Buggy and shanks meet again in heaven

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buggy and shanks meet again in heaven

Rated: Fiction T - English - Family/Hurt/Comfort - Shanks, Gol D. Roger, S. Rayleigh, for a supposed paradise—not that he was really one to believe in heaven or hell. You can reunite with them then. .. Buggy the Clown. Without him knowing, he had wrapped Shanks around his little finger. I want you to give it back to me when you've become a great pirate. Buggy never really had any attachment to Roger, or to the Jolly Pirates but Buggy If Clover didn't meet that man beforehand he would have laughed at their faces. Buggy and Shanks One Piece Fanart, One Piece Pictures, Shaggy, Fan Art, .. Пираты Белоуса Begin Again, Rwby, One Piece Anime, Fan Art, Wattpad.

A loud, booming laughter brought him away from his silent breakdown to look once more at the jacketed figure of the captain. He pulled his mouth into a taut line, brows furrowed. At that point, Ace passed his stage of disbelief and was fast approaching anger. The supressed emotions he buried away after becoming a commander of the Whitebeard pirates were bubbling to the surface.

His childhood memories clogged conscious thought as he recalled the venomous words that spewed from the mouths of anyone who heard the pirate king's name. Now, that very same man was standing before him, inching closer as each second ticked by.

He couldn't believe his rotten luck. Both Rayleigh and his captain were unaffected by it, though Shanks, who was now beside the Whitebeard commander, grew confused.

Ace let out a jaded, broken chuckle.

Roger's Reincarnation, an one piece fanfic | FanFiction

Instead of dying, he was facing the most famous pirate in the world. Bringing a hand to press against his forehead, he heaved a breath of exhaustion. You're going to drop me off on Oyaji's ship and we're never going to see each other again. In reality, he wouldn't have minded attacking the man—giving him a good punch to the face.

But after Marineford, after Teach, he knew better than to let his anger and pride sway him into such an unfavourable situation. And, as much as he hated Gold Roger, he missed his family more. The crew was clearly shocked by the tone Ace took with the man—he was the pirate king, after all.

Had he obtained that title yet? Either way, it was probably a big insult to many, but no one said anything. And then he laughed. That bastard actually laughed away the heavy atmosphere. When someone came aboard your ship and ordered you around, weren't you supposed to stand up for yourself and prove a point? The only one stupid enough to brush it off like that was Luff—oh god, he did not just compare his little brother to that man.

Did… did he just comply with Ace's demands? He was pulled away from his wondering when the pirate king, completely ignoring what he just said, patted him on the back.

We'll hand you over when we run into him. Shouldn't be long now," he said, grinning. Ace took a deep breath to keep his hotheaded nature in check. Before their journey was through, he was sure he'd kill the man, intentionally or not. His tolerance ran thin and he slapped the captain's hand away. There was no way he could remain on deck with… him. That wasn't his name.

He wasn't that man's son. Ace," he answered after a long stretch, slamming the door behind him immediately after. The crew returned to their duties and Rayleigh faced his captain, noting the contemplative look and slight smile gracing his lips.

He'd been in that room with nothing to do for all of twenty minutes before his patience ran thin. Were it not for the bastard strolling about the deck, he wouldn't have trapped himself in there. As it stood, his only choices were remaining in solitude or giving in and accompanying the pirate king and he was not willing to do that.

So he was left in silent contemplation. At first he thought it best to try to figure out what was going on. Somehow he ended up in the past, but that really didn't seem possible.

He should have been dead. Maybe he was dead. Maybe that was hell. It certainly made sense, what with being trapped in the presence of Gold Roger—that was definitely suitable as some sort of punishment—but somehow he thought it unlikely. He didn't really believe in the afterlife, anyways. So… he was in the past, then. Groaning, he rolled onto his side, opting to stare at the wall. It was just as unentertaining as the ceiling but it wasn't like there was much else to look at.

Thinking about how he ended up in that situation led to inconclusive answers and a splitting headache. For whatever reason, he was in the past. He accepted that, begrudgingly. Then… would he even be able to return to Oyaji's ship? He hadn't joined yet. Hell, he wasn't even born. Would the old man allow him to come aboard? A knocking brought a halt to his downward-spiralling thoughts. Once more he turned over, lifting his torso from the cushion beneath him as he glanced at the door. Met with red hair, he regarded the child with curiosity.

That really was Shanks, then. And the hat he wore… one day it would be Luffy's… Damn, did he ever miss that brat. Pushing himself up fully, he motioned for the kid to speak.

Oh how he wanted to wring the old man's neck. Going to the mess hall wasn't a smart move for either party, but… he was getting hungry. Then again, he was always hungry, having a stomach almost as bottomless as his little brother's.

Tell the captain that. Hearing the clear reluctance in Ace's voice, the boy's face sagged and he plopped down on the chair—same one as before—giving him a knowing look. It was unnerving; that expression reminded Fire Fist of how poorly he hid his emotions. Was he the pirate king yet? It was eerie how similar the two could appear.

After a long stretch of silence, the boy spoke up again. He tried to suppress it, to no avail. With all the resolve carried in those dark eyes, Ace was almost inclined to believe it. The boy had complete trust in his captain. And strong—no one can beat him, not even the Golden Lion. Vaguely, he recalled hearing about the fight between the pirate king and Shiki, a former power, but brushed it aside.

Shanks sure held his captain in high regard. Still, he hated the bastard and didn't want anything to do with him. It didn't matter what the kid said. At first the redhead just continued to blink at him in silence. Then, peals of laughter rolled from his throat, causing the fire user's embarrassment to grow. Guess he couldn't use that excuse, could he? Dinner on the Oro Jackson was all too reminiscent of the Moby Dick; there was laughing and cheering, resembling the meaningless celebrations the Whitebeard pirates were known for.

Maybe that was why Ace didn't feel out of place. Walking through the door, across the room, giving sideways glances to hearty men as he passed… it felt natural. Sitting at the captain's table was downright torture. Apparently it was the only place with enough room left to accommodate him, but seeing as Shanks was the one who said it, he doubted it to be true.

Something told him that the boy wanted him to change his opinion of the pirate king before his stay came to an end. He was in for a heavy disappointment if that was the case. After living so many years under that man's shadow, hearing rolls of laughter whenever he inquired about Gold Roger having a son… he would never think differently. Placed directly across from the captain, Ace decidedly stared at the table. He didn't want to look at the man, didn't want to talk to him—he just wanted to fill his stomach.

If he managed to ignore the bastard's existence long enough, his meal wouldn't be soiled. Still, with how booming a voice he had, it was hard to keep from glancing his way. Something about the carefree way he spoke drew in attention. Stabbing into the meat on his plate, Ace ripped off a bite angrily and chewed, frustrated that the most notable voice in the room was the one coming from directly in front of him.

Eating seemed to quell his nerves for but a moment. The question was innocent enough, and he liked talking about his crew, so… "Two years ago," he replied hesitantly, looking back to his plate to continue his meal. Well, he wasn't expecting that particular remark.

One Piece - Whitebeard & Shanks' conversation and clash

Admitting to being from the future probably wasn't the best idea. Lying… Ace was a terrible liar—not as bad as Luffy, but still not very believable.

So, he opened his mouth in preparation of an excuse. He really didn't understand the man. I mean I even d—" His eyes widened at the realization, halting his words. He would never see Luffy again—never see him fulfill his dream. The table fell silent, watching as Ace's downturned face contorted, flashing briefly with anger before settling on content.

He was dead but… Luffy wasn't. Ace took a deep breath. He just held a conversation with the damned pirate king, the bane of his existence. That wasn't happening—it couldn't be.

There was no way he was going to go along with that bastard. He may have held back on attacking him, but there was no way he was going to get along with him after the hell he lived through during his childhood.

Having finished his plate, he stood abruptly from his chair, glared his hardest at the man before him, and stormed out of the room. His stomach was only partially full and Shanks was protesting his leave but hell if he cared.

Asking about Luffy to gain his favour… that was a cheap shot! The hours faded to twilight, finding the crew aboard the Oro Jackson drifting into slumber, leaving but one man to sit about the crow's nest for the nightly watch.

Most would be content with lying in their beds, seeing that as a chance to rest after the day's labours. Ace was different; he saw it as an opportunity to free himself from the confines of his room, to roam about freely without the looming threat of encountering a certain someone.

World Timeline

Swinging open the slab of wood that separated him from the deck, the pirate inhaled deeply, filling his lungs with the sea-sprayed air he'd come to know so well. Once more he could hear the waves roll against the ship's hull, crashing rhythmically as the vessel carried them through the waters. The sound made him feel safe, secure—told him that there was nothing to fear. Soon his face fell, dropping into a familiar scowl as his mind began to wander.

He really needed to figure out what to do from that point on. If Oyaji refused to take him in… what could he do? A recent memory flashed through his head. Amidst the fire and carnage brought forth by his flames stood a man, tall and proud against the red backdrop of the battlefield.

Strong, unyielding, he ignored the injuries scattered about his person, golden eyes meeting gray. Hard glare turning soft, he regarded Ace fondly, ignoring the stench of death permeating the open air.

Oyaji gave him a family—a place to belong. How could he ever repay him for that? What hurt most was knowing that if he returned to his time, Whitebeard wouldn't be there. Oyaji chose Marineford as his deathbed. That's why… he said goodbye. He really wanted to see the old guy. Fire Fist tore his eyes away from the darkened sea, his mind from reminiscence, and looked up at the crow's nest.

He was met with the laid-back smile of a notorious blond. Ace wasn't sure what to make of Rayleigh. The man himself wasn't hard to get along with—didn't bring out the fire user's bad side—but at the same time, he was Roger's first mate. That alone was proof that he wouldn't make very desirable company. The man laughed from his perch, removing a gray flask from his side, opening it to take a swig of its contents. What was with that crew and brushing everything off like that?

I'm not surprised you don't like him. So that was their last voyage, then.

buggy and shanks meet again in heaven

They would disperse soon and then a year would pass before Ace's conception and Roger's death. Knowing that really put everything into perspective. He wasn't particularly knowledgeable of the pirate king's reign, about the adventures he experienced or the circumstances surrounding them.

Why did that man want to sail in the first place? Despite being oblivious to all of that, he was well aware of Gold Roger's infamous execution, the crowd that gathered in a Loguetown square to witness the end of one era and the birth of another. He heard it many times—that the heat was almost unbearable, parching their throats as the sun beat down, but no one was willing to leave.

They had to be there—to bear witness to such a monumental occasion. The man who attained everything fell. His blood coated the platform, falling to the dried earth as cheers echoed across the world, the people's hope renewed with the prospect of attaining the pirate king's legacy as his heart beat its last, immortalizing his name and creating a throne above the stars to keep his legend alive.

He'd arrived at the peak of Gol D. Roger's story, right after the climax and before the final resolution. The man, as he was then, was what Luffy aspired to be. Ace would be lying if he said he wasn't even a little curious. Maybe it didn't matter. Chilled liquid drenched his being, his body jumping in shock. That feeling was all too familiar and he panicked, reaching out to grab whatever was an arm-length away as he opened his eyes. He wished he stayed asleep.

Of course it was the captain's laid-back grin he was greeted with, because his life as of late loved screwing with him. When did he fall asleep? Last he recalled, he and Rayleigh were drinking… ah, that was probably it.

Alcohol didn't like his narcolepsy very much. A chorus of laughter sprung forth from the crew as they watched the events unravel. Ace really didn't understand that bunch. Pouring a bucket of water on a sleeping devil fruit user… was the man trying to give him a heart attack?

He thought he was drowning! He was technically dead, wasn't he? Pushing the thought to the back of his mind, he continued drying himself. He didn't want to think about that; every time he did, he felt uneasy. There really wasn't any way of knowing what would happen to him after his little adventure in the past.

Would he just… vanish? Not wanting to ponder that, he allowed his flames to take over, washing his body in protective warmth. He could feel the water evaporate, eyes on him as he displayed his skills.

Of course, he hadn't really mentioned his ability to them before. He didn't like them—didn't like conversing with them. Maybe he just didn't like their captain. He glanced at the blond before turning away, dropping the shirt to the ground after finding no need for it. Ignoring that annoying face of his was getting easier as time went on.

He couldn't say the same for that booming voice, though. He ate his fruit on accident back when he first entered the Grand Line so he never pondered whether or not he wanted a power like that. Considering his use of it over the years, though… "Yeah," he said with a nod, "it was.

He protected his crew with it. Knowing that, it was worth it. He'd do it over again if given the chance. Ace raised his eyebrow as he watched the laughing captain break up their tiff, wondering about that other kid. He'd seen him before, but where?

With a nose like that, he was unmistakab— Buggy the Clown. So that pirate used to be on the Oro Jackson, huh? He certainly didn't seem the type. Everyone else who came from that crew was infamous. The Dark King Rayleigh was legendary amongst the pirates of his time. Shanks became a Yonko, attaining power similar to Oyaji's. Buggy, well… he wasn't so successful. He did recall seeing him at Marineford, though—leading the group of escapees.

Maybe he was useful, after all. Shanks and Buggy turned from each other sharply and childishly stormed away from one another as their captain sheepishly scratched the back of his head. He didn't seem put-off by their reaction, though. In fact, it seemed like an everyday thing. The redhead spotted him and immediately headed over, not giving him a chance to retreat to his usual room. He wasn't too fond of staying on deck with Roger, but… it wasn't like he had much of a choice. He'd go insane if he spent all waking hours in there.

Maybe spending a little time in the same vicinity as they guy wouldn't kill him. The fire user sent him a lopsided grin. Rubbing his neck, he thought of the best explanation.

That was a topic he would never tire of. He noticed others staring at him as well, such as Rayleigh. But it was such a large tattoo, right on his back— …It was, wasn't it? The pirate buried his head in his hands, hunching over in the dark of the room as he sat on the edge of his bed. Mirror shards lay shattered on the far side of the room, a testament to his anger in the moment.

Frustrated shivers escaped his body as he clenched his teeth, not wanting to admit the truth—that the mark he wore so proudly on his skin was gone, leaving not a shred of proof that it was ever there. He hated it—hated that his symbol of belonging had been erased.

It felt like it'd never happened—the crew, the old man, their time together. He heard the door creak open but didn't react, remaining hidden behind his fingers as he tried to cope with what he just saw. There was a pause as the other assessed the situation.

buggy and shanks meet again in heaven

Then large, weighted steps resounded through the room, bouncing off the walls. He knew those steps—recognised that gait—but said not a word. At that point, he didn't care. The bed sunk beside him under his guest's weight. When the man sighed, he confirmed his identity.

But it didn't matter. His grudge against him ran deep, but it was no match for how lost he felt in that moment. If he no longer had that mark, did he really have a home to return to? Releasing a shivering breath, he continued. It was strange, hearing the pirate king use such a soft tone.

That he had a family. That he had a home. That he was loved. Curling deeper unto himself, running fingers through dark strands, he let out a strangled cry, almost inaudible.

His mind first flashed to a grinning blond. No one knew about him—not even Oyaji or Marco. He was a figment of the past, a shard from his memories that stabbed at him whenever he thought about bringing him up in conversation. Still, he found words flowing from his lips like water. Warmth enveloped him as his mind got caught up in the iconic memories of his childhood, the three of them together always. Ace nodded, "To the end.

A jaded laugh escaped him then, but it held no malice. He spun around to see pure curiosity on Roger's face, nothing more. There was no taunting in his voice, no judgement in his eyes. The fire user wasn't sure how to answer that, though. His mind shifted to the letter, the last words his brother gave him. Sabo was the first friend he made, the first connection he built. After spending so many years hating his lineage, hating who he was, he found someone who accepted him. At first he stayed away, but Sabo was persistent.

He wouldn't let him escape and, for that, Ace was grateful. Maybe it was because that was his last chance. He didn't want to wait. He didn't leave with regrets.

Legacy, an one piece fanfic | FanFiction

They drank and laughed, dancing around the deck idiotically as they celebrated. What were they celebrating? Well, Ace didn't know either. They seemed to use anything as an excuse to hold some sort of party—to get drunk off their asses and have fun.

He was a fool, Buggy would admit rather quietly but he had his moments where Buggy felt proud to pronounce that Gol D. Roger was his captain.

He did not have any problem of Roger being the pirate king as well. Buggy respected that man. And Luffy, was the only one that was close to earn Buggy's respect. He was selfless, a fool and incredibly lucky. Buggy nearly disassembled all of his limbs into small particles in shock after encountering Straw Hat breaking into Impel Down for the sake of saving his brother and Buggy wouldn't admit this but his respect for the snotty brat went up few notches.

Being in an 'alliance' with Straw Hat and entered the War of the Best was due to future public reputation but watching Luffy sacrificing his life and fighting against rounds of marines that even Luffy was sure out of his league made Buggy understand Luffy even further.

The little brat was an unpredictable bastard, from entering to the war by falling off the sky and going against Whitebeard without a hint of fear and then finding out that his father was the most wanted man alive was something that Buggy could not even guess no matter how long he would've lived. But Buggy knew that Luffy, one day will be a force to be reckoned with and he won't be just an infamous rookie brat.

He would so much, someone more, someone more powerful and everyone would have to watch out for him. Buggy knew that he was going against someone like Luffy and he might wonder, the day when Monkey D. Luffy becomes the pirate king he would step down and respect that man he used to 'fight' against back in East Blue.

Clover's eyes widened before a wave of nostalgia rushed through his mind, that same grin and easygoing and thoughtless remark, lacking sense of danger despite being in the most dangerous sea in the world. This boy was the man that he had been waiting for, he had given up on Rumbar Pirates and he was pretty sure that everyone had been annihilated and died by now. However this group of rookie pirates had provided him hope, hope to wait longer, to wait for something big to happen happen, an utter chaos and the perpetrator for the whole catastrophe would be this seemingly harmless group of pirates standing in front of him cluelessly.

Laboon seemed to like them as well. That man, Monkey D. Clover fought back a loud booming laugh, it was as if Roger had been alive all along and standing and fooling around right here. Clover knew the man well, he was a sick man, emotionally and physically but nothing stopped him, he proved to the world as King, conquered the sea without any desire for these fortune and riches but limitless freedom.

He had discovered One Piece, hid it in that 'place' and died without regrets, with that usual easy going smile of his. He was a foolish man with an even more foolish dream, being a pirate meant that you'll be free? If Clover didn't meet that man beforehand he would have laughed at their faces and yelled out at their stupidity, but Roger proved him wrong.

Roger was a pirate, a fearsome pirate to boot but he was nowhere near fearsome, he regarded his nakama as family and treated them like one. He never put up any hierarchy and regarded everyone as equal, except when captain measures must be undertaken and Roger, as the official captain of the ship had to make decisions, even then he made good decisions and to prove it was every member of Oro Jackson were alive and kicking.

Clover was sure, Monkey D. Luffy will be just like Roger. He chuckled to himself when Luffy, who he believed will become the Pirate King was kicked at the end of the cliff by the fiery navigator. He took a step closer and approached the frantic sniper and the bawling navigator, "I have spare log pose if you want. It was a rainy day, storm was coming but nothing stopped the spectators from attending the 'show' to watch the Pirate King's death.

Mihawk didn't think Roger as anything except a honourable man with an even more honourable death. It had been over 20 years since his death and nothing really happened besides the birth of a new Age of Pirates that he found to be utterly disgusting.

Honour, romantic dream of piracy seemed to dissipate at the hands of this new Age and Mihawk didn't want to have anything to do with it. It was why he decided to join the Warlord and exclude himself from the world, nothing was fun anymore, not as fun as the last era.

He was waiting, Shanks had lost his arm and it had automatically lost his interest to spar with the man knowing that he was handicapped. He never knew, his visit to East Blue just to chase after a weak rabbit made him return home in a good mood.

He encountered a swordsman, deemed to be the strongest in East Blue. He didn't think much of it, the man with a peculiar hair colour wasn't a threat to him. He had fallen into petty taunts and had blindly attacked him instead. But what he did impressed the swordsman, the choice of dying instead of losing. He had a friend, or a captain who immediately attacked him when the unconscious swordsman fell to the sea and he could see the burning rage the straw hatted boy had for him.

He had encountered countless of pirates but no one had the exact burn in him, and he was just like what Shanks had told him about, reckless. The swordsman couldn't help but spot striking resemblance with Roger, that contagious smile for his nakama, the love and care for his friends and of course, his high reachable dream.

Maybe this era wasn't so bad after all. Smoker's eyes widened, he smiled the second before his death. The smoking man could feel his tongue go dry and his eyes stayed glued to the direction of the execution tower. Smoker was going to give the respect for this young dead pirate for smiling and a slight tinge of disappointment washed through him. He had respected Roger, though he would not admit it even if he had to die and his respect for for Monkey D.

Luffy started to grow. But unfortunately, he had to meet his end. Alas, it was for the best of the world. Despite being a 'D' he was a pirate, and they had to be exterminated from the world.

That was the 'true justice' of marines, the death of pirates, bandits, criminals whatsoever. He gaped at the sight of lightning sparks electrocuting right down to the execution tower, blinding the audience around.

But Smoker knew better, no one can survive that magnitude of lightning, either way it was going to kill Monkey D. Luffy and the unlucky executioner. His convictions were proven wrong at the sight of a young man with red vest picking up a tattered straw hat at his feet before setting it on his head. He was smiling, laughing at that, screaming out to the world and the audience that he had survived, survived that horrific execution, that lightning.

As if the heavens didn't want him to die, just yet. Even though he desperately wanted to let him go to see what kind of man he would become in the future.

Smoker fought back a smirk as he swarmed through with his beloved bicycle, he wasn't stupid, he knew those pirates were going to pass through this lane. He was proven right when the familiar raven haired man with tattered straw hat and his blonde companion ran towards him.

buggy and shanks meet again in heaven

Is he the chosen one? Smoker was disappointed, he had overestimated him. He was the chosen one from Roger and he was put down to his feet so easily. He sighed and shook his head, maybe he was wrong. Either way he was going to finish him off, he grabbed his jutte and was ready to knock him out until a sudden force grabbed onto the end of his jutte.

He turned around so quickly that he could hear a crack on his neck, his eyes visibly widened again. He was a familiar man, too familiar that the man was probably the main topic in every marine meeting. Cloaked figure, tribal tattoo on the left side of his face and strong, haunting eyes.

He was the first one. Smoker was too stubborn for that, he would not tarnish his record. He would chase after Monkey D. Luffy even if he dies. A small smirk played on his lips, how lucky could that man with straw hat be? Probably he was the chosen one. He had learned about his death and mourned over him for quite some time. He had remembered the brief moment they spent together and believe him, no one could be as weird, distinctively unique as Roger. Luffy arrived in Skypeia as the first visitor since ever, Gan Fall immediately recognized this man, the man wearing a straw hat, infectious grin and red vest.

He had briefly remembered that Roger liked red too. He gave the man a whistle not because they were completely unaware of different currency between Sky Island and Blue Sea but because he had given the old God, nostalgia over his dead friend. He didn't expect things to be ugly and his God status to be revived from him.

He eternally thanked the man. He would never have dreamed of unity between Shandians and Skypeians. He would never have dreamed that Enel and those priests to be completely obliterated in the hands of these Blue Sea dwellers. He would never have expected that he would gain another friend again, a friend that he believed would be the Pirate King, the title Roger acquired.

This man was stupid, just like Roger but incredibly selfless that it would make a saint felt guilty for talking to him. He knew that man would be another force to be recognized, he just knew it.

He was a God that didn't support reincarnation, but maybe he would start believing that Roger had returned after 22 long agonising year to turn the world upside down and change everything under his feet. When the time comes, Gan Fall would be very pleased. Rayleigh had waited for so long to meet this boy, the boy that Shanks spoke so fondly of. His eyes were literally shining despite the missing limb he had and the absence of his treasured straw hat.

But he had met the boy at the wrong time though. But he was deeply amused. He approved of the boy already. He managed to steal a glance at Luffy's recent shenanigan, or rather heavy crime.

He had punched a tenryuubito. Rayleigh forced back a laugh, he was even crazier than Shanks described. Everything went into chaos and even his crew contributed to the damage of other tenryuubito in presence. But now he didn't have the time to watch such amusing sight, he had to save his friend's friend. The green haired mermaid inside a rather fishbowl and help his injured friend laying down on the stairs, Hachi.

He thanked Luffy internally for standing up to the fishman, he was his friend and the fact that Monkey D. Luffy was willing to go against the world for just one friend impressed him to no end. Luffy had earned his respect. Luffy, I've always wanted to meet you. The man acted too much like Roger and Shanks combined that it couldn't help but made the retired pirate feel nostalgic of his adventures in the sea, 20 years ago.

He was just like Roger, his big dream with that contagious smile, extreme hunger and appetite and lacking sense of logic and thoughts. He could see them judging by his nakama's exhausted expressions.