Barbados Kiteboarding

barbados-bs-LWith a unique mixture of English traditions and Caribbean style, you’ll likely get blown off the water on a 5 meter at least once during a stay in Barbados.

This purely tropical island is quite pristine and luxurious. Even the "budget" lodging options are fairly nice.

While there are several kite spots, the most popular at Silver Rock can get really crowded. Rent a car and find your own private kiteboarding launch area. 

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General Info - Baja, Mexico Kiteboarding
Even with plenty of white sand and beautiful flat water areas, true kiting is found on the southern coast and is often filled with heavy current, reef,and shore break. However, if you’re a confident kiter, explore around you’ll get stoked on the reef breaks, huge waves, cliffs, and sea tortoises.

Grab your surf board as Barbados rules Caribbean waves. Check out Surfer’s Point for great surfing and kiting. Or, head to Bathsheeba in a Moke for a truly tropical drop in.

Wind Trends, Speeds, & Seasonal Conditions 
Fall / Winter / Spring boasts steady warm trade winds averaging 15-25 kts

Summer typically relys on strong frontal storm activity

Best winds are found mid-November through June when the trade winds blow heavily. The rainy / hurricane season runs the rest of the year.

Barbados winds usually offer two daily kiting sessions. In the morning from about 8am till noon, the winds build into the 15-25 knot range. Often, the wind dies off from noon till late afternoon. Around 4pm, they pick back up as the sun sets and you'll get another two hours of kiteboarding.

A windy day could mean gridlock in the popular southern launch areas, with gobs of international kiteboarders and windsurfers. Launch, shoot through the crowds and head straight to the reef for ‘deAction!’

Strong northeast currents will kill your power on the hot southern kiteboarding beaches. That, along with low density warm winds, may have you rigging a kite size larger.

When fronts come through, which is often, they tend to push 30-50 knot winds. We were blown off the water on 5m kites several days.

Barbados Wind ForecastsWind Guru Barbados

Barbados Kiteboarder travel tips

  • Get stoked on Kiteboarding DVD featuring Barbados: 13 Daze

  • Bring plenty of gear and spare parts. The local schools / shops have very limited supplies.

  • Rent a car and drive up the east coast. You'll stumble across many "blue lagoon" tropical paradises where you're all alone.

  • Take your GPS The local maps and road signs can be confusing.

  • Smile to the people Barbados is so hot, many living there full time look like their all in bad moods...they're not. They're simply hot and trying to keep from getting any hotter by keeping a relaxed "sullen" face. Make conversation and you'll make friends.

  • Just be polite and say no In some areas, especially in the south, there are many "friends" who want to help you have a good time with Mary or Charlie. These drug dealers are con artists and thrive off selling crap to party wanna be tourists. They will stop bugging you if you merely tell them you're an athlete in training or have to take drug tests. Whatever you do, do not invite them into you personal space.

  • You haven't been to Barbados unless you've been to Chicken Ritas This small family owned diner offers the best chicken and chips you'll likely ever have.

  • Enjoy the island time Life here takes a super slow pace. Things like getting gas can take up to an hour. No one is in a rush, nor do they care about time. And, neither should you!

  • Watch for international kiters We found most kiteboarders were from France, Italy, and Slavic nations. These international riders tend to have much different kite ethics and customs than us Americans. Don't be surprised if someone uses your beached kite as a landing target (wind break).

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Silver Sands - Barbados Kiteboarding
One of four southerly Barbados launch areas, this nice resort is often "downwind" of the kiteboarding hotspot Silver Rock. It has smaller, but nice a nice clean beach many...
Silver Rock Barbados Kiteboarding
  One of four southerly Barbados launch areas, this beach hosts a chill hotel, easy access, is the most popular kiteboarding beach in Barbados. The beach is white sand with...
Surfer's Point - Barbados Kiteboarding
  The most popular surfing break on Barbados' southern coast, Surfer's Point has plenty of grassy areas to rig up and launch. Beach is small with coral and rocks surrounding....
Long Bay - Barbados Kiteboarding
  This is the eastern most beach of Barbados famous windy southern coast. Known for its remoteness, it's often populated only by kiteboarders! Long Beach is the longest beach in...
Cliff Huck - Barbados Kiteboarding
  Probably the most talked about film clip emerging from 2005 was when the Naish Kiteboarding Team decided to launch from a cliff to the Northeast of Long Beach, Barbados. ...
Bathsheba - Barbados Kiteboarding
  Barbdos eastern coast is filled with cliffs, tropical lagoons and incredible rock formations. Bathsheba is probably one of the most idolized places for Caribbean surfing, and for good reason. ...
Oistins Bay - Barbados Kiteboarding
  Super calm water and powder white soft sand make this a great spot for snorkeling and catching a breeze over the tropical reefs. Beaches are long but narrow and...
Maycocks Bay - Barbados Kiteboarding
  With small beaches floating in between coral cliffs and Irish like grassy hills, Maycocks Bay kiteboarding offers small to medium clean waves with you as the only human in...
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