Blue bloods jamie and eddie meet

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blue bloods jamie and eddie meet

This Friday on CBS' Blue Bloods, after almost five years of working together, police officers Jamie Reagan and Edit “Eddie” Janko still are. When Blue Bloods returns Sept. 27, the brass pairs up the now-senior beat cop with a rookie, Edit "Eddie" Janko (Pretty Little Liars' Vanessa. Stream the Blue Bloods episodes that prove Eddie Janko and Jamie episode guide to "Jamko's"relationship—from their cute first meeting.

Does his admission he misses a companion indicate an openness to start dating again next season? Part of me thinks that would be an expectation. I would certainly expect that one of the Reagan family members at some point would weigh in and say, 'Listen, not for nothing but you've still got two teenage boys, and they could really use a partner around the house.

Jamie and Eddie are engaged! Are you going to give your fans a nice big wedding early next season? In the season premiere, maybe? Could they still be partners if one becomes a sergeant? They sort of drew closer together over the season. The main police storyline was about a group of wrongfully-convicted teens called the Central Park Six, similar to the real-life Central Park Five case. Was there any pushback about having one of the cleared suspects taking horrible revenge by shooting loved ones of those he believed sent him to prison?

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No, not from the network nor the writers. A terrible injustice was done and money should certainly help heal the wounds.

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But what if there was one guy who had really put 'em off? So it was a real 'what if. This was just a pure kind of 'what if. Is this a breakthrough for Frank?

That's a really good question. I think it was an attempt to show him as something he always has said he was, which is not political.

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And when he doesn't have the answer he can say, 'I don't have the answer. Also, Frank must decide how to discipline a sergeant after he fails to intercede during an armed robbery while off duty. Let's just say Jamie seems a little jealous, and his actions lead to a night in County lockup!

But all might end well, especially with a heartwarming dance they've got in store for us. Also in the episode, Frank is left with minimal information to find a missing boy when a conflicted priest who could help won't break the seal of confession, and Danny and Baez investigate the death of a prominent New York City socialite with a secret life.

Also in the episode, the th of the series, Danny investigates the circumstances of an ex-NYPD officer who goes missing the day after she revealed to him that she had planned to make amends to the woman she and her partner wrongfully convicted years ago. And Frank faces a dilemma when one of his peers, Chief Taylor Daniels Isaiah Washingtonrefuses to retire, even though he's hit the mandatory age limit.

blue bloods jamie and eddie meet

It's a look we could get used to. Also in the episode, Frank butts heads with the new mayor, Margaret Dutton Lorraine Braccoregarding the course of action following the death of a civilian by an off-duty police officer, on the eighth season premiere.

Also in the episode, Danny and Baez work a case involving car thieves and discover the leader is Victor Lugo Nick Corderoa mobster they've dealt with before, and Baker receives a job offer. Things also get heated in a different way when they get in the middle of a standoff between a police lieutenant and a developmentally disabled man posing as an officer.

Also in the episode, after Anthony is shot while interviewing a witness for an upcoming murder trial, Erin enlists Anthony's archenemy, Danny, to find out who was responsible.

blue bloods jamie and eddie meet

And Nicky prepares to take the police exam. When Frank visits Eddie in the hospital, she declines his offer to take another assignment. But we also see her with Barry—and he's no Jamie.

blue bloods jamie and eddie meet