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Air Club for Girls Join Now Featured Hot

Air Club for Girls Join Now
Air Club for Girls Join Now
Air Club for Girls Join Now
Air Club for Girls Join Now
Air Club for Girls Join Now
Air Club for Girls Join Now
Air Club for Girls Join Now

When I first laid my eyes on kiteboarding, I was entranced and tried flying a trainer. In my second encounter, I tried flying a large inflatable kite, and then seriously doubted myself. By my third try, I was hooked beyond belief. It's been almost 9 years since that day. Every session I fly across the water has something new to offer me, whether I'm simply getting a mental break, gaining confidence, learning new moves, or becoming a more efficient rider. Kiteboarding keeps me learning and I love it beyond belief!

air Club for Girls!
Get Girls only news on air's sports,
events, tips, trips & member's only specials.

Kiteboarding is the most incredible sport I've ever practiced. I have witnessed many women begin the learning process, only to leave because of frustration or lack of support. The Air Club for Girls is a place of support and connection for women who want to learn. Please accept this as my personal invitation to join the group!  Find us on facebook too!

Here's what you'll get....

Cost: Free! Except for meals and drink when it's not windy.

What you need: Your own gear, a good attitude, and determination.

What we do: Ride and share tips. If it's not windy we enjoy paddleboarding or surfing while we chat about kiting or other various girly stuff.  The club exists for everyone who joins and is a source of fun and connection; please know while we do our best to support each other, the club is not a substitute for lessons.

Examples of club candidates might be:

  1. I haven't taken lessons yet, but want to check out the sport, meet others,and gather information before I take lessons.
  2. I have finished a lesson program and I'm ready for some moral and mental support.
  3. I want to expand my kiting horizons.
  4. I am riding proficiently, but I want to make some connections, have some friendly competition, and pass along tips and knowledge to those starting out.
  5. I'm ready to start do'in downies...!

Meeting Times:

Typically we'll try to "officially" meet once a month.  But whenever the wind blows the girls light up the air club for girls groupme application and we ride together as much as our lives allow.  For more information on being a part of groupme contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  To find out what is happening next, sign up for our newsletter or find us on facebook under air club for girls or air & earth.

Sooooo.... who's in?

your kite girl in cahoots,

elea faucheron aka air chica

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