And never the twain shall meet gundam wing

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Helps that Gundam Wing used a TWAIN readme in a background screen:p [​ IMG] . Actually it was mentioned above, it came from 'ne'ver the twain shall meet ' Wow no wonder you're such a hit over at the other place. And Never the Twain Shall Meet”, wrote the poet Rudyard Kipling when he coined the saying, said when two things or ​people are. A description of tropes appearing in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. "Those who have laid eyes on a Gundam shall not live to tell about it." Relena down and swears to kill her (something he never quite gets around to doing). . Heero and Relena — even though Heero said he wanted to kill her shortly after meeting her.

In the brightly-lit school gym, the shades that had somehow become his trademark were okay, but he needed all the light he could get, now The night air was cold, and Hiroshi shivered and pulled his black tuxedo jacket closer to him.

Despite his insistence that he'd felt fine, anyone who saw the expression on his face could only have described it as forlorn. But the expression rapidly changed from forlorn to curious as he saw that one of the classroom's lights were on. He wore a tuxedo jacket and the standard but unruffled shirt under, but he also wore sneakers and white jeans, and so the young to-be assassin was able to move silently to the room, unnoticed by its occupant. Relena Darlien, dressed in an elegant blue dress, sat hunched over a table, face hidden in her arms, shoulders heaving in painful sobs.

A keening wail tore itself from her throat, painful to hear both because of the obvious hurt in them and because of the frequency. Her sobs got more and more ragged and uncontrollable, despite obvious efforts to quell them. Hiroshi stepped nearer, unsure. Fervently, he prayed to whatever gods may be listening for the famed coldness in battle that turned him into an efficient machine that knew exactly what to do, and how to handle any problem that cropped up.

Unfortunately or fortunately that iciness in his mind always disappeared whenever he was confronted with 'normal' problems, leaving him bewildered and helpless.

Something in the plainitive, almost strangled cries reached to a spot deep in his heart. He couldn't just leave her to suffer In any case, the point became moot as the girl raised her head and spotted the boy hovering uncertainly near the door. She gasped and choked down the sob that was about to escape.

She tried, but it tore its way out anyhow, and she started crying even more, tears of frustration now mixed with those of pain. At the sound of her renewed grief, Hiroshi looked even more concerned and put his hand on his shoulder.

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For his sake, Relena tried to stop, but couldn't, so she lashed out instead. I'm sorry that I can't make you believe me Relena sniffled again, but managed a wavery smile for him.

Chuckling, Hiroshi lowered himself onto a chair next to hers. I guess I must be pretty weak-spined, if some kids' comments can make me cry. He'd been subject to it only a few times, since he was usually alone, but usually when he chose to mix with other kids, they taunted him because he, too, was different. The kids here at the Academy were the exception rather than the rule. Relena looked at him, at the understanding and compassion in his eyes. Relena sighed, "I just don't understand. Why is it me?

What did I do wrong? That's usually enough to spark some resentment," Hiroshi suggested. I'm always being pulled out of school to accompany him to the Colonies. I can see how that wouldn't be exactly conducive to making friends.

How do you find them? And it's so beautiful up there But the colonists are tired of being treated like second-class citizens.

If the Fed government doesn't get a clue, we could have a revolt. They're direct opposites, the pilot of the Wing and the pilot of the Deathscythe, together forever in hot boy lovin' fun.

Sounds sweet, doesn't it? No, it sounds raunchy. I don't know about the rest of you, but I like it. Even though all the fanfics I've read about these two are something like follows: So she did stupid stuff and dressed slutty to impress him. Really, he loved Duo though.

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Relena makes Duo feel sad. Heero kills Relena for the sake of Duo. Then Duo and Heero have hot boy sex. I like the sweet "shounen ai fics. Scratch that, everyone wants to know. We get off on it, apparently. This is, of course, the scary three-letter word containing a "S" an "E" and a "X". Both Duo and Heero have a potential mate Duo's live-in companion and overall spunky girl, Hilde Schbeiker, and Heero's interest, the peace-lovin', flirter-with-death, Relena Peacecraft.

and never the twain shall meet gundam wing

So, in short, I enjoy yaoi sites, because we all know that they're just using their imaginations. And you know what, tons of fangirls get off on the image of adolescent Duo and Heero's hot bony bodies pressed up against one another So why deny yaoists of their fun Each can have their opinion, and never the twain shall meet.

Neither should flame the other for their opinion.

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Duo and Heero don't seem to really get along that well in the anime. They become good friends, and contrary to yaoi fanatic-beliefs, there is no evidence at all that Heero and Duo are together. Yaoi animes, from what I've heard, make it really clear when characters are gay.

GW has no indications either way, but in my opinion there are straight-love undertones. I mean, Duo shot at Heero when he first met him, but when he first met Hilde, he saved her MS from getting blown to kingdom come no dirty pun intended. But then again, this world Trowa and Quatre 3x Trowa likes 'em young and quivering. Ahh, Quatre and Trowa. In my opinion, this one is far more supported and practical than the above.

Quatre is a tender-hearted, innocent, kind, and very childish-like. Trowa, on the opposite hand, is experienced in life, you pervertspractical and quiet. And Trowa and Quatre seem to hold a special bond[age].

Hehe, yeah, and everyone knows "special" bondage leads to kinky sex Trowa seems to care for Quatre, and more obviously, vice-versa. After Quatre's father died, and Quatre went ballistic for that time period scaryTrowa preached to Quatre before jumping in the way of Heero, who was about to attack Quatre, because Heero is a deranged maniac, and so was Quatre at the time When he finally finds him at the circus, and Trowa doesn't recognize him Amnesia, for you who didn't see the episodethe poor little guy is fighting tears.

Now I have to seduce him all over again.

  • The show contains examples of:

Trowa comes around soon after that. But then there's the Catherine and Dorothy debate. Fans have assigned most everyone in GW a partner, straight, and a partner, not. Now, Quatre and Trowa could very well just be very good friends with bondage benefits. So there could be love, but it's not broadcasted, and each of them do have a female counterpart Trowa has Catherine, in episode zero, revealed to be his long-lost sister, but nonetheless could be a romantic interest mmm What is it with you sickos?!

And then there's another cool character, Dorothy Catalonia. She's said to be more than a match for Quatre Of all the Quatre and Trowa potential pairings, I think these two fit together the best. And I do and don't mean that pervertedly But Quatre perhaps cares for Trowa more than even he knows Wufei x Treize, Wufei x Nataku:: One that I do not particularly support at any rate whatsoever. But Trieze is dead He's locked in my basement, HA HA and they wouldn't be in combat together so often if they were gay lovers.

I guess not, at least. Wonder if Une knew that? If she did, does that make her a lesbian, and Wufei NOT gay? OK, Wufei and Nataku?!? I don't quite see how this could happen Quatre's Sandrock Gundam wields a pair of massive heat shotels as its primary weapons. The Latin-American dub makes Quatre canonically in love with Trowa.

Dude Looks Like a Lady: Quite a bit of role reversal with the main male cast based and modeled after women, while the female cast is much more masculine then you'd see in other anime. Wing Gundam made an appearance towards the end of the series prior.

Much like in this series, it gets destroyed. While largely the same as the rest of the series, the first episode had a few odd moments such as Heero laughing when he shot down an enemy mobile suit.

When Heero is disabling the self-destructing missile at New Edwards Base, the front of the casing has a little badge that reads "Intel Outside.

It names the Gundam's composition as "Gundarium theta". The Gundam pilots clearly have a support network to keep them in spare parts and munitions that was put in place well before they arrived on Earth, and the first wave of attacks in Operation Meteor target not OZ units, but the infrastructure that OZ needs to replace combat losses. Elites Are More Glamorous: The Specials who received better equipment and training was this to the regular Alliance.

This caused a bit of friction between the two groups. Despite this, OZ barely stood a chance against the Gundams. Eventually, OZ does develop more advanced mobile suits that prove to be more of a match. Several of the Gundams show signs of intelligence over the course of the series. Sandrock acts on its own when Quatre triggers its self-detonation device, urging him to get out of the cockpit. Heero also often addresses Wing Zero as though it were intelligent and capable of holding a conversation.

The teddy bear shows up in these instances: In the first opening, where Relena is brushing away snow from a teddy bear at an attack site which was revealed to be the scene in which the boy who would become Heero Yuy destroyed a military base in Endless Waltzin episode 36, when the Sanc Kingdom is under attack, and in the final episode, where Heero gives Relena a teddy bear for her birthday.

Two examples in this series: OZ ultimately ends up winning and either forcing them to surrender, or destroying the last remnants of any holding out.

Later within OZ itself between the Treize Faction and Romefeller, which occurred largely because Treize was against Romefeller's use of unmanned combat drones that minimized the sacrifices that human soldiers made in war. Most of the main cast in some form or another. Particularly Heero, Duo and Zechs, but the other boys have their own strong following as well. This show singlehandedly brought thousands of female fans not only into the Gundam franchise, but anime in general.

Rumor has it they purposefully made the pilots more appealing to broaden their demographic and garner female interest; it worked. The massive amount of yaoi fangirlism this show has spawned is staggering. Even Evil Has Standards: Lady Une's first attempts at stopping the Gundams drew this reaction from Treize.

Edwards base self-detonate, then tried to force the Gundams to surrender by threatening to blast the colonies with missiles. In episode 13, Zechs and two OZ troopers are attacking a holdout Alliance base. After a brief skirmish, he orders them to surrender, and they initially agree, but the other two OZ troops continue to open fire on the surrendering soldiers. The Alliance then launches a last ditch attack, which kills one of the OZ soldiers, and the other one turns on Zechs for not being ruthless enough against their enemies by slaughtering them all.

Zechs, partly due because he has to defend himself, and also because he's appalled at the two trooper's lack of decency towards surrendering soldiers, destroys the second mobile suit himself. When the mobile doll technology is on the verge of mass production, Treize protests this decision by the Romefeller Foundation, and resigns his position, because he feels taking humans out of the battle diminishes the sacrifices and the roles they play in those conflicts.

Consequently, many OZ troops believe in this as well, and split off to form the Treize Faction. For a given definition of evil, the five Gundam engineers drew the line at two things: Everyone Can See It: Heero and Relena, with a good portion of the main cast noting it. In fact, in Episode 46, when Heero travels to The Libra to rescue Relena, the other Gundam pilots that stay behind talk about it.

Frozen Teardrop takes it to an extreme; not only is every single character of relevance in the Mars Century era related to one of the original cast, but the flashbacks take great pains to draw new connections; pretty much noboy expected Trant flipping Clark to be revealed as Heero's uncle. Everyone Went to School Together: Frozen Teardrop shows that the real Heero Yuy, Doctor J, and Quinze's brother were classmates in college, and that Heero introduced J to Relena's future mother and aunt.

Everything's Better with Princesses: Relena, although she becomes The High Queen for a few episodes, until a coup. Heero does a particularly memorable one in the first episode especially in English. And Quatre gets one of the creepiest ones period in episode 21, courtesy of Brad Swaile. Quatre seems to be a younger version of Lawrence of Arabia. A pretty, white haired, sensitive warrior-poet who reluctantly leads an Arab army in a guerrilla war.

Not to mention their Beware the Nice Ones scenes. Or the Ho Yay. Frozen Teardrop gets a bit absurd with this, combining it with Generation Xerox to have a story set 30 years later but with effectively the same cast as the TV series. OZ commits multiple terrorist acts with the intent of blaming them on the pro-independence faction of the space colonies. Treize, after Wufei does terminal damage to the Tallgeese II.

and never the twain shall meet gundam wing

The Sanc Kingdom, which official sources identify as Denmark. The title card in the series' first opening, "Just Communication". It's the colony from the last episode where Une's speech on war is given, where the colony representatives are. In one scene in the second episode of the series, Quatre is looking out at the landscape and wondering if "They" know how beautiful the Earth really is.

It sounds like sentimentality, but fast forward to Endless Waltz where we learn what Operation Meteor originally involvedand the line becomes a lot more chilling. Sylvia Noventa calls Heero a coward for apologizing and offering his victims a chance for revenge but her grandmother Field Marshall Noventa's widow forgives him, writing a letter that says paraphrased: