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If you've already replaced the trap and determined it's clear up to the sink drain, you may need an My Wife has long hair, so we get a ton of hair in tub drain. . I don't know what the hell that crap was but it was like a slimey mix of lint, hair and ***. I was snaking it out thinking "jesus christ, who uses this much toilet paper?. Okay. I removed a corner sink from a small bathroom. I replaced the sink with a corner tile countertop and vessel sink (one that the basin sits. I had a really bad drain clog in my bathroom sink. I finally decided And, now, thanks to me moving the trap, the seals no longer held. Very bad.

I knew there was likely something wrong with the plumbing trap p-trap which was accounting for the sewer gas smell. The culprit ended up being the washing machine hose that was incorrectly installed by the appliance delivery guys.

Read on to see what happened! Plumbing P-Traps Plumbing traps p-traps create a trap in the drain pipes which retain a small amount of drain water which in turn creates a water seal to prevent sewer gasses from entering the living space of buildings.

Traps come in several different configurations but they all work the same way by trapping water in the pipe to seal out the sewer gasses.

Glass P-trap? Any one knows?

Traps are present for all sinks, showers, toilets and drains such as washing machine drains. Typical Washing Machine Drain Connections Today most washing machines come supplied with a flexible, corrugated plastic drain hose. The hose is easily inserted into a standard washing machine drain box see photo. The washing machine drain box is hooked up to the houses waste piping that contains a P-Trap inside the wall or exposed in older homes. With this set-up waste water comes out of the plastic washing machine hose and empties into the drain box pipe.

The waste water fills the trap below and creates a seal that prevents the sewer smell gasses from entering the home.

How To Unclog Air Conditioner Drain

See the next diagram for a typical washing machine drain set-up. Mention you found us on the web and receive: Does not apply to evaluation. May only be used once per individual customer. An Obstruction in Your Plumbing Pipes Farther down in the ground, something in the pipes could be preventing water from getting through. A skilled plumber can use a special inspection camera to determine the location and reason for the clog and fix it. Consider splurging on a better model, but ask your plumber just to make sure this is the problem.

Sewer Smell in Laundry Room

Hard Water Buildup Frederick County homes often have hard water. This means minerals like calcium and magnesium can cling to the sides of plumbing pipes and clog pathways where water needs to get from the tank to the toilet bowl. Before you use a chemical cleaner to try to to get rid of hard water stains, ask a plumber to see which products are safe.

The best solution may be a whole house water softener. A Broken Flapper Toilet flappers are small, but their job is important. Check the condition of your flapper and replace it if needed.

Try shortening the chain and see if it allows you to flush without holding the handle. We wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving filled with great food and warm memories. Instead, pour them into a can and after it hardens, throw it away. Use a paper towel to wipe any grease left out of pans and dishes before you wash them. Scrape rice, bread, other foods that swell up into the trash can. Support Small Business Saturday If you plan to do some holiday shopping this weekend, please support your local Middletown and Frederick County businesses!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Putman Plumbing! If you have any plumbing problems, give us a call. But besides grocery shopping and planning where out of town guests will sleep, you should also make sure no big problems will come up with a house full of people.

And if any parts in your tank are broken, there may not be enough water getting to the bowl to wash everything down. A Frederick County plumber can take a look and fix the problem to avoid a big mess.

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