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Kiteboarding is a sport! It takes lessons to safely learn the basics.

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Kite Class 1: Kite Zen
To learn the basics, you don't need water, You just need Kite Zen! Your first step to learn kiteboarding is in mastering total Kite Control. Learn how to "drive the...
Kite Class 2: Core Basics
Did you know kiteboarding is 80% kite flying? And, it requires some very serious safety, power, and control techniques. That's why in air's second kiteboarding lesson, and most popular class,...
Kite Class 3: Extended Core Basics
Safety First! This kiteboarding class are for those who prefer more detail, attention, and practice with kite management, safety, and crash control. It is an extension from air's second class,...
Kite Class 4: Board Balance
Put on your sunscreen and bring your towel... you're about to ride a kite!  In air's final essential kiteboarding class, you'll combine the Kite Zen and Core Basic skills to...
Kite Class 5: Air Support
You've got it. Almost. You don't need hand holding, just a little coaching and support. The air support class is a group session for those who have taken lessons, and...
Custom / Private lessons
Available to all skill levels. With air's private one on one kite coaching, kiteboarding instruction. This lesson is perfect for anyone learning to kiteboard.  You'll get the personal attention of private...
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Live Wind & Surf Report
 8/19/2014     4:14pm
Summary: Windy. Clouds rolling in. Possible strong thunderstorms late afternoon early evening.
Surf: Thigh to waist high short period wind swell. 
Paddle: Atlantic no go. Back creeks very windy.
Kite: SW 18-30kts. Predicted to go off-shore around 7pm this evening.