Amazing spider man 2 peter and gwen meet again

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amazing spider man 2 peter and gwen meet again

are set to star in The Amazing Spider-Man, with Andrew as Peter Parker and Emma as his love interest, Gwen Stacy. March After spending most of filming The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Andrew and Emma are closer February The pair meet again during a pre-BAFTAs party and are. The emergence of Mary Jane in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 film was cause for worry enough, and now we have some pretty Obviously we're excited to see Peter meet Mary Jane and get to know her, but Gwen rocked the last movie. Once Again, With More Feeling: The Black Stallion Returns. Again! Play Can You Pass This Basic Genitals Quiz? The Trouble With Gwen Stacy In "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" She's Peter's first love, and famously, at least in comic book terms, she was killed off played by Bryce Dallas Howard in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3 didn't meet the same grisly fate.

One guy or many? I'd love to know who's behind that mask. We have a caller on the line who say he's met Spider-Man. Spider-Man to me is being misunderstood. He's a very very good person, he's protecting us. Not only that, but he saved my life one time, which is when we came best friends. Hey, you're that Spider guy! This Spider-Man guy, he's not the police, he's not a fireman. What gives him the right to get involved in other people's business? Can I come in? Peter, the final starts at nine, honey.

And you said you would take my car to the shop because it keeps dieing. Give me second, I'll be out! I'm gonna get the door! Just give me a second. Peter, please just let me in, alright? The final is at nine. You said you'd take my car to the shop.

Just give me a! I'm very naked right now. What happened to your face, it's filthy? I was cleaning the chimney. We have no chimney.

I'm completely naked here. I love you too! Woh-ho, look who's here? How was your morning? He says, "Hey, Max. But it's soon somebody's Birthday today? You remembered my Birthday! All the crime fighting you've been doing, and all of a sudden you take time out to come visit me?

Little old me, Max. Why wouldn't you visit me? You baked me a cake? People don't get a chance to see these small kind these that you do for people. I know what they say about you in the press, but it doesn't matter to me because I know the real you, because you're amazing. That's what the press needs. They should call you "The Amazing Spider-Man.

I'm not late, Harvey. I'll be there in fifteen minutes. I just want to know if you can find another waitress to replace me because I start my training because I I start my training rounds at the hospital. And don't mention any of this to Peter, I I don't want him to know.

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Because he'll worry, that's all. Okay, you got it. Doing a double shift, huh? I got nothing else to do, I like the girls, I It give me a little extra in the cookie jar. Well, I sold another Yeah, it would really help if that guy would pay you a fair wage. Jameson pays me a fair wage, if it washe'd pay me a fair wage. No, I do the laundry. I'm doing my laundry. No, this is my job. I've been doing your laundry since you were six years old.

I understand that, but I'm in college now. I think it's time that I took care of my own dirty underwear. That was a mistake! Because I was washing the No one washes the flag! I do, and I won't anymore!

amazing spider man 2 peter and gwen meet again

Can I just do my laundry? This is my machine! This is my laundry, my home, my machine! I'll do it later. Give it to me. No, I'll do it some other time. Come on, come on, come on. OsCorp Industries is proud to announce the worlds first electromagnetic power grid.

By converting aging power stations into a field of hydro electric towers, we are generating clean, green, sustainable energy to power Manhattan and finally the rest of the world Double decker trains were so slow, sir.

amazing spider man 2 peter and gwen meet again

Don't you realize that OsCorp is now responsible the entire city's energy? I submitted a lot of designs for the power grid, and And I noticed that in those power grids were designed by me. You're no Spider-Man, he's a Leo you're a Sagittarius! You ever speak of him again, I'm gonna rip your flat-goon head off! Now get to work. Thank you, you're a gentleman. Most people would have just let the doors close. Yeah, well, most people don't notice other people.

Nice to meet you. Is it your birthday? I'm having a birthday party in a big club, a lot of celebrities. I would like to invite you, it's just that the guest list is closed. Well, thank you, anyway. It must be cool, huh?

amazing spider man 2 peter and gwen meet again

To have the whole world look at you like that. You know Spider-Man saved my life one time. Out of all the people in the whole city, he saved me.

He said he needed me. It must be a good feeling. Oh, it was nice to meet you, Max. She remembered my name! Your eyes will adjust.

It's better this way. This is not how I imagined I would die, looking at my son and seeing a stranger. You had such potential, Harry. Such fierce intelligence, and you're throwing it all away.

No, you threw me away. You kicked me off to boarding school when I was eleven. On my sixteenth birthday you sent me scotch, or one of your assistants did. I'm pretty sure because the card read, "With compliments, Norman Osborn. I don't expect forgiveness from you anymore. I don't believe in miracles.

How could you possibly understand that you're a child who I'd had to be sacrificed for something greater. And not just for me, for you! Are your hands started to twitch yet? When you lay awake and you feel it coming, hiding under your skin, waiting to show itself.

To show you who you really are! I never told you, but its genetic. And it began at your age. Let me see it. Your hand, give it to me. Maybe you can succeed where I failed. New pix and invoice enclosed. I think you should consider that maybe Spider-Man is trying to help. The Osborn estate has confirmed he is survived by his only son, Harry Osborn, who is the sole heir of the OsCorp corporate empire Osborn fundamentally changed the medical professions approach to human healing and effected the lives of millions.

I started OsCorp because I looked at the world around me and I thought, we can do better, and we should do better. Einstein said the world cannot be changed without changing our thinking. But change isn't just a slogan, it begins with hard work. Change begins with persistence and commitment. Osborn changed the world, and now it's up to each of us to ensure that his hopes and dreams remain alive.

Is this Gwen Stacy? I'm calling from the Oxford Scholars Program, we have some exiting news. Dillon, you stay here. There's a current flow problem in the genomics lab. Why don't you stay and take a Look at that?

But it's my birthday. Everybody else is leaving, why do I have to stay? The generation of electricity by living organisms to prevent At least somebody's partying. Mm-hmm, I got your medicine though. After all I've done for this company, designed and created. I bet you didn't know it was birthday, huh, did you, Kari? Think you could sing Happy Birthday for me? Well, I'll just have to sing it for myself.

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Can we shut down uh Forget it, I'm out the door. What do you mean? Listen, I'm up here, it's dangerous. And I'll sing Happy Birthday to myself. Happy Birthday, dear Max. Have a nice day. Harry, OsCorp's been under intense public scrutiny in the wake of Dr.

You mean people are pissed off cause he tried to turn everyone in New York City into giant lizards. Ah, that is the Osborn way. Whatever's inconvenient around here just get rid of it, right? Much of that scrutiny may fall on you now. We felt that plausible deniability was your best option. Twenty year old kid, two hundred billion dollar company.

What was Dad thinking? I mean, you're all lawyers, right? Surely someone must have questioned his sanity in the end. Someone must have thought about having him declared legally incompetent, it would have made this conversation a lot easier You were his assistant, right?

Felicia, from now on everybody at this table works for Felicia, because Felicia works for me. Would anybody like to speak up? Then you can all keep your jobs a little longer.

Sir, there's a Peter Parker here to see you. Felicia, I want to see every file on this list.

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It's like seeing a ghost. I saw the news, man. I heard about your Dad and I wanted to come and I'm with some people. I'm in a meeting. I don't want to intrude. I know it's been a long time and I kind of know exactly what you're going through right now. And you were so there for me when my parents I'm here for you.

It's good to see you, man. It's good to see you. You've got your braces on.

amazing spider man 2 peter and gwen meet again

Do you still blow dry your hair every morning? Okay, so, at least I'm not completely helpless. And then Europe, you know? I went to Europe. What do you mean you saw me? I saw you in some magazine with some French supermodel. You know what I'm talking about? You got a lady? I don't know, it's uh Yeah, I don't do complicated. She works for you. She works for me? She does work study at OsCorp. Is she a model employee? I guess that kind of included you.

You ain't gotta explain anything to me, man. We both got dumped. Did you ever figure out why your parents bailed? My Dad left a briefcase. Thats all I got, a briefcase full of junk. Whatever, I don't know. I try not to think about it. How's that working out for you? It's just the wrist, that's all. Just all in the wrist, buddy. You could do it too, if you just strengthen up that Just one guy, just one Spider-Man, or woman.

He wears spandex to rescue kittens from trees. I like to think he gives people hope. Maybe eventually everything's gonna be alright. Yeah, I just wish I had time for eventually. Man in Black Suit: Maxwell Dillon, electrical engineer.

No associates or friends to speak of. He submitted specs for the grid, that we Wall Street's nervous enough with that child Harry taking over. We've got to find a way to get him out. In the meantime, if the press gets hold of this accident, our stock will crater.

So make sure that this Mr. This could prove useful for us in the future. Get out of the street! I'm sorry for the spontaneous hour, but it was kind of Well, I just figured it was time. Time that we try to be friends. I just don't want us to be complicated. The Clone Conspiracy storyline, she poses as the Earth Gwen Stacy to find out more about the location and to assist Peter in escaping the New U as she and Kaine Parker discovered that Peter—allying with Jackal and using his technology—has resulted in global disasters on other Earths in the form of the Carrion Virus.

As Gwen Stacy, she meets up with Harry Osborn to talk about her time in prison. Afterwards, she meets up with Spider-Ham who informs her that the Inheritors have returned.

Superior Octopus doesn't believe them until the machine activates on its own and creates the clones of Morlun, Jennix, and Verna. Though when Verna tries to consume Spider-Gwen and takes her teleportation watch as well, she finds that her costume is a Symbiote. Spider-Gwen survives the explosion and finds herself stranded on Earth As Spider-Gwen, she makes her way to Oscorp and finds it abandoned. She is then attacked by the local Green Goblin.

The fight is broken up when the local Peter Parker shows up enabling Green Goblin to get away. After saving Peter Parker from a pumpkin bomb, Spider-Gwen learned that Peter worked as an intern for Oscorp to find a cure for cancer where one attempt with spider venom gave Harry Osborn spider-powers transforming him into this world's version of Spider-Man.

This world's Gwen Stacy built a glider and become this world's version of Green Goblin to assist him in fighting crime until Spider-Man and George Stacy died during a fight with Sandman while the incident did something to the Green Goblin's bio-circuitry that left Gwen mostly acting like the Green Goblin.

This version resides on the Battleworld domain of Arcadia. AVX as a new child that Tony Stark tries to ask out on a date; she rejects him because of his looks. After advice expressed to Gwen Stacy by her father that Spider-Woman could use her powers for good purposes, she was motivated to stop bullying, which Peter Parker in Earth was a victim of. Gwen Stacy was branded a criminal after Peter's death, having been blamed for killing him. They also help her swing from building to building, not requiring refilling as long as moisture is present.

She is commonly depicted as using her smartphone for superhero equipment. She is not trained in fighting, but has picked up on elements from kung fu films. The character's design is cited as a popular choice for cosplay. Her design has also been cited as a popular choice for cosplay and fan art after her debut.

amazing spider man 2 peter and gwen meet again

He also cited it as a potential favorite superhero costume in years. Jessie Schedeen further felt that Gwen had "her own set of hang-ups and her own brand of humor".

She has family problems and perception problems. Aja Romano of The Daily Dot felt that the new take on Gwen Stacy was a fresh one on its original version due to a common trope of women dying for the sake of men's angst. She praised the fact that instead of taking the role of a superhero's girlfriend, Latour designed her as a "fully formed person. Gwen allied with the May Parker of her world and became Spider-Woman; unlike her predecessors, she lacks actual powers and instead relies solely on technology.

After Miles and an alternate version of Peter arrive, she teams up with them to take down Wolf Spider. She is later chosen by Miles to remain the Spider hero of their dimension while he moves back to the one alternate Peter lives in.