Bold and the beautiful hope liam first meet

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bold and the beautiful hope liam first meet

They have another relationship, Hope sees them kiss, and dumps him. Right when Hope and Liam are ready to get married, Steffy runs up and . Steffy texting Liam, thought it was beautiful and wanted Liam to make one for them, . Steffy didn't want him to explain anything at first but after he did she had mixed feelings. Liam Spencer is a fictional character from the CBS Daytime soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful, played by Scott Clifton. He made his first screen appearance during the episode broadcast on July . Ivy and Aly (Ashlyn Pearce) convince Liam to meet Hope. When Ivy falls into the Seine, Liam jumps in to save her and. Hope Logan is a fictional character from The Bold and the Beautiful, an American soap opera The young adult character of Hope was first described as "A polar opposite of what her mother Brooke once was, Hope makes no After witnessing the kiss, Hope takes off her engagement ring and leaves it at Liam's house.

He later runs into Quinn and accuses her of ruining his relationship with Hope. Quinn, however, fires back at him, telling him that it was his fault that his relationship with Hope is over, not hers. Liam gets even angrier when Quinn calls a weak, waffling little boy. Hope thinks she is pregnant with Wyatt's child and wasn't with it for a while. She went by Liam's and threw a receipt for a pregnancy test in his bushes which he found and went over there.

Hope tells this to Wyatt as Liam rushes in.

bold and the beautiful hope liam first meet

She retakes it and realizes she isn't. Hope is selfishly relieved and tells Wyatt she is even thought Wyatt somewhat wanted a child. Liam is dead relieved. Wyatt and Hope feel this is between them but Liam insists this affects him to. Wyatt is getting ready to take Hope camping again. Liam hops in the truck and kidnaps Hope which freaks her out. She calls Wyatt who is alerted but can't stop Liam. Liam drives her to his place and they both can't let go of each other and fear losing each other.

Liam demands equal time and for her to date them both if she shows up for dinner tonight. Wyatt tells Quinn that if Hope goes over to Liam's tonight she'd be dating them both which Hope's mother Brooke has done with two half-brothers. Quinn wanted Wyatt to fight for her but Wyatt trusted Hope but didn't know what she was gonna do.

Of course, Hope does and dates them both which she goes back to talk to Wyatt who only cares about romancing her right now. Ridge Forrester didn't like the Fuller's jewelry because he was upset that his ex-wife was marrying Bill Spencer. Quinn showed Wyatt the photo. Wyatt was against her using it because of his job and relationship with Hope.

Quinn sent Ridge an e-mail of some jewelry pictures and the sex photo. Ridge was shocked and confronted Quinn who told him they had an "affair". Ridge showed this to Eric before he left for The Middle East. Eric confronted Quinn and Wyatt. Quinn brings up her relationship with Eric but that wasn't really relevant. Eric assured her she won't be losing her job. Ridge flew to Dubai and after they exchanged their "I Do's" yelled"Logan. Ridge punched Bill and took off with Brooke.

Bill chased after them and Ridge and Brooke got in a helicopter. Bill nodded to the pilot and once they lifted Justin Barber the pilot swayed and Ridge fell in the middle of The Persian Gulf. Everybody thought Ridge could have been dead. Liam blamed Quinn for the possible death of Ridge Forrester.

Rick fired Quinn and Wyatt from the company. Liam was badmouthing Quinn and Wyatt punched Liam down to the floor. Hope dumped Wyatt for the punch and Quinn's involvement. Quinn entered a bar and started drinking. Deacon sat next to her and started talking to her. Quinn explained she had a terrible day. She lost her job,son, and life. Quinn later mentioned that her son, Wyatt Spencer, is in love with a girl which she later mentions as Hope Logan. Quinn saw his face and asked if he knew her.

Deacon said" Know her? Honey, I'm her daddy. Deacon lets Quinn know that he talked to Hope and Ridge is still alive. Quinn was happy and relieved. Quinn and Deacon talked about Hope, Liam, and Wyatt. Quinn asked if he has heard of Wyatt fro Hope in which he said he has. Quinn plans for her and Deacon to get Wyatt and Hope together again.

Deacon needed something in exchange and told her he needed a place to stay. He asked to stay there and Quinn allowed him to stay in the penthouse. Deacon told her he can see what he could do. Hope had told Brooke and Liam that Deacon paid her a visit.

Deacon asked Hope if she was over Wyatt while Hope stalled the situation. He told her she didn't answer the question. Wyatt came by the Forrester Mansion to tell her how happy he was for her that Ridge is alive at Ridge's welcoming back party.

Liam came out and interrupted. Quinn told Deacon she's going to kill Liam. Deacon shows up at Wyatt's beach house and they had a couple friendly drinks while talking about Hope, Liam, and Wyatt.

Threatened by Quinn Edit Quinn stabbed Liam with his sword and says "Live by the sword, die by the sword. Quinn came by Liam's at night and scared him while he took a flashlight and looked out the window and saw Quinn's face.

Liam was shocked and tripped spraining his ankle. Liam told this to Hope who told Wyatt. Hope came over to the penthouse and questioned Quinn while Deacon eavesdropped unseen.

Quinn lied to Hope and went to Liam's again. Quinn kicked him and told him she'll kill Hope too before she sees him with you. Liam and Hope told Wyatt who talked to Quinn. Later, Quinn made a sword and finally let Deacon see. Quinn left as Wyatt came. Deacon informed Wyatt about Quinn.

Wyatt left while Quinn was threatening to kill Liam with the sword. Wyatt arrived just in time to push Quinn out of the way and save Liam. Wyatt told her she's done and Quinn teared and left. Wyatt thought about contacting the police but Liam told her to let her go. A doctor said that his mother checked herself in to the mental care facility last night and she's getting help. She told him Quinn still loves him and will reach out to him when she gets better. They were all happy for Quinn.

Quinn texted Wyatt and apologized for what she did to him, Liam, and Hope. He left it in the hands of Wyatt. Wyatt showed to Deacon and Wyatt said he promised to give it to Hope one day. She was uncertain because she has her company is Australia she has to run. Eric suggested she goes back and forth but still.

She needed somebody to help her along with the jewelry line. Hope and Liam automatically thought Wyatt. They asked Wyatt to rejoin Forrester in which he gladly accepted. Peril in Paris Edit Wyatt is stunned to see Quinn back home, and she insists that she is better but admits that she is still in treatment for her issues.

Wyatt filled her in on everything that has happened since she's been gone from Hope going back to Liam, getting rehired at Forrester, and Ricardo willing him the Hope Diamond necklace after his sudden death. During a press conference, Wyatt reveals the Hope Diamond in his possession and, keeping his promise, gives it to Hope.

bold and the beautiful hope liam first meet

Feeling humiliated and believing that Wyatt is back to his old tricks again, Liam tells Hope to give the diamond back to Wyatt and fire him again. Wyatt and Hope then leave for Paris for photo shoot business trip. Hope insisted that Liam go with her, but is hesitate since Wyatt is also there as well.

After convincing from Ivy and Aly, Liam decides to go to Paris and meet Hope at the Eiffel Tower where they can finally be able to solidify their relationship. Ivy tags along with Liam, unbeknownst to both that Quinn is following them. After the photo shoot and a walk around Paris, Hope tells Wyatt that she plans to stay with Liam. As she waits for Liam at their special spot by the tower, Wyatt secretly watches from beyond, hoping that Liam will not show up.

Liam finds Hope patiently waiting for him while Ivy planned to snap a picture of them together. While sitting up on a ledge, Quinn discretely pushes Ivy into the river and Liam jumps in to save her. Quinn arrives at a rooftop restaurant near the Eiffel Tower and steals a tourist's binoculars and secretly watches Hope getting aggravated waiting for Liam.

Liam ran to get to Hope and mistook her for another girl. Hope, feeling let down by Liam again, had already left and was on the Forrester jet to Monte Carlo with Wyatt. Quinn called Wyatt and after informing her, Quinn convinced him to marry Hope there. Wyatt took Hope on a romantic boat ride. They get married on the boat in a ceremony officiated by the captain. After hearing the news about it from Brooke and Deacon, Bill is then forced to tell his son that Hope married Wyatt in Monte Carlo on his yacht, devastating Liam.

Ivy listens as Liam talks about his relationship with Hope and finds herself feeling sorry for him. She then gives him a kiss on the cheek. When she talks about it with Aly, Ivy is encouraged by her cousin to see if a relationship with Liam is possible. Ivy asks Liam if he would like to go with her to the Bikini Bar, which he agrees to, admitting that he should go out and have fun in order to get his mind off of Hope.

Ivy then kisses him. However, Hope overhears Ivy talking with Aly about her date with Liam and the kiss they shared. Hope tells Ivy that even though she may have feelings for Liam, he may not be ready for another relationship. Ivy defends her decision to pursue Liam and reminds Hope that she is married to Wyatt. Ivy even goes so far as to compare Hope to Brooke, which angers Hope.

After having a talk with her father John ForresterLiam decides to give a relationship with Ivy a try. He invites her over to his place for dinner, and they take it to the next level when they start kissing.

Liam invited Ivy to the Halloween party at Bikini beach where they grew closer. Ivy and Hope has a business trip to Amsterdam where she invites Liam.

Hope was having her baby shower which Quinn was uninvited to. Quinn overheard Deacon talking to Hope on the phone about it. Quinn planned on stopping by but Deacon tried to convince her otherwise. Quinn walked up to the balcony and hid behind a fake plant watching Hope receive her presents. Quinn dreamt her coming down the stairs begging for Hope's acceptance, and Hope calling her mom and hugging her. While all of the ladies see their way to the garden to play party games, Quinn strolls down the staircase and steals a slice of cake with a napkin over it and leaves.

Meanwhile, Liam stopped by Quinn's because he called Ivy making sure Quinn wasn't gonna crash, and was informed that Deacon was with Quinn were together which disgusted him. Quinn entered her penthouse to find Liam asking where she was. Quinn claimed she was out and Liam observed the piece of cake questioning her.

She claimed she went to a bakery because she has a sweet tooth. Hope was all stressed out and Liam left after telling her he'll always be protective over her. Quinn stopped by and had an argument with Hope.

They took it out to the garden. Hope agreed to drop it. Quinn apologized and as she was walking away, pregnant Hope tripped down the patio steps. Quinn ran down to help when Liam rushed to her rescue, rushing her to the hospital. Hope was okay with minor injuries however she lost the baby. Hope awoke the next morning. She wrongly blamed Wyatt for not keeping Quinn away.

Wyatt told Hope her problem is that she always wants what she doesn't have. While Hope was remembering the incident, Liam came to her and hugged her. Hope decided to leave for Milan to go be with her mother that day. In a Forrester meeting, Rick was bothered by the success of Caroline and Ridge's art, he even turned down Aly's great design in shoes.

Rick dismissed everybody and threatened to fire Caroline and Ivy. Liam rushed in and punched Rick to the floor! Rick started cracking up but let them keep their jobs. Liam told Bill he wants to take over Forrester Creations. Bill asked Liam how is he going to do that and Liam stated he was married to her. Bill was thrilled Liam wanted to use Steffy and Liam stated she's in L.

Liam called steffy and explained he wanted to meet with her and Steffy stated at his house. Steffy appeared at Liam's remembering all the great memories they've shared. Steffy asked if he missed her and he stated how could he.

Liam asked Steffy ih her and Ridge are still talking and she didn't reply but stated she talked to Hope. Liam asked how she was and Steffy stated some topics don't come up. Steffy then stated she never replaced that motorcycle.

Liam and Steffy continued to talk and laugh. Liam explained he wants to take over Forrester Creations with her. Liam told Steffy together they can take over Forrester Creations. Steffy and Liam reminisced about all their memories and hugged on the couch when Ivy came home from shopping.

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Ivy was a bit jealous and Steffy excitedly greeted Ivy who was equally happy to see her. Before Steffy left, Liam told her to keep it in mind which she agreed to. Liam and Bill got Wyatt in on the plan but were shocked he quit after Rick gave him attitude. Liam and Bill explained the plan and made Wyatt ask Rick for his job back. Steffy told Liam she couldn't do it. Liam convinced her she's strong, and independent, and a fighter!

Steffy admit she can't come to work seeing him every day with Ivy, and he's doing this for Ivy not her! Steffy admit she's still in love with him!

Steffie and Liam's kiss against Hope and Liam's kiss

Liam stated he's moved on to Ivy and Steffy refused to go through with it. Liam told Ivy about the plan and the fact that Steffy's still in love with him. Ivy supported the plan. Ivy told Steffy she supports the plan and wants her to control Forrester Creations.

Steffy stated her father might still want to run the company and Caroline and Ridge might even be enough to motivate her. Ivy asked if there was another roadblock.

Steffy stated the fact that she's still in love with Liam. Steffy stated all their history and she left after the miscarriage. Steffy insisted if she comes back, she comes back to it all. Steffy then congratulated Rick on his CEO position. Bill convinced Liam to dump the plant and go back to Steffy, the woman he was always meant to be with. Steffy then warned him she likes that chair. After Ivy left Liam's beach house, he called Steffy to meet him there. Steffy arrived at Liam's in a skimpy bikini and a towel around her waist which she took off.

Liam was very attracted and Steffy stated she misses LA'S water so much. Paris only has one river, which nobody swims in, well except for Ivy. Steffy kept trying to convince Liam to go swimming in the ocean even when liam stated how cold the temperature was but they decided to go have fun. They came back from their swim, Liam stated how much he misses her, and Steffy kissed Liam. Steffy explained if he wants to run Forrester with her, they have to be lovers.

Steffy explained she can't do this without their relationship and Liam stated any man would wanna be with her. Ivy hid to the side and eavesdropped. Liam claimed he turned her down because of Ivy. Steffy was adamant about the deal but Liam stated they can do this another way. Ivy talked to Liam about what she overheard and Liam stated he loves her. Ivy had words with Steffy. Steffy explaining she and Liam have history, and Ivy explaining she thought Steffy would be a fun person to hang out with coming back to L.

Liam informed Ridge about the plan to take over control of Forrester. Liam stated Bill will sell him his shares so Bill would have no part of the company. Ridge tells Steffy that Liam told him the plan about Forrester. Ridge stated Steffy still loves Liam and she admit she does. Ridge's main concern was the plan would be putting Eric out of business. Steffy stated it's the only thing to do with Rick.

Liam Spencer and Steffy Forrester

Steffy stated Eric is favoring his brother now. Wyatt informs this to Liam, Ivy, Bill and Katie. Liam also overhears something. Wyatt continues to converse with Nicole, developing a smitten relationship, insisting confidence about secrets and openness. Wyatt later informs the group that Nicole stated she has a secret about Maya stating "Maya is Wyatt arranged another date with Nicole and after he kept insisting honesty and confidence she admit to him that Maya, born Myron, is a transgender.

Wyatt was speechless and Nicole explained she doesn't want anything bad to happen to Maya and hopes Rick stays with her. Wyatt promised to keep his word when Liam barged in after eavesdropping outside. Wyatt stated to Liam the huge secret that he wants all of Spencer to exploit it. Wyatt said he felt bad and Liam then tried to back out of it but Wyatt insisted they need to do this. Wyatt explained the Myron transgender secret that he reeled out of Nicole. Bill decided to exploit it while Katie insisted it's too personal and so did Liam.

But Bill insisted that's what Spencer Publications does. Katie insisted to Bill that he won't publish this and Bill argued with her but later agreed. Katie witnessed Bill tell Justin to pull the story. Bill later called Justin in to publish the story but Katie got suspicious. Bill claimed he wouldn't but secretly had Justin start working on it. Liam and Katie were upset at Bill that he published it. Ridge insisted he needed Steffy and him to be a team to take over Forrester and she agreed.

Ridge insisted this is bigger than her getting Liam back and him getting CEO. Rick arrived in his office giving them a hard time. Ridge called Liam to meet him at Forrester. Liam was happy to see Steffy and she was also pleased. Steffy stated there are no conditions this time. Liam agreed and Ridge insisted to Eric that they're taking over while Eric insisted he's in charge which Ridge stated he's in charge now.

Steffy and Liam agreed they would make a great team. Liam stated Steffy's change like a cool mountain stream. They remembered their time in Aspen by a stream.

Steffy stated she is not afraid to state that she loves him and will always love him with Ivy overhearing. Rick came to Bill to make a business proposition. Rick tried convincing Bill to use his shares to his and Eric's advantage and he'll have more control around the company. In the middle of the meeting in Rick's office, Bill barged in explaining their deal and his predicament. Bill explained he doesn't like the way Ridge treats him. Bill asked Ridge and Rick to convince him why he should take their side.

Bill commended Liam for protecting Caroline and Ivy. Ultimately, Bill chose to side with Rick under one condition, Maya, the face of Forrester Creations, has to go.

Rick punched Bill and withdrew from the deal. Steffy and Liam were congratulating themselves with champagne when Aly saw Steffy kiss Liam. Aly came by to confront Steffy about what she believes is Steffy throwing herself at Liam.

Aly warned Steffy to leave Ivy and Liam's relationship alone. Meanwhile, Ivy told Liam she was encouraging Wyatt to ask Steffy out with Liam uncomfortable by that. Wyatt stated any man would fall in love with Steffy because she's incredibly intelligent and beautiful. Marriage to Ivy and Aly's Death Edit Steffy stopped over at Liam's and explained that there might be another man in her life.

Hope focuses more on her work than Liam. Neglected, he kisses Steffy. After witnessing the kiss, Hope takes off her engagement ring and leaves it at Liam's house. Heartbroken, Liam takes the ring and proposes to Steffy, who accepts.

Liam and Steffy travel to Aspenwhere they are married. Hope later begins flirtation with her step-brother, Thomas Forrester. They share a kiss despite Hope's unresolved feelings for Liam. While on holiday in MexicoThomas proposes to Hope and she briefly acknowledges that she might not be ready at the time, but someday her answer may be different and something may happen for them; she then kisses Thomas and says 'I feel safe with you'.

Liam and Steffy are staying at the same resort, and once Liam finds out, he goes after Thomas and Hope on a dirt-bike chase. Steffy gets injured after she fell off her bike trying to get to Liam. Liam confesses his love for Hope and tells Hope he plans to leave Steffy.

But Bill pays off a MRI tech to switch Steffy's scans with another patient, leading Liam to believe that if Steffy gets upset in any way, a blood clot could explode, causing her to have a stroke and die. Upon receiving such information, Liam decides to stay with his wife while she recovers, leaving Hope devastated.

Katie, who is suspicious of her daughter-in-law's sudden health revelations, decides to do her own research. She takes the MRI scans to her own doctor, who reveals the scans are that of someone who has a blood clot, but was not Steffy. Katie then confronts Bill and promises that she will tell Liam the truth. Bill, feeling threatened, locks Katie up in a tower to keep her from ruining his plans.

Bill then goes to see Steffy and Liam and reveals that Steffy's blood clot had dissolved itself. Liam, relieved and happy for Steffy, has no idea what's going on until Katie arrives. Having freed herself from the tower, she tells Liam that Bill and Steffy had been trying to keep him away from Hope. Liam, feeling gutted and betrayed, immediately leaves to find Hope.

He finds her on the rooftop where he proposed to her and tells her that he loves her and that he wants to be with her to give their initial relationship a true chance without manipulations.

When they later confront Bill with what they know and what they want from him, Bill refuses to give in, reminding Liam that Steffy is his wife and that he doesn't support his attempt to reunite with Hope. Liam, however, does not take that as an answer, making up his mind that his marriage to Steffy is over. Despite her pleading that they can get through this rough patch, Liam ends his relationship with Steffy and chooses to be with Hope.

After she leaves, Liam goes outside where Hope is and reveals his left hand, which has no wedding ring on it. Brooke, worried that Steffy may try to pull a scheme to keep Liam, arranges for a wedding for Hope and Liam in her home, convinced that her son Rick would seduce Steffy into signing the annulment papers.

Steffy refuses, and demands a full, legal divorce. Fearing again that Steffy would somehow scheme Liam into staying with her, Brooke insists that Hope spend the night with Liam, to 'take the power away' from Steffy by giving Liam her virginity. The night did not go as well as Hope had wished, and she ended up traumatized.

Brooke showed up early the next morning to see how the night went and found Hope in tears, and immediately took her to a sex therapist to 'please Liam' so that she wouldn't lose him to Steffy. The therapist gives Hope a trial dose of anti-anxiety pills and cautions her about sex with Liam further, but Brooke insists that Hope should be with Liam which confuses Hope even more to the point where she gets another prescription illegally from Amber.

She begins acting abnormal, and eventually Liam finds out after a couple of incidents that nearly caused physical injury. The first was when Hope passed out in the pool at the Forrester House. The second was when Liam and Hope were in Aspen as well as Steffy, and she collided with her whilst they were skiing. After Liam finds out about the therapy sections, the medication and the accident with Steffy, he is stunned and confronts Hope, questioning their future.

Liam takes Steffy up to Spencer cabin, where she decides to go ahead and sign the annulment papers, but Liam tears them up because he refused to hurt Steffy more and shares a passionate kiss with her. Once the divorce became final, Liam and Hope went to Italy at Brooke's insistence to remarry, although Ridge refused to design Hope's wedding gown out of respect for his other daughter. Bill tried to shanghai the wedding by bringing in Deacon Sharpe, which caused Hope to be late to the wedding and Liam to think that she had once again walked out on him.

He turned to Steffy for comfort and asked her to leave with him and marry him again. Hope went to Liam's hotel suite, however, and Steffy hid in the bathroom while Hope told Liam what happened. Steffy insisted that Liam go ahead and marry Hope, so the wedding went off without a hitch.

Once back in the States, Hope saw a video of Steffy and Liam professing their love for each other and falling into bed together on Hope's wedding day and refused to sign papers making their marriage legal in the US, wanting another wedding.

Liam agrees, and Hope plans another wedding at the Forrester home.

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On the day of their re-do wedding, however, Liam arrives drunk, on the back of Steffy's motorcycle with dyed hair and a tattoo after a night out with Steffy. Outraged by Liam's continued reliance on Steffy, Hope calls off the wedding and her relationship with Liam. She then forms a close friendship with Thomas Forrester, but insists he is not available so steers clear. While Hope is apart from Liam, she tells him she's too good for him and told him to go on with his life.

He turns again to Steffy for comfort and the two fall in love, deciding to recommit to each other. Finding out that Liam and Hope had been lied to by Rick about what went on the night before their wedding, Hope once again tries to win over Liam but by that time, he had fallen for Steffy.

Once again, to try to stop Steffy from keeping Liam, Brooke sets up a commitment ceremony on Liam's property without his knowledge as Liam, coming home after telling Rick that he thinks his future with Hope is over and calls Steffy, and has the priest from Italy pressure Liam into taking vows again with Hope.

Steffy, however, found out she was pregnant several days earlier and waited to tell Liam about it until after he made his choice on which woman he wanted to be with.

Finding out that Brooke had practically bulldozed Liam into a ceremony, she went running to Liam's house to find him and tell him she was pregnant. After finding out that Steffy was pregnant with his child, Liam eventually ended things with Hope, explaining that the ceremony was not his choice.

Devastated, Hope found solace in Oliver, who finally somehow admitted he still had feelings for her, particularly by showing her the Chinese symbol for "hope" he got tattooed on his leg for her. Hope is touched, and they continue to reconnect. On the professional front, Hope steps down as spokeswoman for her line, Hope for the Future, and approves Rick's decision to hire Maya.

During Steffy's pregnancy, she ignores warnings of riding her motorcycle which results in an accident, causing her to lose the baby and become infertile. Hope secretly expresses her happiness about the situation to her mother and aunt, saying it gives she and Liam another chance if the loss tears Liam's marriage to Steffy apart. After Steffy learns of her infertility, she tells Hope she is leaving for good and that Liam is now Hope's, not telling Hope or Liam the real issue. She and Liam go to Bear Cabin together to talk.

While on a walk, she sees a naked stranger taking a shower. She takes a photo of him, only for him to turn around and see her. She runs away and he chases her. She then falls over and is knocked unconscious.

The stranger then carries her to safety and when she wakes up he kisses her. The mysterious stranger turns out to be Wyatt Fuller.

After doing some digging, she learns he is the son of Bill Spencer, Jr. Wyatt and Hope get closer after Liam flies to Steffy, asking Steffy to take him back and restore the marriage. Steffy rejects him and Liam comes home and proposes to Hope, who accepts.

bold and the beautiful hope liam first meet

Wyatt moves in with Liam, but when Liam catches him kissing Hope, he punches Wyatt, and after a fight between Bill and Wyatt, he moves out, but Hope later selects Quinn and Wyatt's jewelery business to accompany 'Hope for the Future'. When Liam finds out, he convinces Hope to try and break the contract. Hope asks Eric to do so but he doesn't agree, knowing that it is a personal reason for wanting to end the contract.

So the contract stands, much to Liam's dismay, and the two fly to Mexico to get the Hope Diamond for the line, which makes problems for Liam. Hope and Liam get engaged, but when Hope receives a tribute video Liam made for Steffy, it creates tension between them. Liam, thinking it was Wyatt that sent the video, later finds out it was actually Quinn, and Liam quickly informs Hope.

Confronting them both, Hope finds out that Quinn did send the video, but Wyatt had no idea of it until the Hope Diamond reveal. Hope forgives them both. She later ends her engagement to Liam when she is feeling insecure about Liam's connection to Steffy.