when Goku is telling the others how he managed to escape the explosion of Planet Namek, the flashback shows Goku still inside Frieza's wrecked spaceship when he notices one of the Ginyu Force's space pods outside, which he uses to escape the planet.

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However, in the earlier episode " Namek's Explosion However, in another frame where he exchanges blows with Piccolo, he is shown wearing his orange shirt. However, there are several sequences during the Vegeta Saga and Garlic Jr. Saga where Chi-Chi, accompanied by her father Ox-Kingis shown driving a hovercar and an aircraft, respectively. She is also seen driving a car after her wedding in a flashback in " The Newest Super Saiyan ".

do goku and bardock ever meet island

When Android 18 stole her cowgirl looking uniform from a clothing store, it showed the license plate on the Androids pink van that they stole. I agree with the time line guy, because Bardock wouldn't exist for a peroid of time, but would then exist in the future allowing all that goku did to be done because he wouldn't meet his father again until they came back to the future.

I would like to see Bardock brought back to life. On another note, can Pikkon and the other dead heroes from the filler episodes be brought back? Always wanted to see Bardock and Pikkon join the living Z-Fighters. Also he can't because on Earth they use the balls to wish all those killed by frieza back alive. The inhabitants of Kanassa, Planet Vegeta, millions upon millions of other planets and so on would of had to been brough back alive.

They wish a deserted planet with the regular dragon balls. They gather the black star dragon balls. Go to the planet first they use one of the other wishes from porunga. He goes to earths check in station. They wish him back with the B star draon balls. Hopefully that would work. Bardock Lives If someone revived Red Shenron they could revive New Vegeta by making the wish in a spaceship and recollecting them in a year after ditching the ship.

Then they could revive Bardock. Bardock would only have the same amount of power he did before dying though, so he would only have around 10, power lvl. He'd quickly gt beaten by a ton of fighters. If he still had that future sight ability he'd be better than most fighters but being weak he'd be more of an advisor because he could tell others the enemies attacks.

do goku and bardock ever meet island

This could win wars. I'm a Bardock fan even if he doesn't have that future sight thing. Wolf77xkaioken Yes he can If Bardock or any other person that died of unnatural causes remains were moved to earths check in station they can then be brought back to live. I read rule for this wiki and it states that the one year restriction is wishes to bring live more then on person.