Corpse bride victor and victoria meet

corpse bride victor and victoria meet

I Flirted Like Victoria From 'Corpse Bride' & This Is What Happened When she and Victor meet, her fears of an arranged marriage gone bad. Victoria Maudeline Elizabeth Everglot is the arranged fiancee of Victor Van Dort She meets Victor for the first time while he was playing the Everglot piano, and . Corpse Bride. Corpse Bride, isn't your typical horror movie. Instead it's a Victor and Victoria fall in love during their very first meeting. Tim Burton is famously.

This would explain why the Everglots seem to be the only "old blood" family still in-town, so much so that they're scraping the bottom of the barrel by having their daughter marry the son of a "noveau rich" family of fish merchants.

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Or, Emily could actually be Victoria's cousin or aunt, and related to the Everglots, as opposed to being Victoria's sister. This would also be likely, and explain how Victoria and Emily share so many physical and personality similarities, as well as why the Everglots have "squandered their family fortune".

I'd even posit that Emily could be the younger sister of Maudeline Everglot, Victoria's mother. As Maudeline married into the Everglot family, and wasn't born one, this would explain how and why an "attractive Everglot" wasn't born into the family until Victoria. Victoria inherited her "pretty genes" from Maudeline's side of the family.

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Emily was born into a noble family, neighbors to the Everglots, who have since moved away from the town. Emily is - was? This is because, when I re-watched the movie, it's heavily implied or even outright stated that Mrs. Everglot herself is "of impeccable breeding", meaning that she must've come from a noble family herself.

corpse bride victor and victoria meet

However, there are no other "old" noble families in the town anymore, save, for, of course, the Everglots, the family that Maudeline married into. Emily's wedding dress, which was "claimed to be her mother's", but may have been sewn by Emily herself as, honestly, no one else knew she was eloping with Lord Barkis, and it being her mother's dress doesn't fit at all with the time periodalso points to Emily being of noble birth.

Based on my research, Victorian families considered it a "must" to teach their daughters to sew as best as possible. This is also most likely how the Everglots stayed afloat for as long as they did as well, by Victoria and Mrs. Everglot earning income from sewing.

For comparison, it appears as though Victoria, for example, might've sewn her own outfit as well.

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Based on my research, and the styles of dresses from the Victorian era by decade, I managed to pinpoint that the film takes place from the 's to the 's. This is because Victoria's wedding dress, along with her outfit - what's called a "riding habit" - are both fairly simple, straightforward, fit for the era, and yet, are elegant and acceptable enough for a "noble heiress" to wear.

Victoria's dress throughout the film also may lack a bustle - which would indicate the early 's - but displays bright, "loud" stripes, which are indicative of the later 's. As such, this may point to Victoria being one of the first to try out striped fabric for dresses, which also points to her likely sewing her own clothing and outfits. This is also in stark contrast to Mrs. Everglot, who wears a dark-colored, "formal but simple" Victorian dress.

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However, I no longer think that Emily came from a "noveau rich" family like the Van Dorts, because the Van Dorts seem to be the only "noveau rich" family in-town or locally. There's also the added bit that the Van Dorts are likely [descended from? Last but not least, considering Maudeline Everglot's past, there also may be some implications there, as related to Emily.

corpse bride victor and victoria meet

Haughty and contempt, Maudeline is a cold, distant figure whose primary objective is in keeping with proper decorum and civilized habits to preserve her family's good name. She makes it clear that her feelings for her husband, Finnis, extends only so far as toleration, and that she does not "like" him and that her motherly duties are only to find her daughter a "proper" match in this instance- money.

Let's assume that Emily is - was? Emily runs off with their family's fortune after their parents forbid her from marrying Lord Barkis. Wanting to reunite with Victoria, Victor tricks Emily into taking him back to the Land of the Living by pretending he wants her to meet his parents.


She agrees to this and takes him to see Elder Gutknecht, the kindly ruler of the underworld, to send him and Emily temporarily to the Land of the Living.

Once back home, Victor asks Emily to wait in the forest while he rushes off to see Victoria and confess his wish to marry her as soon as possible, to which she gladly returns his feelings.

Emily soon arrives and sees the two of them together and, feeling betrayed and hurt, drags Victor back to the Land of the Dead.

corpse bride victor and victoria meet

Victoria tells her parents that Victor has been forcibly wed to a dead woman, but they believe she has lost her mind and lock her up in her bedroom. Victor, however, apologizes for lying to her, and the two reconcile while playing a piano together. In order for their marriage to become valid, Victor must repeat his vows in the Land Of The Living and drink poison- thus joining her in death.

corpse bride victor and victoria meet

Overhearing this, and fretting about having lost his chance with Victoria, Victor agrees to die for Emily. After a quarrel with Lord Barkis -and realizing he was only after her supposed money- Victoria follows the procession of dead to the church.

As Victor prepares to drink the cup of poison to kill himself, Emily notices Victoria and has second thoughts, realizing that she is denying Victoria her chance at happiness the same way it was stolen from her.

corpse bride victor and victoria meet