About Us
About Us
1313lgd-16On July 19th, 2003, air opened it’s first brick ‘n mortar shop in Mt. Pleasant, SC. On June 13, 2008, air partnered with sister skateboarding shop earth, and moved into Charleston's 2-story action sports center.

Based on the art of interacting with the wind & water, air & earth are passionate about offering great stuff to help invigorate the soul.

Our logo says it all:
  • airco-logo-horizontal-air-sThe Sun: sunset paddleboarding a salt creek
  • The Wave: surfing an overhead wave
  • The kite: catching huge jumps kiteboarding
air & earth  are about using wind, water and ground ashealing powers to rejuvenate and enlighten. Ancient cultures have been doing it for centuries.

It's still practiced today, only we call it . . . thairapy    
Don't Just Breath It . . . Catch Some air!

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Air & Earth
1313 Long Grove Drive
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 USA

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Shop hours

M - F* 
 10am – 6pm
 10am – 5pm
 11am - 4pm 

Air & Earth - Wind, Water & Ground Action Sports Air & Earth - Wind, Water & Ground Action Sports Air & Earth - Wind, Water & Ground Action Sports Air & Earth - Wind, Water & Ground Action Sports Air & Earth - Wind, Water & Ground Action Sports Air & Earth - Wind, Water & Ground Action Sports

Team Air
In this section, we'll be posting Team air bio's of our staff, instructors, pro's & friends.  Keep posted . .  .

Career ops

We are always looking for experienced and qualifed instructors for:

  • Paddleboarding
  • Surfing
  • Kiteboarding
Interested?Contact Us here 

Don't Just Breathe it . . .

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Live Wind & Surf Report
 5/17/2014     11:00am
Summary: A wonderful Saturday to get in the water and play!  Some small surf
and light winds are in store today.  
Surf: Waves are about thigh to knee high on a long period - get out your longboard! 
Paddle: Paddle inshore or surf out at the beach! It's fun no matter where you go! 
Kite: Looks like a light, offshore/side offshore day ahead of us.  
Winds remaining around 10 knots.