Bolin and mako meet their family members

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bolin and mako meet their family members

In AG, Yin excitedly greeted her grandsons, Bolin and Mako, after they arrived included a photograph of a young Mako and Bolin along with their parents. After meeting Asami and Korra, Yin asked Mako why he was not dating either of. It's also the perfect time for her parents to come and visit. Out of the corner of his eye, Mako can see Bolin waving and bowing for his fangirls. Mako and Bolins mother is the firebender in prison at the pole, and Kai is Mako and Bolin lived on the street after their parents "died" In the picture .. states that she never met their mum and would have loved to meet her.

Korra and Asami arrive to collect the tax shipment, but became immediately wary of their surroundings after noticing residents fleeing indoors.

bolin and mako meet their family members

As the guards bring the shipment out to load in the airship, they are attacked by a group of barbarians on motorcycles. The leader instructs Korra and Asami to leave the shipment but the two refuse, causing a fight to erupt in which Korra and Asami quickly take the upper hand. The leader calls his men to retreat and tells Korra that she is fighting for the wrong side before fleeing the scene.

Watching them go, Korra discloses to Asami that she indeed suspects Gombo to be correct. He recalls how he once hired Combustion Man, who was capable of the same technique, in a failed attempt to kill the previous Avatar, Aang.

Eska comforts him and recalls the time she attempted to kill Korra for ruining her wedding with Bolin. Mako inquires as to why his father left Ba Sing Se and discovers that his father aspired to achieve things greater than working the fruit stand. Yin brings Mako and Bolin to a room and shows them the letter, which includes a photo of them as children along with their mother and father. Gun escorts Korra to the palace and announces that Korra has returned with the tax shipment.

Having fulfilled her part of the deal, Korra inquires once more about any airbenders in Ba Sing Se. The Earth Queen claims that the Dai Li have searched the city but were unable to find any airbenders, concluding that Korra and the rest of her team could leave the city. Angered, Korra launches into a tirade, criticizing Hou-Ting for extorting her own subjects to sustain her own lavish lifestyle.

Mako's relationships

Upon mentioning them, the family members gasp, and reveal how Dai Li agents have apprehended airbenders in the city for the Earth Queen to supposedly use in experiments. Mako is also described as being outspoken, generally not afraid to share his opinions with others.

Additionally, Mako is very guarded in his dealings with strangers, lacking the naivety of his brother. Mako formed a pro-bending team with his brother, dreaming that it would bring him fame and fortune. However, his aspirations changed when he met Avatar Korrawho joined the team and became a loyal friend.

He joined his friends, including Korra, on numerous occasions in stopping various global threats. Mako was later appointed as Prince Wu's bodyguard, a position he continued after the latter's coronation as Earth King. Creation and conception[ edit ] David Faustino voices Mako. Mako along with his brother Bolin were designed by Ryu Ki-Hyun. Joaquim Dos Santos originally wanted both characters to have strong noses, however the idea was nixed.

It was decided that as the younger brother, Bolin's character would have a somewhat simplistic and naive view of the world, while Mako's character as the older brother and provider for the two, would be more reserved, cynical and serious in nature.

According to the creators, the United Republic was founded by Aang and Zuko after the Hundred Year War as a place where benders and non-Benders from all four Kingdoms could live in harmony.

bolin and mako meet their family members

Mako and Bolin were created in part to highlight the radical changes that had occurred in the seventy years since the end of the war, specifically the ethnic diversity and blending of cultures of the various nations in the United Republic. Because of the heritages of their parents, Mako is a firebender and Bolin is an earthbender.

Bryan Konietzko made the decision to have it removed.

bolin and mako meet their family members

Though Joaquim Dos Santos was initially supportive of the scarf being implemented, he left open to the idea that a police officer having on scarf while showing up to a crime spree would be "strange". He was originally intended to become romantically involved with Fire Lord Izumi's daughter during the fourth season, but the idea was scrapped as the writers felt there were too many characters in the season.

The Legend of Korra

Faustino felt Mako's love for Asami was different than the love he had for Korra, calling it "much deeper". Faustino was supportive of the romantic relationship between Mako and Korra being reestablished during the fourth season. Air[ edit ] At the beginning of the series, Mako is a member of the Fire Ferrets pro-bending team, alongside his brother and the waterbender Hasook. Tensions between Korra and Mako again appeared when Korra began to suspect Hiroshi of being an Equalist, with Mako believing her to be acting on her jealousy towards Asami.

After Korra's suspicions were proven to be true, he comforted the distraught Asami at the Avatar's urging. The trio were subsequently arrested by Republic City Councilman Tarrlok, who wanted to use them as leverage against Korra. During the crisis, Mako was very open about his feelings for Korra in front of Asami, leading to friction between the two of them. This was exacerbated when Asami found out about Mako and Korra's earlier kiss.

Shortly, Mako and Korra later discovered that Amon, the leader of the Equalists, was a powerful bender and not the non-bender he claimed to be. They eventually exposed Amon, ending the revolution, but in the process Korra lost much of her bending.

When Korra traveled to the South Pole to receive treatment from Katara, Mako accompanied her confessing his love for her while there. After Korra bending was restored by Aang, the two of them embraced and kissed, with Korra admitting her love for Mako.

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When a cultural center associated with the Southern Water Tribe was bombed, most suspected that the Northern Water Tribe was involved.

However, Mako was one of the few who doubted that the Northern Water Tribe was the culprit. This brought him into sharp conflict with Korra, a native of the Southern Water Tribe. Once Mako revealed Korra's plans to ask the United Forces fleet to help the Southern Water Tribe in their civil war with their northern counterparts to the president, Mako and Korra's romantic relationship abruptly ended in a bitter argument.

However, they were double-crossed by the gangsters. During the operation, Asami's company's warehouse was raided, effectively bankrupting her company. While consoling the distraught Asami, Asami kissed Mako.

bolin and mako meet their family members

Ignoring the rest of Bolin's questions, Mako heads out of the attic and back down to the gym. To his surprise, it's not empty. Korra and Tonraq are both there, and practicing their bending together. They don't notice him enter at first, so he just watches in silence as they bend. Tonraq's movements are strong and confident, just like Korra's, and Mako can see him watching his daughter out of the corner of his eye.

Mako can see how proud he is. He doesn't know how she could possibly be so cheery after all she had to drink the night before. Tonraq stiffens up a little, and Mako tries to ignore it. He was really impressed with the new fighting styles that he saw last night. He's picked it up really well! Mako can't help himself. I said not bad!

Tonraq looks a little confused at the turn of events. Just a little something that Mako said to me way back when he was still a jerk," Korra is smiling devilishly.

Tonraq raises an eyebrow. When I distract Bolin. Then he's a jerk. And a really good friend," she smiles warmly, and Mako relaxes a little. And don't burn the place down," she points at Mako sternly.

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He rolls his eyes. Both of them shift uncomfortably on their feet. It's silent for a while, but finally Mako finds the right words. The Avatar should always have friends that look out for her.

She's my friend, and I care about her, regardless of whether or not she is the link to the spirit world. He never even knew that she wanted him until the night before. He loves her and he'd do anything for the people that he loves.

bolin and mako meet their family members

But he doesn't say that, because he should probably talk to Korra before confessing his love to her father. But there are people in this world who see her only as the Avatar, and not as her own person, and only care about her power, not about her. I just don't want her to fall for someone who will hurt her," his voice is softer than before, and Mako relaxes. I love your daughter for her.

His eyes widen and he waits for Tonraq to say something, and for the world to come crashing down around him, but to his surprise, the older man only smiles at him, and claps him on the shoulder.